Why You Should Be Watching Scream Queens

   I admit: when I first heard about the show I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was a reality show where the winner would get a role in the next Scream movie. Me not being to big on reality shows had no interest in watching it. For those who are unaware Scream Queens is a horror comedy on Fox that’s about a Sorority that is being stalked by a serial killer. The premise is very similar to movies like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

  Me being a fan of horror movies ( especially 80s slasher films) thought I should give the show a shot. So I watched the first episode know what: I absolutely hated it! I thought all the girls were idiots and deserved the worse faith that could be possibility bestowed onto them. As I watched the episode I screamed at the tv about bad choices cast members made and bad decisions. 

  After the credits rolled on the episode and I watched the previews for the next week it dawned on me. Not only did I watched the whole episode but I was completely invested into what happen the next week! What makes Scream Queens such a interesting show is that it doesn’t take itself serious. Much like an 80s slasher film you have all of the character tropes. You got the dumb jock who sleeps with all the girls, the popular mean girl and the innocent heroine who wants to save the day.  These tropes are raised to a 10 with laugh out loud results. The mean girl literally kills someone in the first 30-45 minutes of the show and it’s literally brushed to the side because the person was not popular.

  What makes Sceam Queens work is that for every funny moment there is another terrifying moment that fits so perfectly into the world. One minute your laughing at the absurdity of the cast and the next your terrified that one of the castmates you like will have their head chopped off by a lawnmower! Emma Roberts is perfect as Chanel Oberlin: The It girl who would do anything to keep her top status. Also there is Jamie Lee Curtis: The dean of the school that would do anything to keep the school in high regard. In closing Scream Queens is a great show with a great and funny cast. It has the perfect blend of horror and comedy that will keep you coming back for more.

Was Roman Reigns The Better Choice To Win Wrestlemania 31?

  WWE Champ Brock Lesner Vs Roman Reigns was the match that no one wanted for Wrestlemania. Since Rumble, Reigns had become the most hated man in wrestling. Fans booed, hissed and even went as far as to create a change.org petition to get him out of the Main Event. WWE was put into the precarious situation of having a Wrestlemania Main Event that no one wanted to see.

  Enter The architect Seth Rollins. And with two Curb Stomp’s Rollins became the savior of Mania and the start of the future of WWE… Or so we thought. Rollins title reign has thus far been mediocre at best as every week we watch the champ title reign flounder do to bad writing and uninteresting  matches. In Rollins defense it’s mostly not his fault. Pairing him with semi retired/retired wrestlers (The Authority) was clearly a mistake. 

  What if the outcome of Wrestlemania was different? What if the WWE went with the decision of Roman Reigns winning Wrestlemania? How different would the Title situation be now? Reigns Vs The Authority is a very different story than Rollins with them.  Reigns as the champ that no one wants. The Authority trying to make him there champ and then trying to destroy him. So many ways you can go with the story. This year Reigns has greatly improved! Making him a fighting champ  would have went a long way into making him a credible champ. And if all else fails you could have Rollins cash in a still have him have a championship run. 

  You can’t change the past and the presence is now. The WWE champ is Seth Rollins. While his run isn’t a total bust WWE has done everything in its power to make his run irrelvalant. It’s not too late to turn the tide. Rollins has great in ring ability and is very entertaining on the mic. Give him the room to grow his character and stand on his own two feet.  And for god sake give him back the Curb Stomp!!!!