Agents of Shield ” Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire “Review

S.H.I.E.L.D VS Ghost Rider

  Let me start off by saying that this is This was a fun episode of Shield. Watching the little team-up between Simmons and Daisy was cool. It was a treat to watch Daisy’s reaction to the more take charge version of Simmons. It was a funny moment with Daisy’s convoluted plan and Simmons just walking up and ordering her subordinate to do it. Daisy’s powers were on full force in this as her and Simmon’s fought for their lives as they were double crossed. This was for the best as we got an awesome Ghost Rider scene because of it.


   The scenes between Robbie, Mack and Coulson were also very fun. Starting off with a very exciting car chase between Lola and Robbie’s car. It made sense how to caught Robbie as they wouldn’t have stood a chance against them in Ghost Rider form. We also got a very fun moment when Coulson asked Robbie was he an Inhuman and Robbie tells him about the deal. The look on Coulson’s face was priceless! Overall this show is doing a great job with the character. Overall a great episode of Shield with a very promising ending as it seems that for now Reyes is part of the team as well as Simmons finding out about Ava.

Score 8.3 out of 10


Arrow Broken Hearts Review

Where do broken hearts go


    Let me start off by saying the beginning of this episode is the most fearsome I have seen Cupid. The fact that she is taking celebrity couples and murdering them for the sake is love is very dark. Cupid has never been a character I particularly liked but this episode does a good job making her seem not only unhinged but a threat to others. She also seems unhinged do to the fact that she loved two people in her life one had no interest in her and the other may or may not have felt the same way.


 On the other side of things Oliver and Felicity are not dealing with the breakup good. As the episode starts off with Felicity moving out as a fallout from the previous episode. Both seemed to be having a hard time with the breakup but have to continue to work together for the benefit of the kids (ahem, team). The team figured out that Cupid is going after recently married couples so Oliver comes up with the idea that him and Felicity pose as if there getting married.  What we did get was one of the most heartfelt moments maybe in the shows history. We got a side of Oliver that we rarely see in the way it felt so genuine to the character. The only problem I have is that they continue to go on this will they won’t thing. If this is the end let it be the end. 

    The real story of tonight was the pretrial of Damian Darhk. It seemed like Darhk would get away with everything due to the fact that Diggle testimony would not work due to him buying drugs for Thea and everyone else was too afraid to testify against Darhk.  The only person who could testify against Darhk was detective Lance. Hearing Lance on the stand was also a great moment as he poured out his heart telling all of the atrocities that he committed in the name of Darhk. It was also a telltale sign of what’s to come. If this is the last story of Lance I’m glad he is going out on a high note.

Score 8.5 out of 10

Jeffery Dean Morgan is a incredible pickup for the Walking Dead.

There will be spoilers for the comic as well as the show. You have been forewarned……..

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the past week you’ve probably heard the news that The Walking Dead has cast there Negan. I and happy to report that Jeffery Dean Morgan of Watchmen fame is playing Negan in the season finale. For those who don’t know the name Morgan is probably most known for playing “the Comedian” in “Watchmen”. Say what you may about the movie but there is no denying the charm He brought to the role.

  Those who don’t read the comic Negan is the leader of a group called the Saviors. In the comics he is ruthless, cunning and downright teriflying. Imagine a sadistic  high school bully who can fight and will not back down from anyone. His weapon of choice is a barbed wire bat he calls Lucille  which known for one the the most shocking deaths in Walking Dead history. Huge spoiler for the comic ahead if you don’t want to read or see it I advise you to read this after you have read the book. In the comics as a show of power he brutality murders Glenn.  This is proigant moment in the comics because it’s brutal even by Walking Dead standards. This is also done in front of Maggie and Rick with both helpless to stop it.


  If you saw the Watchmen then you know that Jeffery Dean Morgan is no stranger to playing a dark character. The Comedian was a dark conflicted character who much like Negan seemed to enjoy inflicting pain his adversaries. Also both Negan and The Comedian are huge physical theats. Neither character are also known for there kindnesses to women as the Comedian was a rapist and Negan forces the Saviors wives/girlfriends to be in his harem.

  Negan will add an interesting wrinkle to the show due to not only how dark the character  but also his language. Almost every word out of his mouth is a curse word. Not only could it be a problem with the network for all of the language but it’s also hard to take a character that curses so much seriously. I’m sure that on tv it will be toned down but it’s such a big part of his character. 

  There are so many interesting things about Negan. From his relationship with Carl to the power struggle with Rick. These are definitely going to be some interesting times on the tv show. Fans of the show should look forward to the events that occur next season.

  Dark times ahead indeed.