Preacher “BackDoors” Review

  After the big reveal of last week that the Messiah of Herr Starr’s group is a bumbling idiot it seems fit that they would be looking for a new one. It’s also fitting that the they would want Jessie to be there new leader since he got a glimpse of Jessie’s power first hand. The conversation between him and Jessie was just as good as the previous episode as both characters have great chemistry together. Pulling out all the stops to show why Jessie should join him, including letting him hear all of his prayers to God. In particular the ones thanking God for killing his father. But it didn’t work as Jessie made in stick it where the sun don’t shine. That decision may come back to bite em because they released the Killer of Saints.


  On the Jessie side of things, it seems that everything is finally taking a toll on everyone. The lies and everything that comes with it, including that the Killer of Saints is still very much a threat. It seems the one thing that everyone needed at this point was a vacation. Jessie was almost all for it until he got another lead on GOD and ran off again but this time no one was willing to help. Tulip went on a trip to melt the guns of the Killer of Saint to no avail and Cassidy came to the realization that he has feelings for her. I wonder how will this play into future episodes as we are only 2 episodes away from the season finale.


  The show finally got back to the story with Eugene and Hitler. The show continues to amaze me on how well of a job they have done to make Hitler a sympathetic character.  Giving a backstory of a man who was kicked around until he just lost it.  Before he was nothing but someone who lack a spine but with one bad day it all changed. All of it lead up to the big moment where Hilter helped Eugene escape before they found out that he didn’t belong there. All in all a solid episode that’s hopefully leading to a big finale.

Score 8.0 out of 10

Preacher “Sokosha” Review

This week’s episode of Preacher starts off very peculiar way as the first 5-10 minutes are not about Jessie and Crew. It’s about a mysterious man (played by James Kyson of Heroes fame) making a deal with a couple who was in desperate need for money for a strange substance out of the husband’s body. Only to sell this mysterious substance for a ton of money. 


  On the Jessie side of things they seemed to be having a good breakfast till the Killer of Saints arrived. Literally going door to door murdering ppl. The way Jessie found out he was there while not very believable it was entertaining.  It’s good to see that finally they have decided to find out more about the Saint of Killers and maybe a way to stop him. It was amusing that all they had to do to find out about him was to go to the library.  Unfortunately they forgot to tell Dennis not to go home ( also, none of them speak French).

  This left Jessie no choice but to confront the Saint to save Dennis. We also find out in a touching moment that Dennis is actually Cassidy’s son and he is sick.It was very smart for Jessie to tell the Saint the truth about God. It was also smart for Jessie to reason with the Saint by trying to find him a soul. Bad enough he has to get find a soul within 1 hour but he has to do it without any help from his friends. 

  Which brings us back to the beginning of the episode as we find out that the substance that they were selling at the beginning of the episode were pieces of soul. So it’s a race to find the right soul and bring it back. In the end it seems like Jessie out smarted the Killer of Saints but the big question is how long will it last and did Jessie make a mistake by giving up a piece of his soul to make it happen?

Overall much slower episode of Preacher but it gets the job done with establishing characters.

Score 7.5 out of 10

Preacher “Viktor” Review


  This week’s Episode of Preacher picks off right where the last one left off with Tulip being taken away to meet up with the dangerous Viktor.  The fear in Tulip’s eyes was real and unlike anything we have seen from her on the show. She clearly knows what Viktor is capable of and is carefully trying to give the right answers or it may cost her life. It seemed almost perilous as she searched for any allies in the compound and only found hatred for her betrayal. 

   The reason that Jessie didn’t immediately go looking for Tulip seems valid, since Cassidy didn’t tell him what was going on. Jessie just figured that she was still mad at him and out somewhere scamming. This leads Jessie on the hunt for the actor who played God. Also a well played move by Cassidy in the casting office that was a fun surprise. 

 Eugene on the other hand is not having a good time either as he is being bullied in hell and being protected by Hitler.  It’s a very interesting take on a character who has done such awful things.  It’s also interesting how organized Hell in this universe actually is.  It seems like a well organized concentration camp. Also it was cool to see Tyrus from WWE/Impact Wrestling fame as a guard.  It seems like hell is most certainly not a place for a cream puff like Eugene or so it seemed until Eugene’s final act in the episode.


  Though most of the episode was just plot progressing the episode most certainly picked up in a big way as Jessie finally found out about Tulip and went to her rescue in a very cool scene that climax in a fight scene that was sent to the song “Uptown Girl” hat will make you not look at that song in the same way again. Overall an okay episode that was made very good at the end with a few surprises.

Score 7.5 out of 10

Preacher Damsels Review

   This week’s episode of Preacher marks the return of Eugene aka Arseface.  We also in this episode see the incident in which Eugene gets disfigured. One of the things that Preacher does so well is to find humor in some of its darkest moments. Even in is extremely dark scene the show finds a little bit of humor.  The show’s version of Hell is very bleak as Eugene has to relive his worst nightmare over and over again. It also seems to only be the beginning of his nightmare.

On the other side Jessie and crew continue their hunt for God in New Orleans. This obviously doesn’t make Tulip happy as she is trying to stay far away from that place as possible. Their search for God in this episode has lead to some interesting (and humorous) places as he team separates. 

  Jessie continues his search for God alone going from night club to bar. When it seemed a little too convient that someone wouldn’t happen to point him in the right direction after randomly asking everyone where’s God.  His search leads him to a lounge singer who seems to be in a little trouble but there more to the situation than it seems. There are more people looking for God than just Jessie and his crew. 

  The tension is also heavy in the episode because Jessie is still a little peeved about Tulip not wanting to marry him which lead to the separation of the team as Tulip and Cassidy looked for a place to stay. The standout in this scene is Cassidy’s “friend”  Dennis who doesn’t seem to enjoy his company.  

Overall a solid episode of Preacher that does a good job of fleshing out the world as well as a surprise at the end which should make next week’s episode all the more interesting.

Score 8.5 out of 10

Flash “The New Rogues” Review

Enter Mirror Master


   It’s was cool watching Barry train someone on how to use the Speed-Force. It’s also a nice callback to the first Flash/Arrow crossover. As always at great to have Harrison Wells back on the show but his response to having him stay full time was a little weird to say the least. His idea to find another Harrison Wells seems stupid. It doesn’t make sense because they have a relationship with that Wells and it’s no telling what the other Wells will be like. It was pretty funny seeing the different versions of Wells. It’s gonna be interesting to see how the new Wells work as well as the new possibility that Killer Frost maybe upon us.


   It’s really cool to see Caitlyn become closer to her Earth 2 counterpart. While I don’t think she will become a villain I do think it may lead to her leaving the team. Another interesting loop in the episode was that there was a lot of relationship building in this episode. Wally and Jessie, Barry and Iris and even Joe is getting in on it. Overall it was good as it didn’t get in the way of the episode. We also got to see the return of Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold which was awesome but is a reminder of how much he is missed on Legends.


  The big news of the night is the introduction of Mirror Master. Mirror master is a great addition so the show as it already most of the other Rogues. Also his powers work very well on the show. It’s also cool that their is a version of Mirror Master out there that is more reflective to the comic book version. Top also debuted tonight which was also cool but it has to be said that the name is terrible. It was also cool to see Barry stuck in the mirror as it’s something that’s straight out of the comics. Even the ending fight was pretty cool. Overall a solid episode of the Flash.

Score 8.0 out of 10