Arrow Unchained Review


  This week’s Arrow had a lot of plates to balance this week. The biggest of these plates was the return of Colton Hayes as Roy Harper.   While it was good to see Colton Hayes back into the role of Roy Harper all of the fun was taking out of it due to it being spoiled by Hayes. While I appreciate the fact that an actor wants to promote a show he/or she is going to be on sometimes it’s better to let fans be surpised.  



  As for his return, for the most part I liked it. Hayes has always been likable and his reasoning for not going to team Arrow for help seemed logical as to it would have put them all in danger. His banter with Oliver seemed genuine and even more so with Thea as she teared up on sight of him. The ending scene between the two was very touching as well as heartbreaking as a relationship that may never be. Also the fight between Curtis and Roy was awesome to watch and even more entertaining for those who know who Curtis is and what he will become. 


  The villain of the week was the calculator. I enjoy watching Villains who are more cerebral and that are more of a test of wits for the team. Also it was very cute for Felicity to tell the Calculator that she “pwned” him. On a side note: how many handicap puns can they possibly make on one show! But the ending of that story certainly made up for it as this won’t be the last we will see of the Calculator.


   As for Oliver, it’s interesting to see him struggle with the fact that he can’t save everyone. Something always bad is going to happen and not only it’s not his fault but he is not going to be able to save everyone. This works for the character because we as viewers know what he’s been though and how much he has lost and what ends he will go to not lose anymore. Even if it means asking the man who put Felcity in a wheelchair for help. In his flashbacks he got to see Oliver receive training for Yoda, oops I mean Shado. This scene was corny and was not necessary. While the Nyssa and Katana scenes weren’t also necessary they seemed more interesting than the flashbacks. Overall a good episode of Arrow even if it was a little overcrowded. 

Score 7.5 out of 10

The Flash Fast Line Review

Too Flash Too Furious


   This week’s episode of the Flash introduced us to the origin of the DC villian Tar pit. We also got a better look into the brother sister dynamic  between Iris and Wally as they try to work out some issues they may have. There is also the fact that Wells is working for for Zoom and working on something that could slow Barry’s speed. All of theses elements are at play in this week’s Flash. 


  First of all, I like that Joe is hesitant into being the Disciplinarian to Wally because he is scared to lose him.  This leads Iris to question her father’s judgement as Wally is putting himself in danger and Joe is turning a blinds eye to it. I also like that Iris is not turning a blind’s eye to it but in fact she is putting herself in danger. Which lead to her actually getting hurt and Wally coming to his senses. These last couple of weeks have done a very good job with establishing them as a family and I hope that the show continues to go on this path.


  The villian of the week is Tar Pit. This iteration of the character is out for revenge against the ones who killed him. The excecution of this is flawed due to that the character is not very sympathetic character. Also it was a little too convenient that one of the guys Tar Pit is chasing after just happens to be running the illegal street races that Wally is apart of. Also the way that tar pit was defeated was way too easy. This is a small problem that the show has: it doesn’t need a villain of the week the show would have actually been better this week with no villain at all. This week’s villian just got in the way.


  The standout storyline this week was the conflict with Wells. Wells is a man that is desperate and will do anything he can to get his daughter back including betraying team Flash. But unlike Thawne this Wells is also transparent, while he doesn’t tell Barry what he is doing he tells Barry he is not to be trusted. He also feels conflicted not only because he wants to do the right thing but he actually cares for team Flash especially Barry. Which makes it all the more heartbreaking when he tells team Flash the truth: Joe’s response was perfect as he did what the team probably was feeling. In the end it was Barry who stole the show as he not only showed compassion for Wells but understood why he did it. Without spoiling anything  next week will be very interesting.
Score 8.5 out of 10

Legends Of Tomorrow The Pilot Part 2

Back to the Future


  The second part of the pilot starts off with the team still in 1975 but this time ( pun intended ) there in Normay looking for Savage. To catch Savage they have to pose as gun runners which fails terribly, but there loss is the fans gain as we get one heck of a fight scene which includes the the arming and destruction of a nuclear bomb which was absorbed by Firestorm is an awesome scene. This leads to the team altering history in which Savage now controls 2016. This sends the team into different directions to achieving there goal.  Heatwave, Cold and Palmer out to get the dagger that could kill Savage, Canary Stein and Jax off to find a young Martin Stein to track a piece of Ray’s suit and the Hall’s are translating a message of what the dagger can do.


  I like the fact that a small detail like a piece of Ray’s suit falling off alters history so much. Because of this the team needs help from Martin Stein, but not old Martin Stein but college weed smoking Martin Stein. It was funny to see Stein trying to convince Stein to stop smoking weed and realizing how much he didn’t like himself. There plan didn’t go so well as they inadvertently changed Stein’s future so he doesn’t meet his wife. This episode gave us not only a good look at who Stein is but it also gives us a look at why Jax and Stein works. While they are both different, they both have a bond that wasn’t there with Ronnie. It was also a nice touch that Rip Hunter broke his rule in the end to save Stein’s marriage.


 On the other side of things Carter and Shiera find out that the dagger that was used in the past to kill them,could also be used to kill Savage. This leads to the fun scene of Ray,Heatwave and Snart breaking in and subsequently getting caught due Leonard and Ray fighting. The dynamic between Ray and Leonard is amazing due to the vast diffences in there characters. Snart is cool and calulating while Palmer is a Boy Scout who wants to do the right thing. Unfortunately they were caught by the owner who is none other than Vandal Savage. This lead to a fantastic scene that is not only shocking but it changes the whole dynamic of what you may think of the show. This show maybe more Suicide Squad instead of Guardians. It maybe even possible that season 2 may have a different cast of characters as like Hunter said ” they have no effect on the timeline” so they are expendable.

Score 8.9 out of 10

The Flash The Reverse-Flash Returns

WMeet the Reverse Flash for the first time.


   Let me say the way this episode starts off is awesome!  The way Barry stops a runaway fuel tanker as a running start to the episode, it is very reminiscent of Speed. It’s also good to see that Barry is wrapping himself up into his work as a way to get over Patty moving. Between Ollie and Barry these heroes are loose with there identity but not with there feelings. Then there is the part about Patty finally figuring out that Barry is the Flash. You mean after Turtle literally told her she still had no clue until Barry mentioned that he worked for Star Labs. With that said you could feel the emotion when she told Barry to tell her the truth and she would stay and he felt he couldn’t because he can’t protect her. While it seems to be her finale moments I’m quite sure she will return.


  Now let’s get to the fun part; the return of the Reverse Flash or shall I say the debut.  Let me say that it was awesome to see what’s essentially a different take on the same character. While Tom Cavanagh defined the role with his Portrayal, Matt Letscher also did a very good job in this role. It’s was also cool to see that Barry at this level is more powerful than Reverse-Flash at this point.  The conversation that Barry and the motive while it maybe thin ( he is just a Stan) hearing the two discuss was chilling given the fact upon what happens next. The fact that Barry had to help send him home to save Cisco and the revelation that Thawne will always be a part of his life was a tough pill to swallow.  Add to the fact that the chain of events is what leads up to season 1 (including why Thawne choose Wells ) was awesome.


Speaking of Harrison Wells how awesome was it to see him in the Reverse Flash suit again. Even if it was to get Cisco to use his ability it was a great moment. It’s great to see that slowly but surely Cisco is becoming Vibe as he gets his shades that helps him use his ability.  He is becoming a more essential part of team Flash as his abilities allow him to predict the future. It will be interesting to see how this will play into not only this season but further down the line.


 Then there’s the story of Iris mom. This is the first time this has worked this season.  In a season of missteps with this storyline it’s great to see the show finally do right and add the heart that this show is so great for. I also never noticed that the West family has never been together until it was mentioned, so even though it wasn’t seen it was a great touch to have her kids visit her for what may be the last time. This story ran parallel to Caitlin Snow’s quest to find a cure for Jay Garrick. It was good to actually see effort put in to try to find a cure for Jay. But as it was cool to see the doppelgänger of Garrick its getting to the point where we kinda wanna see Jay be the Flash. I hope that we don’t have to wait for the season finale to see Jay as a speedster again.

Overall 8.6 out of 10

Ash Vs Evil Dead The Dark One Review 

  It all ends here…..

   This is it, the season finale of Ash Vs Evil dead and boy they didn’t hold back on the gore. The episode started off with a showdown between Ash and Fisher which while it disappointed I’m glad they got her out the way so we get to the real battle between Ash and  Ruby. We finally got to hear what Ruby’s true intentions were and while hokey ( does every villian want world domination) at least it fits in line with the story. With that said this episode was a funhouse of horrors!  Even with that said I’m glad that it lose its humor.for every teriflying moment there was one equally funny. 

 It’s just as gruesome as this looks.

   This episode also did a good job of giving each of the main characters a moment to shine. Kelly came off as a badass determined to help Ash save Pablo. Pablo being forced to do heinous things the least of which is fight Ash.  Even the cabin got its own moment as it brutally kills the last camper in a truly epic Evil Dead moment. 

 It doesn’t turn out good for you.

   In the end, Ash really got to show who he really is as he given the choice of saving the world or saving his friends and having the life that he always wanted.  This was a decision that he wrestled with the whole episode as Ruby teased him with the life he always wanted. There was some funny moments in the negotiations with Ruby as Ash asked for 10,000 dollars but settled for gas money. In the end Ash did what was best for Ash which will most certainly lead in to season 2. Overall a solid episode to top off a great season. Looking forward to the next season and to see how it turns out.
Score 8.6 out of 10

Ash Vs Evil Dead Bound in Flesh

   Bound in Flesh indeed


 We start off this week’s  Evil dead starts off with the a bang literally. We start off with the face off of Ash Vs Ash which I have to say was a complete letdown with Evil Ash being killed so easy.  I was very funny to hear the banter of them saying that “Ash is racist but not that racist”. Especially his apparent love for Asian massages.  Ash conversation with the Necronomicon was excellent. The fact that Ash needs to the book as much as the book needs him not only is sad but it’s also factual. Without the book Ash had a life that had amounted to nothing and the book gave him purpose. It also shows that while Ash is generally lighthearted there is a darkness in him.


  We also got to see the ramifications of the death of Fisher due to Ash not chopping up her body. Those campers sure didn’t last long in what was a brutal scene. Deadite Fisher was especially brutal with using two campers as puppets as she mocked Pablo and Kelly. Ruby coming in for the save was cool but I am positive that wasn’t the last we saw of Deadite Fisher.With one of the campers surviving (Heather) this leads me to speculate that either she will survive or will play a part in finale.  Speaking of the finale it seems like everyone won’t be making it out alive.


  We also finally got a look at Ruby and who she is. Her ideal of destroying the book seemed  sound enough to actually work.  At least it seemed sound until she asked for the book. Once she got the book all hell literally broke loose. Everything escalated really fast and the stakes got to end of world level real fast. With that being said I stand by what I said in earlier reviews, the show is too short. There hasn’t been any development for the character since the show started and there are many questions that needs to be answered that I don’t think will be  to due to the show’s length. Overall a solid episode that is leading us into what will be an interesting finale.

Score 8.0 out of 10

Ash Vs The Evil Dead Ashes To Ashes Review

Ashes to Ashes……


   With Ash Vs Evil Dead winding down to its final episodes, it’s only fitting that Ash makes his return back to the cabin. The place where it all started to hopefully put a end to all of this. It’s even more fitting that Ash left his friends and is going in alone. This didn’t last long as Fisher finds him and they on in to face the cabin together. Whereas I’d rather saw Ash go in alone it led to some cool moments. It was especially funny when Ash explained what happened to last girlfriend. Speaking of his girlfriend Ash’s conversation with her was great. She taunted Ash with his failure to to protect his love ones and basically told him he was better off staying I. The shed.


 Meanwhile Pablo and Kelly were on there own search for Ash and the cabin. Which lead them to a group of friendly campers to show them the way. It was very interesting to see the camper talking to Kelly about Pablo and she telling her that Pablo had a girlfriend (which he doesn’t). She may actually have feelings for good old Pablo! Also the campers seem like they are nothing more than Deadite fodder. Other than that there wasn’t must for them to do in this episode.


 (Beware Spoilers follow)   With that said we got our look at Evil Ash and man did he make a impact!! In a truly shocking scene we see Evil Ash do something I didn’t expect. This is one of the darkest scenes in the series not only because how brutal it was but also because it happened to a main cast member. The way Fisher was killed was not only brutal but also uncomfortable as we watch Evil Ash confess his feelings ( which I suspect Ash also had) and then stalk and butcher Fisher in a very similar way that her partner was killed. Also the horror on Ash’s face when he found her said it all. But that leaves one major question?How did Ash’s hand get to the cabin? With 2 episodes remaining it will be very interesting to see who lives and who dies.

Score 9.5 out of  10