Preacher “BackDoors” Review

  After the big reveal of last week that the Messiah of Herr Starr’s group is a bumbling idiot it seems fit that they would be looking for a new one. It’s also fitting that the they would want Jessie to be there new leader since he got a glimpse of Jessie’s power first hand. The conversation between him and Jessie was just as good as the previous episode as both characters have great chemistry together. Pulling out all the stops to show why Jessie should join him, including letting him hear all of his prayers to God. In particular the ones thanking God for killing his father. But it didn’t work as Jessie made in stick it where the sun don’t shine. That decision may come back to bite em because they released the Killer of Saints.


  On the Jessie side of things, it seems that everything is finally taking a toll on everyone. The lies and everything that comes with it, including that the Killer of Saints is still very much a threat. It seems the one thing that everyone needed at this point was a vacation. Jessie was almost all for it until he got another lead on GOD and ran off again but this time no one was willing to help. Tulip went on a trip to melt the guns of the Killer of Saint to no avail and Cassidy came to the realization that he has feelings for her. I wonder how will this play into future episodes as we are only 2 episodes away from the season finale.


  The show finally got back to the story with Eugene and Hitler. The show continues to amaze me on how well of a job they have done to make Hitler a sympathetic character.  Giving a backstory of a man who was kicked around until he just lost it.  Before he was nothing but someone who lack a spine but with one bad day it all changed. All of it lead up to the big moment where Hilter helped Eugene escape before they found out that he didn’t belong there. All in all a solid episode that’s hopefully leading to a big finale.

Score 8.0 out of 10

Game of Thrones “The Dragon and the Wolf” Review

So ends a great season….

   This season of Game Of Thrones has went by at a incredible pace. With each episode having moments that were essential not only to this season but to the whole series. Many of the questions we’ve been asking since season 1 were getting answered in mere moments. Alliances were born and then immediately taken away.  With all that said biggest question about tonight is will the show stick the landing on a excellent season.


   When you start off an episode with Daenery’s army at the front gate of  Kings Landing, you know the show has a lot to tell. The show continues to give us great small moments including Braun and Tyrion and the Hound and Brienne. But the biggest moments occurred when we got everyone together. The Hound and the Mountain face off left chills down my spine. Also a nice touch by Daenerys flying in with her Dragon just in case they tried something. It was most certainly a power move.  The conversations had were interesting to say the least as each side brought up there issues. One issue I did have was that Euron seemed out of place in this meeting as he jumped around doing his Jack Sparrow thing. The reveal of the night walker seems to convince her until the discovery of the fact that Jon Show will not be neutral if there is a battle between the two because he pledged allegiance to Daenerys.

    This lead to one of the most powerful moments in the series as we get the conversation between Cersei and Tyrion we always wanted. The excellent point was brought up that Tyrion inadvertently destroyed the Lannister family with the death of his father. This one event made it easier for their enemies to conspire against them as Tywin was the one to be feared. This conversation lead to the major moment when Cersei decides to assist in the “Great Battle”. Or so it seemed as she has no intention to help out as she plans to take the land while everyone is at war. Jamie was clearly not going for this and it seems as Jamie and Cersei relationship is over to say the least as she even considered having him killed.  Another great moment was the conversation between Jon and Theon as he finally has the conversation with him that was needed. Jon gave him just the talk that he needed to get him back into the saddle. Finally giving us a Theon we haven’t seen since almost the beginning of the series.

   LittleFinger is out doing his LittleFinger thing manipulating Sansa into believing that her sister is out to get her. He is also trying to put himself into position to be the King of the North. Plotting putting the wheels in motion for Sansa to kill Arya. But it seems as if LittleFinger ‘s plan backfired as all of his crimes come to light.  If seems fitting that the Stark kids would be the downfall of LittleFinger. It was great that even Bran even played a part into it. The best part about it is that in doing so she took control of the Veil. The final moments were great as it was Arya to deal the killing blow. Bran proved useful as he revealed the truth about Jon Snow. In the worst kept secret Jon Snow is the Heir to the Iron Throne and also had sex with his aunt. That’s correct! Danaerys and Jon are a thing now. It will be interesting to see how it plays out going into the final season.

   Just as it seemed we wouldn’t get any action this episode we get the big finish.  We get to see the wall come down and boy it did. What a great moment seeing the dragon take down the wall. In mere moments the Wall comes down and everyone is in imminent danger as the White Walkers are coming and there is nothing that can stop them. Overall a great ending to a great season.  Hopefully we will get the final season sooner than later.

Score 9.0 out of 10

Preacher “Dirty Little Secret” Review

This week’s episode of Preacher started in a very interesting way to say the least. Let me start off by saying it’s amazing what this show is gettin away with. From having a character who has a face that looks like an asshole to A sympathetic Hitler.  This episode pushes it further by having an awkwardly long 2 minute sex scene with Jesus. Yes that Jesus. It’s interesting how he was portrayed in the way how while he was duty bound he also had wants and needs and a dirty little secret.

  On the Preacher side of the story, Jessie teams up with Herr Starr to find out more information on were God is. The dynamic between the two is very good as Herr admits that he wanted to kill Jessie but realized it maybe better to have him work with him for now.  Herr proceeds to drop a bomb shell on Jessie. Apparently they have the 25th great grandson of Jesus who is the Messiah. Jessie ‘s meeting with the Messiah wasn’t what he expected in the least bit as Humperdo seems more like a mentality challenge person than ancestor to god.


  The story with Cassidy and Dennis is interesting because he is falling further into the dark side as Cassidy. It may come a point where Dennis Tulip seems to be having a hard time copping with Jessie and was finding comfort in playing Guitar Hero with Jane. Well that was until Jane made the mistake of talking about the robbery that Tulip never told her about. The plan she came up with to take her off the trail seemed to be a good one as well. But this won’t last for long as it seems this will come to ahead real soon.

Overall a solid episode that’s more or less a setup for the next episode.

Score 7.2 out of 10

WWE Summerslam Results 

Welcome to my list of the Summerslam results. I always find it annoying to have to go looking for the results so I put them all in one place.

So here we go:

During the pre-show the Miz and the Miztourage Def. Jason Jordan and The Hardy’s.

In the second pre-show match Neville Def. Tozawa to become the Cruiserweight Champ.

And in the final pre-show match The Usos Def. The New Day to regain the Smackdown Tag Titles.

Starting off the main show John Cena picks up the win against Baron Corbin.

The second match of the match has Natalya Def. Naomi to become the Smackdown Women’s champ.

In the third match of the night Big Cass Def. Big Show

In a very disappointing fourth match Randy Orton Def. Rusev.

In the fifth match and second Women’s title match Sasha Banks Def. Alexia Bliss to become the Raw Women’s Champ.

In the sixth night of the night The Demon King Def. Bray Wyatt.

In the seventh match of the night Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose become the new Raw Champs  after they Def. Sheamus and Cesaro.

In the eight match of the night AJ Styles Def. Kevin Owens to retain the US Championship.

In the ninth Match of the night we have Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jinder Mahal in which Jinder Mahal Def. Nakamura to retain his championship.

Finally in the final match of the night the Fatal 4 Way we have Brock Lesner Def. Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and Braun Strowman in an incredible match!!

Game of Thrones “Beyond The Wall” Review

  This week’s episode of Game of Thrones gives us essentially their own version of the Suicide Squad.  Off the bat the episode did a great job with the group banter. Any grievances they may have had before were being hashed out before the big battle. The banter between Tormund and the Hound was especially amusing. Especially when they started talking about Brianne of Tarth. This relationship also proves to matter later in the episode as the Hound saves Tormund’s life.


  The episode also did a great job of showing the division between the sisters. It’s good that Arya was calling Sansa out for her treason. It’s also apparent that Sansa is very arrogant about her role in the Battle of the Bastards. While she indeed helped a great deal, one she had a vested interest and two if she would have told Jon about the Knight’s of the Veil earlier lives including her brother ‘s may have been saved. LittleFinger is doing a great job of manipulating both of them to get what he wants. But there is a good chance that this will 100% backfire on him.


  The conversation between Tyrion and Daenerys was very solid indeed. It was amusing to see her comment on her attraction of Jon Snow.  If nothing else Tyrion is very good with strategy and seeming to come up with plans for the plans of his sister.Tyrion also brought up an interesting point that since Danny can’t have kids when she is gone who will take over the Throne.

   The highlight of this episode is of course the journey to bring back a White Walker. Which had many great moments including a battle with a a White Walker Bear! That wasn’t even the worst of there problems as they ended up being surrounded by an army of White Walkers with the only this protecting them from imminent death was the thin ice they stood on. The only chance they have is the hope that Gendry can get a raven to Daenerys in time. Fortunately for them she showed up in a big way to save them with all of her dragons!!! It was an epic scene made more epic by the tragedy that happened as the Night King killed one of her dragons in a very sad moment for the show. It was on the other hand an important moment as it showed Daenerys that the not only that the White Walkers are a threat but they can in fact kill her dragons. Unfortunately the dragon wasn’t the only one lost as we lost Benjen Stark as he showed up to save Jon from certain death. The biggest moments of the episode was surprisingly a quiet one as Danaerys declares war on the Night King and Jon calls her his queen. It will be interesting to see the results of this as I’m quite sure many in the North won’t be happy with this decision. They will have bigger problems to worry about as the The White Walkers have a new weapon that could easily sway any battle in there favor.

Score: 9.0 out of 10

The Defenders Episode 4 ” Royal Dragon” Review

  After an exciting last episode it seemed fitting to slow the show down a little bit. Not only to better pace the show but to show us how this team will gel together. While they were sitting in the restaurant they were many great moments. One thing that was very evident was that the group itself has very good chemistry playing off each other. From the whole group listening and mocking the ridiculous things Danny says to the chemistry between Luke and Jessica every moment of the scene just felt right.

  The episode gives us a better idea on why Matt finally decided to quit being Daredevil. Apparently he blames his self for the death of Electra and everything that came with it.  I also appreciate the fact that they explained why Matt didn’t immediately detect her. It also makes sense why Matt didn’t tell the team about her and for now it’s Stick’s and his secret.


  On the other side of things Danny is all is the key to this story. While it’s evident that he is far from the most popular member of the show it makes sense that they use the show to build on his character. Also while it made sense for Alexandra to try to talk Danny over to the dark side there was no chance at it was gonna happen and it left more silly than interesting. Overall a solid episode while it a light on action I’m sure the next episode will make up for that.

Score: 8.0 out of 10

The Defenders “Worst Behavior” Review


  Things are starting to ramp up in this show in a great way. Not only do we get a full return of Stick ( last episode was just a tease) but we get a well done story on how Electra is brought back to life. The escape of Stick was awesome as he realized that mentality that is not the same Electra that he once knew. Going as far as losing one of his hands in the process of escaping. And the moment when he appeared at Colleen Wing’s dojo.

    The interplay in this episode was also great between Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock. Matt talking about Kilgrave and reading her file. Jessica following him and finding out there is more to him than it seems. The show is really doing a good job of empathizing that above all Jessica is a detective, and a good one at that. She is getting  closer and closer to the truth of what’s going on.


   Another great part of this episode is the way Luke and Danny was brought together. It made perfect sense that as soon as Claire heard about Danny she immediately setup a meeting to hash everything out because there after the same goals. Claire is the glue connecting all of them together so it seems like only a matter of time until she says have I know the others. It’s pretty funny that Luke kinda sees how ridiculous the notion of Danny Rand is. Also it’s interesting how the show kind of touched on Danny’s white privilege. Because he didn’t grow up in this land he doesn’t fully understand that sometimes there is a gray area that you sometimes have to work in.  Also Danny pointed out that you have to think bigger than your neighborhood. 


   All of these moments in this episode lead to the big moment we waited for. The Defenders!!! Seeing them all together was short but sweet with the combination of Luke Cage and Iron Fist stealing the show. Say what you want about Finn Jones but he and Mike Colter work well together. I will even go as far to say instead of making a season two of Iron Fist just make Heroes for Hire. As great as the teamup was it’s a little puzzling that Matt did not realize that he was fighting Electra as soon as the fight started. But that is a small nicpick for an otherwise great episode.

Score 8.5 out of 10