Ron Howard directing Han Solo Spinoff

After the departure of Lord and Miller (Of The Lego Movie fame) it seems that there replacement has already been found. 

Legendary director Rob Howard ( A Beautiful Mind, American Graffiti) is now set to direct the highly anticipated film. 

Everything good & bad about The Flash S3

Let me start out with saying I’m no writer, But I wanted to write an article on everything that was good & bad about this season of The Flash. There will be spoilers for season 3 so if you haven’t watched the finale yet come back when you have…….

Bad: Why was Flashpoint only 1 DAMN episode! I’m a huge Flash/Barry Allen fan so when I heard this season was gonna cover Flash point I was soooooo excited. Then they go and make it 1 episode to disappoint me/the rest of the fan base. If they we’re only gonna dedicate 1 episode outta 23! on Flash point WHAT WAS THE POINT of it?

Good: The double part episodes/Crossovers are the best! The whole arc with Gorilla Grodd was amazing Oh and Gorilla City is BAD ASS!! As I just said the crossover eps are the best but I had a problem with this year’s which is the integration of all the shows for example: Supergirl’s​ episode was a throwaway (Barry & Cisco show up in the last 30 seconds) Which they show on The Flash episode anyway.

Bad: When Barry travels to the future (accidentally) in episode 9 he sees Iris West die. Why is this bad? 1. there was no way in hell it was gonna stick. 2. We spend 14 episodes on something we know is not going to stick!

Good: H.R. …..Unlike some I actually liked his character since he was different from the other wells’s. The way Cisco & H.R’s relationship evolves through the course of almost the whole season is one of the best aspects of season 3. I liked that he brought a sense of levity & goofiness which we needed with all the mopey shit this season.

Bad: EMO douche bag Barry….. OMG as much as I love the Flash seeing Barry be sad & miserable is fucking awful! Like my god give the kid a rainbow, a lollipop & a dog for christ sakes! I need happy Barry back.

Good: Caitlin Snow’s progression to Killer Frost. This is by far the best arc in the whole season since we know it’s gonna happen but are all praying Caitlin can beat it and not become Killer Frost. The way Cisco fights to keep her from going to the dark side is touching and ultimately heart breaking. Though I do wish we had gotten more then 5 episodes with her as full blown Killer Frost

Bad: Draco Malfoy as Julian Albert/Dr. Alchemy…… The kid is a good actor but for some reason or another just didn’t fit the vibe of the show/team dynamic. As much as they wanted us to get invested in Julian & Caitlin as a couple it just never worked.

Bonus: Why in the hell was there a musical episode three quarters of the way through the damn season!!!! It broke up all the flow that had been built up from the past couple episodes. I love musical episodes but there is a time and place for it NOT 3 quarters of the way through! Have the musical ep but it should of been around episodes 8-13.

So for all my good and bad points what do I ultimately think of season 3…… Well it’s good just maybe loses it’s direction from time to time I don’t think the show has fallen off a cliff like others but that all depends on what happens with the finale outcome.

Marvel is doing multicultural heroes right

The world of Marvel is doing multicultural superheroes the right way.


   Growing up in the 80s there was not many black actors to watch on television.  As a kid I watched shows like A Team and Miami Vice and thought that BA Baracus ( Mr T) and Tubbs ( Philip Michael Thomas) were the coolest. I read comics at the time but as I loved the stories (Ghost Rider and Captain America were my favorite) there was no real characters at the time that I felt were like me.  In fact, I wasn’t aware that there was multicultural superheroes until my cousin introduced me to Milestone Comics created by the great Dwayne McDuffie. Characters like ICON, Static and Rocket entertained me for hours at a time as I tried to get every issue I could from the comic line.

   Unfortunately characters like these were few and far between. Where I lived in Miami there wasn’t any  comic books shops a kid could go to. The only way I was able to get comics was either from my local drug store or from a Flea Market that came to Miami Beach twice a year that had comic book vendors. Usually these vendors had your usual Spider-man, X-men, etc. but what I would never see is a Black Panther, Luke Cage or any type of books like that.

    Growing up I never thought anything of it. I never really got a grasp of how important it was to me until I saw Blade. At the time Wesley Snipes was one of the biggest actors in Hollywood at the time starring in a comic book movie. This was during the time when making a comic book movie was a huge risk to the huge failure of Batman and Robin. Nonetheless Blade for the time was an excellent comic book movie that showed me that if you make a good movie no matter the culture of the main character people will enjoy it. 

    Fast forward to today, I never thought I would see characters like the Falcon, War Machine and Black Panther on a movie screen. It amazes me how much thought and effort is given into not only bringing these characters to life but making them a part of pop culture today. This trend continues on marvel’s tv shows as well. One of the best examples of this is Marvel’s “Agents of Shield “.  While Clark Gregg is the star of the series the show’s diversity is the standout.  This is none the more evident than with Ming-Na Wen. The constant role on the show is not only as the show’s resident badass but someone who stands side by side with Coulson as an equal.

    Diversity has also bleed into the comics as well as Marvel launched there All-New, All-Different lineup. This lineup preaches diversity without shoving down your throat.Kamala Khan,a Pakistani American with shape shifting abilities is the new Ms Marvel. Miles Morales, a half Hispanic, half Black  a thirteen year old boy who took up the reigns of Spiderman after his world’s Spiderman was killed. Amadeus Cho, an Asian American who due to a freak accident became his own version of the Hulk. All of these characters were created and don’t take away from the originals. You like “Peter Parker”? There still is a comic for you. Now when I take my kids to a comic shop it’s a great feeling watching my son quickly find son a Miles Morales Spider-Man comic and my daughter ask for a Spider-Gwen and its in stock. For that I owe Marvel a thanks.

Jeffery Dean Morgan is a incredible pickup for the Walking Dead.

There will be spoilers for the comic as well as the show. You have been forewarned……..

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the past week you’ve probably heard the news that The Walking Dead has cast there Negan. I and happy to report that Jeffery Dean Morgan of Watchmen fame is playing Negan in the season finale. For those who don’t know the name Morgan is probably most known for playing “the Comedian” in “Watchmen”. Say what you may about the movie but there is no denying the charm He brought to the role.

  Those who don’t read the comic Negan is the leader of a group called the Saviors. In the comics he is ruthless, cunning and downright teriflying. Imagine a sadistic  high school bully who can fight and will not back down from anyone. His weapon of choice is a barbed wire bat he calls Lucille  which known for one the the most shocking deaths in Walking Dead history. Huge spoiler for the comic ahead if you don’t want to read or see it I advise you to read this after you have read the book. In the comics as a show of power he brutality murders Glenn.  This is proigant moment in the comics because it’s brutal even by Walking Dead standards. This is also done in front of Maggie and Rick with both helpless to stop it.


  If you saw the Watchmen then you know that Jeffery Dean Morgan is no stranger to playing a dark character. The Comedian was a dark conflicted character who much like Negan seemed to enjoy inflicting pain his adversaries. Also both Negan and The Comedian are huge physical theats. Neither character are also known for there kindnesses to women as the Comedian was a rapist and Negan forces the Saviors wives/girlfriends to be in his harem.

  Negan will add an interesting wrinkle to the show due to not only how dark the character  but also his language. Almost every word out of his mouth is a curse word. Not only could it be a problem with the network for all of the language but it’s also hard to take a character that curses so much seriously. I’m sure that on tv it will be toned down but it’s such a big part of his character. 

  There are so many interesting things about Negan. From his relationship with Carl to the power struggle with Rick. These are definitely going to be some interesting times on the tv show. Fans of the show should look forward to the events that occur next season.

  Dark times ahead indeed.