WWE Summerslam Results 

Welcome to my list of the Summerslam results. I always find it annoying to have to go looking for the results so I put them all in one place.

So here we go:

During the pre-show the Miz and the Miztourage Def. Jason Jordan and The Hardy’s.

In the second pre-show match Neville Def. Tozawa to become the Cruiserweight Champ.

And in the final pre-show match The Usos Def. The New Day to regain the Smackdown Tag Titles.

Starting off the main show John Cena picks up the win against Baron Corbin.

The second match of the match has Natalya Def. Naomi to become the Smackdown Women’s champ.

In the third match of the night Big Cass Def. Big Show

In a very disappointing fourth match Randy Orton Def. Rusev.

In the fifth match and second Women’s title match Sasha Banks Def. Alexia Bliss to become the Raw Women’s Champ.

In the sixth night of the night The Demon King Def. Bray Wyatt.

In the seventh match of the night Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose become the new Raw Champs  after they Def. Sheamus and Cesaro.

In the eight match of the night AJ Styles Def. Kevin Owens to retain the US Championship.

In the ninth Match of the night we have Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jinder Mahal in which Jinder Mahal Def. Nakamura to retain his championship.

Finally in the final match of the night the Fatal 4 Way we have Brock Lesner Def. Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and Braun Strowman in an incredible match!!

Tyrus of GFW (fka Brodus Clay) is unhappy with creatives direction for him

Tyrus of GFW/Impact Wrestling & formerly Brodus Clay in WWE, Said today in an Instagram post that he’s upset with how GFW creative has used him over the past 4-5 tapings (Spoiler not much at all). He did it with dignity and class though & was just standing his ground.

   I’m gonna quote what he said word for word (Cause reporters don’t like to do that shit LOL) So here we go THIS is what Tyrus said verbatim in the IG video…….. “Wrestling fans, Impact fans. This is Tyrus here, My mentor Dusty Rhodes once told me the Wrestling business is like a canvas and I’m the Wrestler I gotta paint that Canvas, and at the end of the day it’s my canvas. Well I’ve been with Impact for more than 3 years now and 99% of it has been mostly positive and I’ve enjoyed my time here, But the last 4-5 tapings for me and my fans have been terrible, we’ve been handcuffed and treated like a 2nd class citizen creatively and we’ve worked too hard to become a cross over star to be treated like we’re not. Soooo I’m not happy creatively with the way Impact’s been treating me, Been playing phone tag all day with em (Management?) And I don’t got time for it. You don’t wanna use me the way I think I’ve earned the right to be used that’s cool! I’m about to get my Kaepernick on and I’m taking a knee, So I will not be at TNA tapings this week cause I’m on hold out status and if your good with that cool if not whatever it is, I’m not gonna be there till I’m treated rigbt, Nuff said”

   Though I will say Impact can’t just cater to Tyrus, they do need to at least give him something worthy of his talents. Not main event stuff but mid card stuff & being in a tag team would be great…… Like my friend BQ_KOTM on Twitter said I would hate being a body guard type character for so long especially with his cross over appeal and the stuff he has done with Fox & GLOW on Netflix. I just learned that Tyrus has landed a role on the new AMC show Preacher. I didn’t wanna say this but it’s looking like Impact has dropped the ball with Tyrus now just like WWE did all those years ago.

So It looks like Tyrus will not be at Impact till he is treated the way he rightfully should be. I say good on him for taking a stand and holding his ground on being treated well with Impact creatively, He’s too good to be sitting at home for months & months. 

Breaking news concerning GFW signing major Indie talent

It’s being reported that Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, and the Christ brothers have signed to work upcoming live events for GFW/Impact Wrestling. 

Jeremy Borash broke the news during a conference call earlier today with the media he also noted that Drago of AAA will be apart of some upcoming live events as well. 

Mundo & Valkyrie won’t be able to be on TV till Lucha Underground S3 is done. So hopefully this doesn’t turn into another Cody Rhodes situation where they only do a couple shows for GFW/Impact.

Writers take: This is a damn good signing for GFW/Impact. Even if they don’t do TV down the line this helps them out selling tickets for the live events, etc. The future is looking pretty bright for Impact as of now. 

Shane McMahon involved in Helicopter crash landing

As reported earlier, Shane McMahon was involved in a helicopter crash. Don’t worry he is perfectly fine after the  pilot did an emergency crash landing in the Atlantic Ocean. 

Here is a video of Shane McMahon discussing the crash landing via a clip on Twitter….. Check out @SI_ExtraMustard’s Tweet: 

I love that one of the reporters asks….. “Are you Vince McMahon’s son” Shane replies with “Yes I am” then the reporter goes “Oh okay I was told to ask that” 

My take: I’m glad Shane is A-OK and nothing bad happened to him in the helicopter crash. 

Mauro Ranallo back in WWE as the head NXT commentator

Written by RustyRages

The WWE and Mauro Ranallo have come to an agreement for one of the best Play by play men in the sports business to continue with the WWE as the head announcer for NXT.

This is great news for all WWE fans! We get Ranallo to come back and call matches on NXT TV and Takeover specials which will make that product even better than what it already is. It also keeps Ranallo away from the bully that is John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL). Here is the statement Mauro Ranallo released on his Instagram page

“WWE and I mutually agreed to end my responsibilities on SmackDown having nothing to do with rumors about disputes,” he wrote. “As I remained under contract with WWE, we discussed a variety of options. Despite originally agreeing to part ways, there was always a desire to continue working together. We have come to terms on a new agreement that benefits both WWE and me, and I am thrilled to announce I will now be part of the NXT broadcasting team.”

Ranallo has confirmed he will make his debut for NXT at Friday’s (Tomorrow) taping. So we should see him calling NXT not next week but the week after.

After all the stuff with JBL (Allegedly) I didn’t see him coming back to the WWE so I’m super happy as a fan to see him back. Welcome back Mauro Ranallo!!!

Is Seth Rollins Injury best for business?


  As you may have heard by now Seth Rollins was injured at a house show. He injured his ACL, MCL and medial meniscus. It’s a terrible injury and he may be out for 6-9 months. Now while this is disapointing this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Rollins as well as the WWE Title picture.

   Seth Rollins title reign has been  disapointing to say the least. With terrible storylines and questionable losses the popularity of Rollins has been waning and the terrible feud with Kane did not help. The best option right now maybe for him to have some time off and give fans a chance to miss him. Rollins should take the time to refresh his character. Maybe a new gimmick including a new finisher (the Pedigree is terrible for him), a new look and just some freshness to his character could do wonders. He probably will miss Mania but can come back for another big PPV like Sumerslam and generate a huge buzz. 

  Another positive would be that with Rollins gone there is room for someone else to get a big push. Now may be the best time to put the title on Reigns. Fans hatred of Reigns is no way near as nuclear as it was at Mania last year. With Cena gone as well this may be the best time to build characters like Dean Ambrose, Ziggler or Cesaro. Also if things aren’t doing good you always have Sheamus in the background with the Money in the Bank Briefcase.

  Finally, with Rollins being injured it completely changes what the plans for this years Wrestlemania were going to be. Maybe we could get a Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns match or a Cesaro vs Ambrose. This is WWE creative’s chance to fix the misses they had this year and make Raw and Smackdown more compelling. Take time to build your future stars,make more consistent characters and give guys like New Day, Kevin Owens and Bray Wyatt time to show there full potential. While it is always sucks to see a superstar get injuried the WWE must be always be prepared to to have someone step up and take there place. This is especially so for the World Champ. I hope that the next champ gets a better opportunity to shine than Rollins did.

Who Would Be The Best Person To Win The US Title at Hell In a Cell

  John Cena did what many thought couldn’t be done. He took the US title, a title that was irrelevant and brought it to the forefront. With incredible matches vs the likes of Neville, Ziggler and even the World Champ, the US title has shined each time. With Hell in a Cell just hours away and John Cena facing a mystery opponent, who would be the best options for him to face.

 Option 1 
  The Swiss Superman would be a excellent choice to face Cena at Hell in a Cell due to the excellent in ring chemistry they have together. The last time they faced each other for the title is considered by many an instant classic. While he hasn’t been getting the push he deserves this could be the opportunity to make things right and let him proves that he deserves to be in the main event scene. There would certainly be a lot of competition for him to go up against. Cesaro has all the right tools to keep the US title open challenge going and also keep fans invested in matches.

 Option 2  
  New day rocks! New day rocks! The rise of the New Day has been one of the high spots of this year thus far. So why not reward there enforcer with some championship gold. The New Day have been on a tear lately defeating the Dudleys and Cena so it would make sense for Big E not only to get a title shot but to defeat Cena in shocking fashion. This would be a good way to solidify Big E as a main eventer and keep the New Day as a force to be reckoned with.

Option 3

  Samoa Joe! What’s a better way of introducing Joe to the roster than having him come out and slaughter John Cena. It would be an amazing moment seeing Joe and Cena in the same ring. When TNA was in its prime this was the match many fans wanted to see. Fans of Joe would love this and casual fans would get to see something new. Joe could easily become a fan favorite and quickly become one of the faces of the company if pushed correctly.
Option 4    

  This is the one that most fans (including myself) want. The return of Daniel Bryan would undoubtedly not only steal the show but alone would make the PPV worth a buy. With Cena being gone for a undisclosed period of time who better than Daniel Bryan. Former champ and current fan favorite since his departure fans has left a hole in fans hearts. Bringing him back could be the shot in the arm the WWE needs.  

Option 5  

Stephen Amell… because why not! Lol