Jeffery Dean Morgan is a incredible pickup for the Walking Dead.

There will be spoilers for the comic as well as the show. You have been forewarned……..

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the past week you’ve probably heard the news that The Walking Dead has cast there Negan. I and happy to report that Jeffery Dean Morgan of Watchmen fame is playing Negan in the season finale. For those who don’t know the name Morgan is probably most known for playing “the Comedian” in “Watchmen”. Say what you may about the movie but there is no denying the charm He brought to the role.

  Those who don’t read the comic Negan is the leader of a group called the Saviors. In the comics he is ruthless, cunning and downright teriflying. Imagine a sadistic  high school bully who can fight and will not back down from anyone. His weapon of choice is a barbed wire bat he calls Lucille  which known for one the the most shocking deaths in Walking Dead history. Huge spoiler for the comic ahead if you don’t want to read or see it I advise you to read this after you have read the book. In the comics as a show of power he brutality murders Glenn.  This is proigant moment in the comics because it’s brutal even by Walking Dead standards. This is also done in front of Maggie and Rick with both helpless to stop it.


  If you saw the Watchmen then you know that Jeffery Dean Morgan is no stranger to playing a dark character. The Comedian was a dark conflicted character who much like Negan seemed to enjoy inflicting pain his adversaries. Also both Negan and The Comedian are huge physical theats. Neither character are also known for there kindnesses to women as the Comedian was a rapist and Negan forces the Saviors wives/girlfriends to be in his harem.

  Negan will add an interesting wrinkle to the show due to not only how dark the character  but also his language. Almost every word out of his mouth is a curse word. Not only could it be a problem with the network for all of the language but it’s also hard to take a character that curses so much seriously. I’m sure that on tv it will be toned down but it’s such a big part of his character. 

  There are so many interesting things about Negan. From his relationship with Carl to the power struggle with Rick. These are definitely going to be some interesting times on the tv show. Fans of the show should look forward to the events that occur next season.

  Dark times ahead indeed.

Ash Vs Evil Dead Books From Beyond Review

   Picking up right from the last Episode we start off with Lucy Lawless character Ruby at the farm on the trail of Ash. Of course Ash is not there but what she does find is Kelly’s dad in deadite form. Ruby wastes no time into getting the information she needed in a way that only she could.

    Meanwhile our heroes are looking for someone who can translate the book so they could reverse the spell.  Let me be the first to say that the”Ghost Beaters” may be one of the greatest group names ever! One of the reasons this show is so good is that it doesn’t take itself serious. The show certainly has its dark moments but always takes time to let you know that it’s a show and it’s supposed to be fun. 

    This is the episode that we finally get to see Det. Fisher’s story coincide with Ash. We also get a little backstory on how and why the book was made and how someone either really evil (or really stupid) could use it. The interaction between Kelly and Det. Fisher was very interesting with Fisher making a point that Ash maybe the cause of the problems and how well does Kelly really know Ash.  But on the other hand Det Fisher inadvertently got the translator and almost everyone killed.

 While a very good episode this may have been the weakest of the three shown thus far. This is not a bad thing it is a difference as this episode fills like filler. Also it’s weird that just in the previous episode Kelly had to watch her father and mother be killed and be ok in what was possibly a couple hours later. Still overall a solid episode that will have you begging for more.

Score 7.5

Ash vs Evil Dead Bait Review

           Hail to the king baby.

  As we last left Ash, he just had killed a Grandma deadite. Episode 2 picks up from there with Kelly asking Ash to help her save her father with Ash saying no because as he says “he has to save all the mommies and he babies”. So Kelly had to choice but to steal Pablo’s bike and the book. This leaves Ash no choice but to follow with Pablo in tow to retreive the book. 
     First off let it be said that Pablo and Ash make a great team. The chemistry between Bruce Campbell and Ray Sanitago is excellent. It’s also cool that Pablo that calls Ash Hefe’.  The car ride to Kelly’s house turned out to be very interesting as Ash and Pablo had an unexpected visitor. Also when our heroes arrived to Kelly’s house but all is not what it seems. The show remains to be funny and entertaining as well as creepy and violent. The show is very uncompromising with its violence and that’s a very good thing because it seems like the show is Campbell’s and Raimi’s vision.

  The side story with Amanda Fisher is moving along slow but I suspect it to pick up soon. Amanda has a sketch of Ash to go on as her first lead.which brings me to my only problem with the show. It’s only thirty minutes long! With this short time period there may not be enough time for a side story. I do hope it does find a balance because overall the show is great.

Score 8/10

This is my first review score that I am doing. I am using a 10 point scale meaning 1 for horrible to 10 is for masterful.

Is Seth Rollins Injury best for business?


  As you may have heard by now Seth Rollins was injured at a house show. He injured his ACL, MCL and medial meniscus. It’s a terrible injury and he may be out for 6-9 months. Now while this is disapointing this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Rollins as well as the WWE Title picture.

   Seth Rollins title reign has been  disapointing to say the least. With terrible storylines and questionable losses the popularity of Rollins has been waning and the terrible feud with Kane did not help. The best option right now maybe for him to have some time off and give fans a chance to miss him. Rollins should take the time to refresh his character. Maybe a new gimmick including a new finisher (the Pedigree is terrible for him), a new look and just some freshness to his character could do wonders. He probably will miss Mania but can come back for another big PPV like Sumerslam and generate a huge buzz. 

  Another positive would be that with Rollins gone there is room for someone else to get a big push. Now may be the best time to put the title on Reigns. Fans hatred of Reigns is no way near as nuclear as it was at Mania last year. With Cena gone as well this may be the best time to build characters like Dean Ambrose, Ziggler or Cesaro. Also if things aren’t doing good you always have Sheamus in the background with the Money in the Bank Briefcase.

  Finally, with Rollins being injured it completely changes what the plans for this years Wrestlemania were going to be. Maybe we could get a Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns match or a Cesaro vs Ambrose. This is WWE creative’s chance to fix the misses they had this year and make Raw and Smackdown more compelling. Take time to build your future stars,make more consistent characters and give guys like New Day, Kevin Owens and Bray Wyatt time to show there full potential. While it is always sucks to see a superstar get injuried the WWE must be always be prepared to to have someone step up and take there place. This is especially so for the World Champ. I hope that the next champ gets a better opportunity to shine than Rollins did.

Was Roman Reigns The Better Choice To Win Wrestlemania 31?

  WWE Champ Brock Lesner Vs Roman Reigns was the match that no one wanted for Wrestlemania. Since Rumble, Reigns had become the most hated man in wrestling. Fans booed, hissed and even went as far as to create a petition to get him out of the Main Event. WWE was put into the precarious situation of having a Wrestlemania Main Event that no one wanted to see.

  Enter The architect Seth Rollins. And with two Curb Stomp’s Rollins became the savior of Mania and the start of the future of WWE… Or so we thought. Rollins title reign has thus far been mediocre at best as every week we watch the champ title reign flounder do to bad writing and uninteresting  matches. In Rollins defense it’s mostly not his fault. Pairing him with semi retired/retired wrestlers (The Authority) was clearly a mistake. 

  What if the outcome of Wrestlemania was different? What if the WWE went with the decision of Roman Reigns winning Wrestlemania? How different would the Title situation be now? Reigns Vs The Authority is a very different story than Rollins with them.  Reigns as the champ that no one wants. The Authority trying to make him there champ and then trying to destroy him. So many ways you can go with the story. This year Reigns has greatly improved! Making him a fighting champ  would have went a long way into making him a credible champ. And if all else fails you could have Rollins cash in a still have him have a championship run. 

  You can’t change the past and the presence is now. The WWE champ is Seth Rollins. While his run isn’t a total bust WWE has done everything in its power to make his run irrelvalant. It’s not too late to turn the tide. Rollins has great in ring ability and is very entertaining on the mic. Give him the room to grow his character and stand on his own two feet.  And for god sake give him back the Curb Stomp!!!!