Freedom Fighters: The Ray Trailer

Freedom Fighters: The Ray is a new animated series on CW seed coming this fall that everyone should check out. The premise is an alternative world where the Nazi’s won the war and characters like the Flash, Arrow and Supergirl protect there streets against a small superhero resistance group. It looks amazing!!!

Pictures Of Keiynan Lonsdale As The Flash

Pictures shot from the set of Season 4 of Flash show Keiynan Lonsdale in The Flash uniform and not his usual Kid Flash suit. The big question is will this last for more than one episode?

Flash “The New Rogues” Review

Enter Mirror Master


   It’s was cool watching Barry train someone on how to use the Speed-Force. It’s also a nice callback to the first Flash/Arrow crossover. As always at great to have Harrison Wells back on the show but his response to having him stay full time was a little weird to say the least. His idea to find another Harrison Wells seems stupid. It doesn’t make sense because they have a relationship with that Wells and it’s no telling what the other Wells will be like. It was pretty funny seeing the different versions of Wells. It’s gonna be interesting to see how the new Wells work as well as the new possibility that Killer Frost maybe upon us.


   It’s really cool to see Caitlyn become closer to her Earth 2 counterpart. While I don’t think she will become a villain I do think it may lead to her leaving the team. Another interesting loop in the episode was that there was a lot of relationship building in this episode. Wally and Jessie, Barry and Iris and even Joe is getting in on it. Overall it was good as it didn’t get in the way of the episode. We also got to see the return of Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold which was awesome but is a reminder of how much he is missed on Legends.


  The big news of the night is the introduction of Mirror Master. Mirror master is a great addition so the show as it already most of the other Rogues. Also his powers work very well on the show. It’s also cool that their is a version of Mirror Master out there that is more reflective to the comic book version. Top also debuted tonight which was also cool but it has to be said that the name is terrible. It was also cool to see Barry stuck in the mirror as it’s something that’s straight out of the comics. Even the ending fight was pretty cool. Overall a solid episode of the Flash.

Score 8.0 out of 10

The Flash Season 3 ” Paradox ” review

Flashpoint Paradox ramifications 


  This week’s episode of the Flash deals with the direct ramifications from Barry messing with the was interesting to see all of strange changes to the was good to bring Felicity in so he can have someone to explain what’s happening to ( as well as bring the audience up to speed. It is also good to see that it is indeed affecting Arrow as Diggle now has a older son instead of a daughter. This is cool because that directly ties into the future from Legends of Tomorrow.


   Another shock is that Cisco’s brother in this timeline is now dead Apparently killed by a drunk driver. Cisco is fuming that Barry won’t go back time to save his brother. Cisco does have a point being that these past to seasons Barry has altered the timeline in his favor, it seemed like he maybe only willing to do it for his family. As great as it is seeing Carlos Valdes show his acting chops I hope this doesn’t become a Felicity thing in with a fun loving character we love become a whinny annoying character.But that is not the case as Barry knows the consequences.


   Even with all of the dark moments it was fun watching Barry trying to fix his fractured team. The highlight of this was Barry trying to go back and fix the timeline only to be stop by none other than Jay Garrick. It was perfect to have Jay go in and explain to why he can’t fix it and may even make it worse. Another great moment was Barry actually explaining to the team what happened. On another small not how many times can Barry kiss Iris for it to get reversed.


   Another wrinkle is the timeline is now Rival is now in Barry’s timeline. While it was fun watching Barry fighting Rival it almost comes across too much. Yet a another speedster fighting Barry again and not only that but he is not as fun or as compelling as Zoom or The Reverse Flash. I hope that Alchemy fairs to be a more compelling villain as he seems to be the mastermind of this season. As for the Alchemy what are the chances that Julian Dorn is actually the big bad. It seems very likely at this point.  Overall a solid episode of the Flash.

Score 8.5 out of 10

The Flash The Race of his Life Review

Zoom vs The Flash in a one final race

     This week’s Flash finale started off right from where last week left off at. With the untimely demise of Barry’s dad at the hands of Zoom. This lead to a great scene in which we got to see Barry in full rage as he battled Zoom. Not only was he able to keep up with Zoom in this battle but Barry was beating him. It was shortly after we were shown that Barry was fighting was a time remnant of Zoom which is a previous version of himself which apparently can be killed. The actual funeral for Henry was very sad but it didn’t have the same kind of sting that the death of the Black Canary.

   What it did do was set up an episode with a vengeful Barry. A Barry that has lost both parents right before his eyes and he was not able to stop it. It was so bad that the team decided that Barry was being irrational so they trapped him and attempted to stop Zoom by themselves. The logic behind wanting to stop Barry seemed sound but in the end their plan did not go well as  Joe was captured.  And so Barry still ended up racing Zoom and using his own trick against him to defeat him.  The action in the fight was fast and fierce and the special effects were well done and it was also a nice touch that while Barry didn’t kill him he did something just as bad.

  Now for the big reveal. For weeks I have been predicting who the Man in the Mask was on Twitter and what I thought was 100% correct. The big reveal was that the man in the mask was none other than Jay Garrick who happens to be the doppelgänger for Henry West. As much as I loved the reveal my problem with it was two things, one they basically told you who it was a few episode back if you paid attention and two we didn’t get to see him be the Flash. I hope that we will see more of him in the future. Now as for the final moments , from the talk to Iris to Barry going back in time this was Flash at his finest. We’re getting Flashpoint for season 3 and it’s great!!! Seeing Barry make the decision to change his future leaves open so many things. If you have ever read Flashpoint you know that one main character is missing to tell the story but I’m sure we have a certain CW star that has been doing a great job of replacing him anyway. Overall a great finale of Flash!

Score 8.8 out of 10

Legends of Tomorrow Legendary Review

   This is it. The big season finale of Legends. Can the episode live up to the title?


   The episode starts off with the surprise of Rip taking the team back to Earth and leaving them. Taking the team five months in the future which is present Arrow time. There were some great moments like watching each member getting back to life. Watching Sara get the news about Laurel was heartbreaking. It was also interesting to see Sara threatened Rip to go back so she can save her sister. The most shocking thing is that if she would have stayed in the timeline, she and her family would have been killed by Darhk instead. was  This episode did a excellent job of establishing there loyalty to each other.


   Savage endgame was finally revealed as he is trying to use Kendra and Carter ‘s blood to somehow use some three meteors to bring to world back to the 1700. The plan seems way to complicated to go over. Savage seems extra brutal in this episode as he is choking,stabbing and slaughtering his foes as he tries to reach his goal. Even with the team rescuing Carter it seemed like Savage had the upper hand.

   Defeating Savage will not be easy As since there are 3 meteors in three different times they have to essentially have to defeat him three times. Watching them fight 3 different Savages felt like something out of a videogame. As each team beat Savage it seemed almost too easy. It apparently was a one meteor could not be destroyed like the the other two were. It seemed a little convenient that the one that couldn’t be changed was the one I there time. This lead to Rip Hunter’s brave sacrifice to save the world. So it seemed until the ship decided that it didn’t want to die. You read that right! The ship didn’t want to die! So they both lived, as cheesy as it sounds!  The ending epilogues were great especially the one with Mick and Snart. It was touching and great closure to both characters. But the ending was the kicker! Hourman and the Justice Society! Man I can’t wait for season 2!

Score8.4 out of 10