Should the Yankees sign Greg Bird to an extension now?

Credit to @emichael888 for this article idea

So Eric and I think the Yankees should give Bird an extension of 4 years at 24 million with 2 club options at 8 & 10 mil which would bring the total to 42 mil over 6 years and he should take it. Here are our reasons…

1. It’s high risk, high reward. If Bird is what we all believe him to be, then it’s a steal for the Yankees, if he ends up being a bust or just too injury prone then it isn’t a big money commitment. We don’t lose very much. He can always still be a back up since he won’t be making a lot.

2. With how his injury history has been so far (He also had injuries in the Minors) so why not take the safe bet if you’re Bird. He’s only 25 so a 6 year deal would take him until he’s 31 or 32 and can still get one big contract. If I were Greg Bird I’d be wary of betting on myself so I’d take the guaranteed money.

3. The Yankees would be crazy not to do this because the upside for Bird is amazing! Dude could for real hit 40+ bombs and drive in 90+ RBI’S a year. If he isn’t durable, well we haven’t lost very much except a bit of money. You don’t usually extend guys like this but Bird is different.

4. Factoring in buying out his Arbitration years… He’d probably get between 1-4 million next year maybe 5 mil???. So 24 million sounds about right, It’s right at the 6 mil range but it’s less than 7-8 a year which would still be a steal.

Note: extensions do not take affect immediately so it wouldn’t mess with the Luxury Tax & we would still be under it for the 2018-19 off season.

I feel like this is a good thing to do for the Yankees? And for Greg Bird. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

Tyrus of GFW (fka Brodus Clay) is unhappy with creatives direction for him

Tyrus of GFW/Impact Wrestling & formerly Brodus Clay in WWE, Said today in an Instagram post that he’s upset with how GFW creative has used him over the past 4-5 tapings (Spoiler not much at all). He did it with dignity and class though & was just standing his ground.

   I’m gonna quote what he said word for word (Cause reporters don’t like to do that shit LOL) So here we go THIS is what Tyrus said verbatim in the IG video…….. “Wrestling fans, Impact fans. This is Tyrus here, My mentor Dusty Rhodes once told me the Wrestling business is like a canvas and I’m the Wrestler I gotta paint that Canvas, and at the end of the day it’s my canvas. Well I’ve been with Impact for more than 3 years now and 99% of it has been mostly positive and I’ve enjoyed my time here, But the last 4-5 tapings for me and my fans have been terrible, we’ve been handcuffed and treated like a 2nd class citizen creatively and we’ve worked too hard to become a cross over star to be treated like we’re not. Soooo I’m not happy creatively with the way Impact’s been treating me, Been playing phone tag all day with em (Management?) And I don’t got time for it. You don’t wanna use me the way I think I’ve earned the right to be used that’s cool! I’m about to get my Kaepernick on and I’m taking a knee, So I will not be at TNA tapings this week cause I’m on hold out status and if your good with that cool if not whatever it is, I’m not gonna be there till I’m treated rigbt, Nuff said”

   Though I will say Impact can’t just cater to Tyrus, they do need to at least give him something worthy of his talents. Not main event stuff but mid card stuff & being in a tag team would be great…… Like my friend BQ_KOTM on Twitter said I would hate being a body guard type character for so long especially with his cross over appeal and the stuff he has done with Fox & GLOW on Netflix. I just learned that Tyrus has landed a role on the new AMC show Preacher. I didn’t wanna say this but it’s looking like Impact has dropped the ball with Tyrus now just like WWE did all those years ago.

So It looks like Tyrus will not be at Impact till he is treated the way he rightfully should be. I say good on him for taking a stand and holding his ground on being treated well with Impact creatively, He’s too good to be sitting at home for months & months. 

DC Animated A Killing Joke Review

The Jokes on Us

     The original Killing Joke written by Alan Moore is considered by many to be a classic. The  quintessential Joker story that both manages to show Joker at not only at his most sadistic but also at his most tragic. The story at its core was so dark it didn’t seem likely that it would be adapted into a movie. So it became a big surprise to everyone when Warner Bros announced that it was being to be adapted into a R rated animated movie. It was also a pleasant surprise that some of the cast from Batman the Animated Series returned to play the roles they made famous. 

     With a cast that includes Mark Hamil, Tara Strong and Kevin Conroy this movie could not fail right?  Unfortunately not even there acting abilities can’t save the fundamental flaws with this movie. One of the flaws in the movie is the voice acting. With the exception of the formentioned actors everyone else ranged from OK to horrible. In particular the voice of Bullock which is almost laughable.


  The biggest problem with the movie is the portrayal of Batgirl. One of the complaints about the original graphic novel is the role Barbara Gordan plays in the story. To remedy this a another story arc was added to flesh out her side of the story. Unfortunately this side story does not work and in some ways even hurts the story. In trying to tell a story of  empowerment for Batgirl it came off more like a story of a girl who does nothing but depend on the men in her life. Her interactions with her male counterparts just don’t work. It’s a sharp contrast to the more independent Batgirl we see in the comics.

  For the most most part the Killing Joke is a Joker story.  Fortunately, that part of the story works very well.  Mark Hamill is as excellent as always in the role of the Joker. At times in the movie he goes from a completely vile character to a very sympathetic character. On the opposite side of the spectrum Kevin Conroy ‘s  stoic demeanor is very fitting for the movie. While it doesn’t feel quite like BTAS it gets close at times. Overall A Killing Joke is a good effort to bring to life a classic but it may have been better to leave this one in its original format.

Score 6.0 out of 10

Legends of Tomorrow Star City 2046

Let the Hawke fly!!!! (Spoilers Ahead)


  Welcome to the dark future of the Arrow universe. A future where Star city is overrun with crime. A city where Heatwave’s first 5 minutes in town he becomes a crime boss. But this town is not Heatwave’s city, it is run by none other than Deathstoke. But not the Deathstoke that you know and love but his son Grant Wilson. Team Arrow is dead, and the only one who is around to stop Deathstoke is the Green Arrow, but not the Oliver Queen but Connor Hawke.  


   Let me start off by saying that I love who Connor Hawke is. In the comics Connor Hawke is Oliver Queen’s son which while it could have worked it is too predictable. The fact that he is (spoilers) Diggle’s son out for revenge for the death of his father. Also add to the fact that Oliver Queen is presumed dead. The worse thing is that he is not dead but broken because everything that he loves is gone. No Felicity, Diggle, Canary,Lance or Thea to help him in the city’s most darkest time. Watching the Oliver come back to form as the Arrow was epic and him passing the mantle over to Connor was awesome as well. With the complaints that people have had about the last two seasons of Arrow I would love to see a tv show based off of Connor Hawke and Oliver A La Batman Beyond.


  This week also has friction between two Heatwave and Cold, and Sara and Hunter. Heatwave found himself in a world where he most felt at home. Snart on the other hand is fully on board with the whole saving the world thing. This was very interesting because it plays on the vast dynamic these two have as characters. Snart is a smart charming person who seems like he doesn’t care but it’s just the opposite while Heatwave is a hothead who loves “wants to see the world burn”. On the other side you have Sara who comes back to a home in which everyone she loves is dead because she was not there to help Ollie.This of course takes a toll on her but Hunter’s logic is also sound in which he says that this future won’t exist once they complete there mission. The only issue I have with this episode is Rip Hunters inconsistency. One week he is risking everything to team members next week he is ready to get rid of them. It didn’t make much sense to even have the thought of leaving her as she has up to this point been nothing but loyal. Beside that  everything in this episode worked even the attempts by Ray and Jax to get the affection of Hawkgirl with help from Stein. Overall this is a great episode of Arrow on Legends.

Score 8.8 out of 10

Arrow Taken Review

I have a particular set of skills 


   So, the episode starts off with Darhk confronting Oliver and Felicity and telling he kidnapped William and won’t return him unless Oliver drops out of the race.  What a hell of a way for Feilcity to find out that Ollie has a son! Not only that that how awkward was it for Ollie to be in a room with his baby mother, ex girlfriend, and his fiancĂ©. Man! Oliver Queen was a terrible person. It’s was also very interesting that Laurel was still hurt after finding out about his transgressions.  The team needed help dealing with magic and since Constantine is literally in hell, the one person that could help Ollie save his son is Vixen.


   Let me say that Vixen works very well in this universe.  The show did an excellent job with displaying her powers on the show without making them look cheesy. The small fight scene at the beginning of the episode did a good job of conveying her powers. Even with all her powers the combined might of her and Oliver was not enough to rescue William. This led Ollie with no choice but to drop out of the race.  The team found a way in the end not only to save William but to stop Darhk and take away his powers with some help from Lance and Vixen.


    One of the biggest themes of this episode is not only Ollie’s past catching up with him but the choice Oliver has to make. The choice is a complex one, be a part of William’s life in which he may be in constant danger or not be there and let him grow up without a father. In the end Oliver made the right choice by sending his son away but was it wise to make a video for him saying he is the Green Arrow. Also Felicity’s decision in the end was a little cold for her to do it literally as he is making this decision. With everything that happened in this episode I am very curious on what’s next. There is so many questions that still need answering I wonder how are we going to reach the conclusion of the season.
Score 8.6 out of 10

The Flash Escape From Earth 2 Review

Wow Earth 2 Barry is annoying!

  Things don’t look too good on Earth 2 as the Barry has been captured by Zoom and the only people that can save him is Earth 2 Barry,Wells, Earth 2 Iris and Cisco. While this Barry doesn’t have the ablities of our Barry (including courage) he does have his love for Iris which is ever present. Love was also the reason for Frost helping them find Zoom’s lair due to him murdering DeathStorm in the previous episode. Frost also was the one who stopped Zoom from killing everyone in what may have cost her life.


  While waiting Barry and Wells’daughter are attempting to figure out who is the man in the mask and what is he trying to tell them. Watching them attempt to solve the puzzle was interesting as Barry and Jessie also try to figure out how he could phase though the cell. In the end it was Earth 2 Barry who gave Barry the pep talk he needed to phase though the cell.  The showdown with Zoom while tense were more or less was the same that we expect from the character .


  As for Earth one we finally got to see Jay Garrick be the Flash. While the Geomancer’s powers were cool he came off a little too comic booky. It’s was good that they got him out the way so the focus could more be on Jay and a possibility of curing him. Whereas this was the best Jay episode in the end it was also the most heartbreaking because of what happens in the end of the episode. Overall a solid episode of Flash.

Score 8.4 out of 10

Legends of Tomorrow Blood Ties Review


    This week’s Legends of Tomorrow starts right were it left off last week. The team reeling from the lost of Carter with Kendra not too far behind. With Ray and Stein working to save Kendra that left Rip Hunter and Sara to find a way to get Vandal Savages funds. While this was going on Heatwave, Captain Cold and Jax went out to steal a jewel for a reason that is more than meets the eye. The idea was to bankrupt Savage in the past to slow him down in the future.  We also were treated to a little backstory of  Rip Hunter and why he may have went to the team.


    The Rip Hunter and White Canary expedition was fun as we got a great fight scene in the bank. It’s was very cool to see Sara not only quote Ra’s al Ghul but also use what the league taught her to figure out that it was a trap. We also found out that even after Constaine saved her she still has the bloodlust. Thanks to an interrogation we find out that Savage has Carter’s body and the team has to get it back to give him a proper burial. The scene in which we find out what Savage is doing with the body is downright creepy. It was also dark as Savage tells Hunter that he looks forward to killing his family. The ending with them having a funeral for Carter was another great moment for the show as it shows how in such a short time how unified this team is.

     Palmer and Stein’s interaction this week was also very good. The banter between them was excellent as Stein constantly insulting Palmer until his lost faith in himself. As usual Brandon Routh shows his acting chops as someone who doesn’t want to fail. Someone who lost someone who meant the world to him because he wasn’t strong enough and doesn’t want to feel that again. It was also fitting that Stein lied to him to get him to get him back into the game. Stein has a problem with manipulating to get what he wants, it’s only a matter of time that this backfires on him.


  The highlight of the episode was Captain Cold’s story. It was very touching to see that he was stealing the jewel not for self greed but to save his family. The talk his gave to his past self was not only a touching moment but a look at what makes Snart ticks.  His father was a monster to his family but didn’t become that until he went to prison for five years. This episode made me remember that Wentworth Miller is such an excellent actor. I hope that the show gives him more of these type of moments in the show.

Score 8.8 out of 10