Thor Ragnarok Trailer Looks Amazing!!!

Thor Ragnarok trailer. Nuff said!!

Spider-Man Homecoming Review

Spider-Man Comes Home

  One of the biggest surprises in the past few years has been the accouncement of Sony and Marvel joining forces to bring Spider-Man to the MCU.  This announcement was immediately met with praise and excitement.  The excitement only grew as the arrival of Spidey came in Captain America: Civil War.  In a movie that had so many standout moments, the debut of Spider-Man topped them all. With so much hype build up does Spider-Man Homecoming live up to it?

  The short answer to that is yes.  Spider-Man Homecoming is the best Spider-Man movie since 2. What Homecoming does better than any other Spider-Man movie is make Peter Parker feel like a kid. He deals with everyday teen problems. From dealing with bullies, seeking his mentors approval and of course trying to get the girl.  Homecoming is as much as a Teen comedy as it is a Superhero movie.


  Another great thing about Homecoming is the great job they did creating the feel of New York. It feels like a living breathing city as the city is as much of a character as Peter himself. The supporting cast is great as well with many surprises and callbacks to the previous Marvel movies. Homecoming blends so well with the MCU it feels like it was always planned.

  One of the few missteps the movie has is their portrayal o the Vulture. While Michael Keaton did a great job playing the character there was on enough meat on the bone for the character. His motivations for what he dones and why he does it is never really clear and not very well explained. It’s almost reminds of the cartoon series in the sense where the villains are just bad to be a foil to Spidey and not really to enhance the story.

  Overall Homecoming is a great first step in what will most likely be a trilogy.  It’s also one of the best portrayal of Spider-Man in any media. It is also a film that shouldn’t be missed.

Score: 9.0 out of 10

P.S. Make sure watch both end credit scenes.

Flash “The New Rogues” Review

Enter Mirror Master


   It’s was cool watching Barry train someone on how to use the Speed-Force. It’s also a nice callback to the first Flash/Arrow crossover. As always at great to have Harrison Wells back on the show but his response to having him stay full time was a little weird to say the least. His idea to find another Harrison Wells seems stupid. It doesn’t make sense because they have a relationship with that Wells and it’s no telling what the other Wells will be like. It was pretty funny seeing the different versions of Wells. It’s gonna be interesting to see how the new Wells work as well as the new possibility that Killer Frost maybe upon us.


   It’s really cool to see Caitlyn become closer to her Earth 2 counterpart. While I don’t think she will become a villain I do think it may lead to her leaving the team. Another interesting loop in the episode was that there was a lot of relationship building in this episode. Wally and Jessie, Barry and Iris and even Joe is getting in on it. Overall it was good as it didn’t get in the way of the episode. We also got to see the return of Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold which was awesome but is a reminder of how much he is missed on Legends.


  The big news of the night is the introduction of Mirror Master. Mirror master is a great addition so the show as it already most of the other Rogues. Also his powers work very well on the show. It’s also cool that their is a version of Mirror Master out there that is more reflective to the comic book version. Top also debuted tonight which was also cool but it has to be said that the name is terrible. It was also cool to see Barry stuck in the mirror as it’s something that’s straight out of the comics. Even the ending fight was pretty cool. Overall a solid episode of the Flash.

Score 8.0 out of 10

Powers Season 2 Stealing Fire review

   The last episode of Powers ended with 2 cliffhangers. One being Walker having a building dropped on him as a mysterious new Power arrives. The other one being Deana sleeping with her new partner. Oh yeah and SuperShock returned or something like that. But in all seriousness it was good to see the show pick up with the search for him under the rubble. The episode also showed that it seems Retro girl may have not only been the only girl that he was with. The episode also gets further into details about how he was dealing with not having his powers. So it seemed as it went into his capturing of Angela (Leech) and the relationship they had. Because of the arrest it lead to her getting the job with the Feds and being in the position she is in now. This led to the humorous sex scene with Walker and Angela while Deana searched her laptop. It’s  cool to see Walker having a relationship with someone other than RetroGirl.


    It was interesting to see how hard Deana seemed to be taking seeing Walker in the hospital. She is usually see as a strong character so it was good to see her vulnerable. It’s also interesting that it was also Walker’s fault . If he wouldn’t have left her alone this maybe could have be prevented. On the other side we see Harley training his successor when he is visited by cross. Cross came to find out more about what brought the building down on Walker. They find out that there is a Rare Power that controls gravity. An interesting tidbit we found out is that Harley has a secret file on Powers almost like what Batman had in the Towee of Babel story. Thanks to the secret files we found out that our big bad for this season is named Heavy.

    So… Calista now has a secret identity as a clumsy waitress in a bar with glasses. What interesting is that because of her revealing herself to her father, he went out and told the media her secret. Which lead to the media finding her at her job and revealing her identity to the world. With the incredibly bad way she handled the situation it’s clear that she needs some type of management. In the end due to Walkers actions the Powers division has now been dissolved by the FBI. A very interesting turn of events for for the Powers team.

Score 7.5 out of 10

Powers Season 2 “Funeral of the Century” Review

Open into the World of Powers
  The second episode of this season of Powers is just as good as the first episode and in many ways better.What “Funeral of the Century” from start to finish does is set up what the world of Powers is. The episode starts off with Walker having nightmare about RetroGirl. It was a good to show how much he is tortured by her death. Him looking at the graves of past heroes and reflecting was very cool imagery.

    Calista was very interesting in this episode. From the beginning moment when she snuck into Walker’s apartment dressed as Retro girl. The scene came off as creepy as she showed Walker her newfound abilities with him in nothing but boxers. It seems like sense Johnny Royal is no longer in the picture she is now looking to Walker for guidance. While it seems that her reasoning for wanting to be the next Retro Girl seems sound the timing seems off as the previous one isn’t even in the ground yet and she wants to parade around in a skimpier verson of her outfit.  Speaking of her outfit it seems way too skimpy to fight crime in. I usually don’t complain about stuff like this but her outfit is just too revealing and it’s not practical. 

     One of the highlights in  the episode was Walker and Deena speaking to the Powers gang to stand down in their war against the Hacks. This lead to the murder of the whole gang which seemed like it was a planned attack from the Hack ‘s but it’s from a new gang that formed because of Retro Girl’s death. Speaking of her death it is felt throughout the episode. From the riots during her funeral even till the moment when Calista shows up as the new Retro Girl. Zora didn’t seemed too happy about that as her fame fades and she is not taking serious anymore. Overall another solid episode of the show.

Score 8.0 out of 10

Powers Season 2 “CARACAS 1967” Review

Who killed Retro Girl ?

     Let me start by saying it’s great to have Powers back! Powers season to me was a show that had so much potential but was lacking due to its low budget quality. From the new intro to the overall look of the show it just looks better thus far. While it’s still not to the visual level of let’s say the Flash it is a noticeable step up from the bad green screens of last season. 


   This season starts off with the untimely death of Retro girl. The show last season did a great job of making you care about the relationship between her and Walker so when the audience sees Walker looking at her motionless corpse we can feel his pain. This episode did a good job with not only  establishing the new characters  for this season ( Michael Madson’s SuperShock being my fav thus far. It also does a good job of setting up the mystery of Retro Girl’s death. With Walker not on the case for obvious reason and Pilgrim for the time being with a new partner. The show had a great dynamic of them separately looking for Krispin who was left to his own devices by Kaotic Chic. 

    This led to the ending scene that while shocking I’m quite sure there is more than meets the eye with it. Calista’s side story of her adapting to her powers was cool even if some of the scenes suffered from bad was an intense moment when she found her father and beat him within an inch of his life for what he did to her mother. We also got to see Zora’s powers return as the flew out of the hospital. Overall this was a great start to the season.

Score 8.5 out of 10

The Flash The Race of his Life Review

Zoom vs The Flash in a one final race

     This week’s Flash finale started off right from where last week left off at. With the untimely demise of Barry’s dad at the hands of Zoom. This lead to a great scene in which we got to see Barry in full rage as he battled Zoom. Not only was he able to keep up with Zoom in this battle but Barry was beating him. It was shortly after we were shown that Barry was fighting was a time remnant of Zoom which is a previous version of himself which apparently can be killed. The actual funeral for Henry was very sad but it didn’t have the same kind of sting that the death of the Black Canary.

   What it did do was set up an episode with a vengeful Barry. A Barry that has lost both parents right before his eyes and he was not able to stop it. It was so bad that the team decided that Barry was being irrational so they trapped him and attempted to stop Zoom by themselves. The logic behind wanting to stop Barry seemed sound but in the end their plan did not go well as  Joe was captured.  And so Barry still ended up racing Zoom and using his own trick against him to defeat him.  The action in the fight was fast and fierce and the special effects were well done and it was also a nice touch that while Barry didn’t kill him he did something just as bad.

  Now for the big reveal. For weeks I have been predicting who the Man in the Mask was on Twitter and what I thought was 100% correct. The big reveal was that the man in the mask was none other than Jay Garrick who happens to be the doppelgänger for Henry West. As much as I loved the reveal my problem with it was two things, one they basically told you who it was a few episode back if you paid attention and two we didn’t get to see him be the Flash. I hope that we will see more of him in the future. Now as for the final moments , from the talk to Iris to Barry going back in time this was Flash at his finest. We’re getting Flashpoint for season 3 and it’s great!!! Seeing Barry make the decision to change his future leaves open so many things. If you have ever read Flashpoint you know that one main character is missing to tell the story but I’m sure we have a certain CW star that has been doing a great job of replacing him anyway. Overall a great finale of Flash!

Score 8.8 out of 10