Preacher “Viktor” Review


  This week’s Episode of Preacher picks off right where the last one left off with Tulip being taken away to meet up with the dangerous Viktor.  The fear in Tulip’s eyes was real and unlike anything we have seen from her on the show. She clearly knows what Viktor is capable of and is carefully trying to give the right answers or it may cost her life. It seemed almost perilous as she searched for any allies in the compound and only found hatred for her betrayal. 

   The reason that Jessie didn’t immediately go looking for Tulip seems valid, since Cassidy didn’t tell him what was going on. Jessie just figured that she was still mad at him and out somewhere scamming. This leads Jessie on the hunt for the actor who played God. Also a well played move by Cassidy in the casting office that was a fun surprise. 

 Eugene on the other hand is not having a good time either as he is being bullied in hell and being protected by Hitler.  It’s a very interesting take on a character who has done such awful things.  It’s also interesting how organized Hell in this universe actually is.  It seems like a well organized concentration camp. Also it was cool to see Tyrus from WWE/Impact Wrestling fame as a guard.  It seems like hell is most certainly not a place for a cream puff like Eugene or so it seemed until Eugene’s final act in the episode.


  Though most of the episode was just plot progressing the episode most certainly picked up in a big way as Jessie finally found out about Tulip and went to her rescue in a very cool scene that climax in a fight scene that was sent to the song “Uptown Girl” hat will make you not look at that song in the same way again. Overall an okay episode that was made very good at the end with a few surprises.

Score 7.5 out of 10

Preacher Damsels Review

   This week’s episode of Preacher marks the return of Eugene aka Arseface.  We also in this episode see the incident in which Eugene gets disfigured. One of the things that Preacher does so well is to find humor in some of its darkest moments. Even in is extremely dark scene the show finds a little bit of humor.  The show’s version of Hell is very bleak as Eugene has to relive his worst nightmare over and over again. It also seems to only be the beginning of his nightmare.

On the other side Jessie and crew continue their hunt for God in New Orleans. This obviously doesn’t make Tulip happy as she is trying to stay far away from that place as possible. Their search for God in this episode has lead to some interesting (and humorous) places as he team separates. 

  Jessie continues his search for God alone going from night club to bar. When it seemed a little too convient that someone wouldn’t happen to point him in the right direction after randomly asking everyone where’s God.  His search leads him to a lounge singer who seems to be in a little trouble but there more to the situation than it seems. There are more people looking for God than just Jessie and his crew. 

  The tension is also heavy in the episode because Jessie is still a little peeved about Tulip not wanting to marry him which lead to the separation of the team as Tulip and Cassidy looked for a place to stay. The standout in this scene is Cassidy’s “friend”  Dennis who doesn’t seem to enjoy his company.  

Overall a solid episode of Preacher that does a good job of fleshing out the world as well as a surprise at the end which should make next week’s episode all the more interesting.

Score 8.5 out of 10

Preacher Season 2 On The Road Review

Preacher returns


   After the great first season Preacher returns with all intentions to top the previous season. All of the weirdness and quirkiness is back. The big question going into this season would it be able to top the previous season.  One of the biggest criticisms of the first season is that while it was sort of a prequel to the comics it seemed that the first season with the exception of a few episodes was pointless. It seemed that it all was just exposition to get to this season. 


   Season 2 thus far does not disappoint as it starts off with a bang. The scene with the police and the scene after that is all what Preacher is about. The quirky darkness and the amped up violence is what this show is about. Speaking of violence the Saint of Killers did not disappoint. Each scene he was in was a exercise in brutality as he hunts down the Preacher with no remorse for any life. With each killing seemingly more brutal than the last.

   One of the highlights of the episode is the conversations between Preacher, Tulip and and Cassidy and their search for God. A great moment in the episode is Jessie speaking with the other Preacher about his righteous reasons for wanting to find God and the Preacher saw right though his bs. Then there is also the little problem with Cassidy having sex with Tulip. Cassidy wanting to tell Jessie the true while Tulip seems to be terrified of what he might do with his new found powers to them if he ever found out. 

Overall a great episode with a heck of a cliffhanger!  Preacher is off to a great start and I hope it continues this trend.

Score 8.5 out of 10

Agents of Shield ” Uprising ” Review



   We start off this episode of Shield with the whole city of Miami on Blackout due to what seems to be a cyber attack that may or may not be caused by an Inhuman. This was followed by LA and Moscow as well. Elena was in trouble so it was up to Mac, Coulson and Fitz to save her. Which seemed like it was no trouble but unfortunately for Elena her secret came out that she is an Inhuman. It also came out that she didn’t tell Mack that she was helping Daisy. Overall it all lead up to the return of Shield to the public eye. It was a cool moment and makes perfect sense to bring them back to the public.

   Is it me or is it getting cheesy to see the streets of LA go straight to rioting every time! It’s as if it’s the only thing they do in LA when the power goes out..Let me continue to say that I really like the story between Daisy and Robbie. I will also say that Lorenzo James Henry is not as annoying as he was in Fear. He still is annoying but not in the way that you want him dead.

  The biggest storyline of the night is Simmons trying to save May. It was tense as she clinged on to life as whatever the ghost did to her was killing her. So the solution to save her. Kill her!! It was a very tense moment when the power went out but it was obvious that Ava in some way would be used to save her. Overall it was a solid episode but it didn’t set the world on fire ( pun intended) 

Score 7.0 out of 10

The Flash Season 3 ” Paradox ” review

Flashpoint Paradox ramifications 


  This week’s episode of the Flash deals with the direct ramifications from Barry messing with the was interesting to see all of strange changes to the was good to bring Felicity in so he can have someone to explain what’s happening to ( as well as bring the audience up to speed. It is also good to see that it is indeed affecting Arrow as Diggle now has a older son instead of a daughter. This is cool because that directly ties into the future from Legends of Tomorrow.


   Another shock is that Cisco’s brother in this timeline is now dead Apparently killed by a drunk driver. Cisco is fuming that Barry won’t go back time to save his brother. Cisco does have a point being that these past to seasons Barry has altered the timeline in his favor, it seemed like he maybe only willing to do it for his family. As great as it is seeing Carlos Valdes show his acting chops I hope this doesn’t become a Felicity thing in with a fun loving character we love become a whinny annoying character.But that is not the case as Barry knows the consequences.


   Even with all of the dark moments it was fun watching Barry trying to fix his fractured team. The highlight of this was Barry trying to go back and fix the timeline only to be stop by none other than Jay Garrick. It was perfect to have Jay go in and explain to why he can’t fix it and may even make it worse. Another great moment was Barry actually explaining to the team what happened. On another small not how many times can Barry kiss Iris for it to get reversed.


   Another wrinkle is the timeline is now Rival is now in Barry’s timeline. While it was fun watching Barry fighting Rival it almost comes across too much. Yet a another speedster fighting Barry again and not only that but he is not as fun or as compelling as Zoom or The Reverse Flash. I hope that Alchemy fairs to be a more compelling villain as he seems to be the mastermind of this season. As for the Alchemy what are the chances that Julian Dorn is actually the big bad. It seems very likely at this point.  Overall a solid episode of the Flash.

Score 8.5 out of 10

The Flash Season 3 “FlashPoint” Review

Today, I get to be the Hero


   It’s very interesting watching how much the timeline has changed since Barry changed everything for seemingly for the better. At the start everything seems to be working for the best. The Reverse Flash is trapped in a cage that Dampens his speed, there is a new Flash and Barry is going on a date with Iris. And most of all Barry’s parents are back. Everything seems to be going right in Barry’s life.


    On the other hand Thawne warns that this happiness cannot last. He also warns that his meddling will be the death of both of them. The cocky Barry was not so cocky when he found out that Thawne was right and the timeline was indeed closing on himself. Not only was he right but he would have to shallow his pride and make everything right. That includes saying goodbye to his parents again for one last time.


  It was so many many cool things about this episode. None not excluding the fact that Cisco is a tech genius millionaire. This lead to some very funny moments. It was very cool to see everyone playing alternative versions of themselves. Yes their are some very cheesy moments including the fact that Iris can apparently can feel there is something off in this world (Love conquers all). Overall it was a solid episode while not as thrilling as the comic Flashpoint ( or animated movie) it was a solid start to the season.

Score 7.5 out of 10

Agents of Shield “Meet the New Boss” Review

A team that trust is a team that triumph

  This episode was dealt the task of introducing us to the new director of Shield. It’s cool to see that the new director is not just some yelling drill sergeant but a charismatic, shred character. We also get a idea on what Jemma is working on as the director is giving a tour of Shield. This is to get more funding as he is trying to bring back Shield to into the public eye. Overall, I like what the new director brings to the show and am very curious if he is the same as comic counterpart.


   On the other side Daisy and Robbie’s story so far is interesting. As Daisy used her skills to find out as much information as she could to use to get his attention.  It may have backfired a little when she mentioned his brother and he overpowered she and took her hostage. The conversation was interesting as she is still skeptical about his story about his deal with the devil. It was also cool to see Daisy, Fitz and Mack  back together for a very emotional moment.  In the end it is cool to see she closer to her comic counterpart.


Then there is the May situation. I think that it’s interesting how the ghost touch affects people and that Ghost Rider seems to be the only one who can stop them. It was also cool scene to see May try to take down the new director and not even fazing him. The conversation between Coulson and the director reigns true as Coulson doesn’t think logically when it comes to May and Daisy. As harsh as the treatment seems to be it maybe necessary as the alternative is not a good outlook and shown by the prisoner she spoke with earlier in the episode. Overall, while not as exciting as last week’s episode it still was a overall solid episode.

Score : 7.5 out of 10