Jason Bourne Review

Has the World changed too much for Bourne?

Jason Bourne marks the return of the Matt Damon to the role that made him an action superstar 14 years ago.  This is also the first film since the Jeremy Renner the Bourne Legacy which was a semi reboot. With that film not being held in the same regards as the previous films it’s only natural that the series returned to its roots. So much has changed in that time and with the rise and dominance of superhero films, does the world still need a Jason Bourne film.

    While its not as as good as the previous films this film still lives up to the Bourne name. The plot is simple as it picks up twelve years after The last film with Bourne having most of his memory and in hiding. But someone from his past brings him information that brings him back into action. An action it is as the movie is full of great set pieces. From the thrilling chase in Greece during a riot to the epic high speed chase in Vegas, each set piece serves a purpose to the plot. Matt Damon also shines in the role as it seems like he never left.

  Tommy Lee Jones also does an excellent job as Robert Dewey, the current director of the CIA .  Also new to the cast is Alicia    Vikander as Heather Lee, a CIA agent working in the Cyber Ops division. It was interesting watching Bourne being chased in this Cyber influence world were everywhere has cameras. It gave the movie a very Person of Interest feel. My only knock on the movie is that the plot felt a little bit forced and predictable. Also while the action scenes were very good, we live in a post Daredevil and Winter Soldier world were the scenes are not as groundbreaking as they were during the original trilogy.  Overall, a very solid entry in the series and hopefully the start of a new trilogy.

Score 7.5 out of 10