The Defenders “Mean Right Hook” Review


    This episode picks right up after the aftermath of the “earthquake “. What this episode has done a much better job of setting up the main  characters better. We see the that Matt is very conflicted with the fact that he is not Daredevil anymore. Essentially choosing to salvage his life by mending fences with Foggy and Karen doesn’t seem enough. It was good to see Matt and Foggy back together again.  There friendship always felt real and genuine. It’s good that Foggy is trying to help as Matt feels compelled to go back to the life of hanging out on rooftops and busting heads.

  Jessica Jones story is progressing as well as she is getting deep into her case. Very interesting that the police force seems to know so much about her and her doings. It was also  very amusing to see the brief interactions, between her and Misty as the latter is clearly not taken any crap from Jessica. Great seeing Jeri Hogarth is back on the show to warn Jessica about getting in to deep while covering her own ass. Covering so much in fact that she has got Foggy watching out for her to see if she gets in any trouble and boy did she get in trouble!  Having a brief encounter with Electra and ending up getting arrested my Misty and of course Matt Murdock is now her lawyer.

 The Luke Cage part of the episode feels very fun. It’s cool that each area of the show  has a different feel to it. Harlem and Hell’s Kitchen feels like two different places.  Not only that but Harlem has changed as well as there seems to be a new threat on the streets manipulating kids and killing them off when finish. It didn’t take long for Luke Cage to be back on the streets busting heads. Finding out that the bad guy behind this is “Whitehead”. The highlight of the episode is the first meeting between Luke Cage and Iron Fist. While it’s not a match made in heaven it was a solid fight scene between the two which will obviously end up leading to a team up.

Overall a solid second episode that is a better step in the right direction. Giving the characters more to do while slowly bring everyone’s story together. The a villain so far does not seem compelling but hopefully this will impress the series goes on.

Score 7.5 out of 10

The Defenders “The H Word” Review 


  A little over 2 years in the making we are finally getting our chance to see the culmination of the Netflix cinamatic universe with The Defenders. There has been some ups (Daredevil,Jessica Jones and Luke Cage) and there has certainly been some downs ( All of Iron Fist) but we are finally at the point that everyone was waiting for. So the big question is was the wait worth it?

 Unfortunately we will not get an answer to that question in the first episode. The first episode of The Defenders feels more like a prologue to all the previous seasons of the Netflix. Giving you glimpses into everyone’s life a little after everything that happened to them. This would be a good thing but the problem with telling these shorter stories is that some of them aren’t compelling. Do we really care what Danny Rand was doing before Defenders? And apparently Matt Murdock was doing nothing because he has given up on being Dardevil. 

  Don’t get me wrong there is a lot to be excited for in this episode.  There is a sense of coolness in not only seeing characters you love reunited ( Matt and Karen ) but seeing characters from the other shows interact with each other is a welcome treat too.  While it didn’t happen too much in this episode the times that it did were worth it. Overall a solid first episode that’s really lite on the action but seems to be building to something bigger.

Preacher “Puzzle Piece” Review

   Let me start off by saying that Herr Starr is an awesome bad guy! The way the episode starts off with him spying on Jessie and not really seeing what’s so special about him seems cold and callous. Especially how he so nonchalantly called for him to kill him as it was a waste of his time. Sending out a hit squad that played out like a scene from a a Call of Duty Zombie mode (except with vampires). Jessie easily made short work of them. Then he literally called up a clean up crew for himself much to the surprise of Tulip as she awakened. This clean up crew also consisted of a police force to guard the house.

   While this was going on Herr Starr was on a date in which he had a woman do some funny stuff with butter.  The character is fascinating because comes off as a person without compassion, but it’s almost cartoonish. As he casually asks one of his workers to get him a rape fantasy. Note this is what his said casually as he was about to kill both of his agents in question but the gun jammed. It was also amusing that his agent just kept upping the ante with his sexual fetish till it’s climax (Pun Intended) It’s very surprising the amount of stuff Preacher is able to get away with without any controversy behind it.  It is refreshing that the show is giving such free range.

   Cassidy and Dennis relationship seems to be better after his transformation.  Dennis seems to be taken to his transformation a little too well if anything. It clearly was a surprise to Jessie via the way he found out too.  While it did seem like the right thing to do for his son I wonder if it will backfire. In the other relationship on the show it seems like more and more it’s becoming apparent that Jessie is using his power on Tulip in an unhealthy manner. It’s clearly uncomfortable that at any point he can just make her do what he wants. Even with his good intentions it seems he maybe addicted to it.

  The big surprise of the episode was Brad. At first it seemed that Brad maybe some else sent in to combat Jessie. Someone that Jessie was prepared for. What Jessie wasn’t prepared for is that Brad is actually B.RA.D which stands for Battle Ready Aerial Drone. On paper this sounds like the perfect way to handle Jessie. Unfortunately that plan went awry as the missile went off course. While that moment was kind of a whimper the ending with Jessie meeting Herr Starr makes up for it.

Overall a good episode of Preacher 

Score 7.9 out of 10

Game of Thrones. “Eastwatch” Review

   After the thrilling conclusion of last week’s Game of Thrones it was great that we start off the episode right we’re we left.  It was also good that the show wasted no time letting you know that Bronn and Jamie was not dead.  The show also gave us a glimpse of  how even the good’s acts in the show are questionable as the last of the Tarley’s met there fate. It seems that Danaerys while her words maybe pure she still is ruling with fear instead of respect.  How many of those Lannister soldiers will be loyal if the fear is removed.  The conversation between Varys and Tyrion was very interesting indeed as Varys tells the story’s on how vile was Daenerys father.

  The conversation between Jamie and Cersei was also an interesting one indeed. As  Jamie tells her that they have no chance of winning without the dragons no less with the dragons. She knows they are gonna lose but they are in a lose lose situation as she explained. Her brother murdered Danaerys father and even if they surrendered she would most certainly sentenced them to death.

  The news of the White Walkers heading toward Eastwatch is most certainly troubling news.  Troubling enough to to have them come up with the crazy plan of Tyrion and Jamie meeting up. Even more tense was the meeting between Jamie and Cersei after that. Not only did she already know about the meeting but she wants Bronn to be punished for it. Also she so everly hinted that she will have Jamie killed at any sign of disloyalty. But an even bigger moment was the return of Gendry!!! They even made a very funny reference to his rowing. Apparently he was there the whole time as a blacksmith. It’s a passable excuse that was made good by the fact that he is pretty good with a hammer. Also the moment with him as Jon Snow was very amusing.

   Two great moments that may have been overlooked were Ayra’s conversation with Sansa and Arya spying on LittleFinger. It was a great move to have Arya call Sansa on her Bs and flat out say that she wants Jon’s spot. It’s almost to the point that she maybe as dangerous to Jon as Cersei. But it seems like it maybe a ruse setup by LittleFinger to turn the sisters against each other. He seems to be back in the drivers seat as he is one step ahead of Arya. It will be interesting to see watch comes of this. 

  The final moments of the episode are the most interesting as we are getting the teamup we never knew we wanted. We got the Hound, Jon Snow, Jor Mormont, Tormund and Davos to find a Whitewalker to bring to Cersei. Overall a slower pace episode this week that seems like this is gonna lead to an epic next episode that should be very exciting to watch.

Score 8.0 out of 10

Game of Thrones “The Spoils Of War” Review

   Let me start off by saying this is the best episode of the season! It’s very unfortunate that it had to be mired in so much controversy ( the episode leaked a week early).  The episode had so many big moments one at least being the gathering of the Stark kids.  It’s a great moment seeing all of them together and seeing how much they changed. Bran is no longer the bright upbeat child of the first season, Arya is not some tomboy but a very capable assassin and Sansa is now Lady of the North. It’s one  of the things this show has done so well by is giving you a plot point and tying them up neatly.


  The conversation between Jon and Daenerys seemed forced as Jon so happens to be looking for Dragon Glass and finds a cave painting with all of there ancestors working together against the White Walkers. Even more so the fact that even after he showed it to her she was like well you gotta bend the knee. No realization that they may all die and this is something that could be discussed after the immediate threat. On the other side of things it seems fitting that she is pissed with Tyrion because they were outsmarted and it costed them their allies. It was great to see Jon give insight that made him seem knowledgeable as a leader rather than someone who is desperate for help.

  On a side note how badass is Arya!!! Not only taking on Brianne of Tarth and winning but having the confidence to even challenge her.  More and more the show is giving us a reason to believe the Starks are the ones Cersei should worry about. Even with the North not being concerned with her at the time why is she not worrying about the fact that Jon Snow not only has an army but just defeated your biggest ally.


   Speaking about the Lannister’s not only was it great seeing Jaime in action but seeing Bronn again is always a treat. What followed their short lived victory that wasn’t even seen was an incredible battle that was Battle of the Bastards worthy!  This especially was a treat as it was the first battle between the Lannister and Targaryen armies. Also Daenerys is riding a freaking dragon!!!! The Targaryen fighting like savages seemed to be too much for the Lannister’s even without the Dragon. Also I hope the Lannister’s didn’t pay much for that so called Dragon Killer because it was trash.

All and all an awesome episode that will make you realize how great this show is. In a battle where I should clearly be rooting for the good guys a part of you wants to cheer for Jaime and Bronn. We’ve watched these characters growth for so long and much like Tyrion we are nothing but bystanders watching this battle go on. 

Score 9.5 out of 10

Preacher “Pig”  Review 

  This episode continues the search for God but hits a dead end as they have visited every bar in New Orleans. So what they decide to, run a scam. The scam itself was great and Tulip kissing Cassidy the way she did sure did raise an eye with Jessie.  

  So much so that Jessie asked her about it.   It was interesting seeing Tulip drink her fears away as she is still shook from her encounter with the “Saint of Killers”.  The dream showing the trama that she has from the encounter was a great to give you a look into how she feels.  Later in the episode she makes this even more clear as she is speaking to Jessie about how Jessie cut it so close and that if Cassidy wasn’t there she maybe would have been killed.

  Cassidy is dealing with his own drama since he found out that his son is dying. The only way he could save his son Dennis is by turning him into a Vampire.

    Parallel to this story is everything that’s going on in Vietnam. I liked the fact that doing most of the scenes with our heroes in the background was the news reporting about the pig. It was also a treat seeing an origin story of Herr Starr. His morbid outlook and cold attitude made for some funny and cool moments especially in the way he finally for into the Grail.
Overall a solid episode!!

Score 7:2 out of 10