Ash Vs Evil Dead Bound in Flesh

   Bound in Flesh indeed


 We start off this week’s  Evil dead starts off with the a bang literally. We start off with the face off of Ash Vs Ash which I have to say was a complete letdown with Evil Ash being killed so easy.  I was very funny to hear the banter of them saying that “Ash is racist but not that racist”. Especially his apparent love for Asian massages.  Ash conversation with the Necronomicon was excellent. The fact that Ash needs to the book as much as the book needs him not only is sad but it’s also factual. Without the book Ash had a life that had amounted to nothing and the book gave him purpose. It also shows that while Ash is generally lighthearted there is a darkness in him.


  We also got to see the ramifications of the death of Fisher due to Ash not chopping up her body. Those campers sure didn’t last long in what was a brutal scene. Deadite Fisher was especially brutal with using two campers as puppets as she mocked Pablo and Kelly. Ruby coming in for the save was cool but I am positive that wasn’t the last we saw of Deadite Fisher.With one of the campers surviving (Heather) this leads me to speculate that either she will survive or will play a part in finale.  Speaking of the finale it seems like everyone won’t be making it out alive.


  We also finally got a look at Ruby and who she is. Her ideal of destroying the book seemed  sound enough to actually work.  At least it seemed sound until she asked for the book. Once she got the book all hell literally broke loose. Everything escalated really fast and the stakes got to end of world level real fast. With that being said I stand by what I said in earlier reviews, the show is too short. There hasn’t been any development for the character since the show started and there are many questions that needs to be answered that I don’t think will be  to due to the show’s length. Overall a solid episode that is leading us into what will be an interesting finale.

Score 8.0 out of 10

Ash Vs The Evil Dead Ashes To Ashes Review

Ashes to Ashes……


   With Ash Vs Evil Dead winding down to its final episodes, it’s only fitting that Ash makes his return back to the cabin. The place where it all started to hopefully put a end to all of this. It’s even more fitting that Ash left his friends and is going in alone. This didn’t last long as Fisher finds him and they on in to face the cabin together. Whereas I’d rather saw Ash go in alone it led to some cool moments. It was especially funny when Ash explained what happened to last girlfriend. Speaking of his girlfriend Ash’s conversation with her was great. She taunted Ash with his failure to to protect his love ones and basically told him he was better off staying I. The shed.


 Meanwhile Pablo and Kelly were on there own search for Ash and the cabin. Which lead them to a group of friendly campers to show them the way. It was very interesting to see the camper talking to Kelly about Pablo and she telling her that Pablo had a girlfriend (which he doesn’t). She may actually have feelings for good old Pablo! Also the campers seem like they are nothing more than Deadite fodder. Other than that there wasn’t must for them to do in this episode.


 (Beware Spoilers follow)   With that said we got our look at Evil Ash and man did he make a impact!! In a truly shocking scene we see Evil Ash do something I didn’t expect. This is one of the darkest scenes in the series not only because how brutal it was but also because it happened to a main cast member. The way Fisher was killed was not only brutal but also uncomfortable as we watch Evil Ash confess his feelings ( which I suspect Ash also had) and then stalk and butcher Fisher in a very similar way that her partner was killed. Also the horror on Ash’s face when he found her said it all. But that leaves one major question?How did Ash’s hand get to the cabin? With 2 episodes remaining it will be very interesting to see who lives and who dies.

Score 9.5 out of  10

Ash Vs The Evil Dead The Killer of Killers Review


    We start the episode with Fisher and Ruby getting to Brujo’s home right after Ash and the gang left. The upcoming moments were pretty shocking as they were attacked and it didn’t go too well. This led to many questions that needs to be answered. What did the Necronomicon mean with what it said to Ruby? Will we see more of Ruby and how will this play into the overall story? Because of this the episode is more Fisher heavy. It’s good to see her interact with Ash and finally get better structure to her story.


  As the team goes to a diner to figure out what to do next Ash explains his plan to stop the deadite’s is to go back to the cabin were it started. The diner lead to some funny moments as Ash as he tries to pay for the meal with sex. Not caring that the waitress husband is right there. Also the fact that the bill was only 22 dollars  and 89 cents makes it all the more better. Instead of a sex scene, we got a funny fight scene between Fisher and and Ash. It was all fun and games until Deadite’s evaded the diner which lead to an absolute bloodbath including one brutal death to a kid.

     There was also the tension between Pablo and Kelly due to the fact Kelly just tried to sleep with him then kill him as Pablo. Pablo always comes with the funny as he ask Kelly was”any of that a part of her or was it the demon”. There is great chemistry between the two and I’m glad the episode gave them something to do in the RV as the Neconomicom went crazy.  In this episode we also meet Lem,  Ash friend who was supposed to help Ash but things don’t go as planned.

     Overall a solid episode that gave us some great moments. It leaves us with some questions unanswered but we have a clear picture on were the story is going. It’s been a great ride overall and can’t wait to see what happens next.

  Score 8.6 out of 10

Ash vs the Evil Dead The Host Review

   In the previous episode of Ash Vs the Evil Dead Ash went on a psychodelic trip and was possessed by by the demon that was possessing Kelly. The demon went back to Kelly as Ash was knocked out. This lead to Brujo saying that the only way to save Ash was to cut off his balls.  Obviously this isn’t something that Ash wants.


   Demon Kelly was very unnerving with her trying to suduce and kill Pablo even if the way it was done didn’t seem believable. This lead to Ash being released and Pablo’s uncle attempting to perform an exorcism on her. Dana DeLorenzo was very convincing playing dual roles switching from the demon to herself at will.  This episode is also the episode in which Pablo seems to accept his destiny and follow the path his uncle wanted him to follow.


   The episode also had Ruby and Fisher in it for an essentially useless scene. There storyline is coming to the point where they seem to not even be needed for the show. I hope that there is some more development in there part of the story because so far it seems  unnecessary. There is where the problem with the series lies, it’s far too short. It’s very hard to develop characters in a 30 minute show that’s why most shows such as the Walking Dead are 1 hour long so to give time to help the characters move the plot along. Overall a solid episode.

7.5 out of 10

Ash Vs The Evil Dead Brujo


  This week’s episode starts off with Detective Fisher in a lot of trouble as she is handcuffed to a pipe and about to be killed by a deadite. Before she is murdered she is saved by the mysterious Ruby. This episode is our first real look into this character and her motivations. The fact that it ties into Evil Dead II is awesome!  Ruby is the sister of Annie and wants revenge on Ash. Another interesting moment is the fact that Ruby has Ash’s hand and is using it to track him.

    Meanwhile Ash and crew is off to see Brujo and getting chased by clouds. We also got to see Ash have his Fast and Furious moment which was too funny. We also get the reason why Pablo calls Ash Hefe as it is what his uncle calls those who fights demons. Ash psychedelic trip was great as they gave us some flashbacks to the previous Evil Dead as well as some pop culture references.  It’s also great that Ash’s dream vacation is Jacksonville, FL. 

  Meanwhile as Pablo and Kelly are trying to make Ash a new hand ( he lost the wood one escaping from Fisher) something goes wrong with Kelly. Apparently the creature that they released last episode has infected Kelly and is trying to stop Ash. There were some truly weird moments that occurred with Ash fighting the creature in his mind. The episode ended on a great note and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens next week. 

Overall 8.5 out of 10

Ash Vs Evil Dead Books From Beyond Review

   Picking up right from the last Episode we start off with Lucy Lawless character Ruby at the farm on the trail of Ash. Of course Ash is not there but what she does find is Kelly’s dad in deadite form. Ruby wastes no time into getting the information she needed in a way that only she could.

    Meanwhile our heroes are looking for someone who can translate the book so they could reverse the spell.  Let me be the first to say that the”Ghost Beaters” may be one of the greatest group names ever! One of the reasons this show is so good is that it doesn’t take itself serious. The show certainly has its dark moments but always takes time to let you know that it’s a show and it’s supposed to be fun. 

    This is the episode that we finally get to see Det. Fisher’s story coincide with Ash. We also get a little backstory on how and why the book was made and how someone either really evil (or really stupid) could use it. The interaction between Kelly and Det. Fisher was very interesting with Fisher making a point that Ash maybe the cause of the problems and how well does Kelly really know Ash.  But on the other hand Det Fisher inadvertently got the translator and almost everyone killed.

 While a very good episode this may have been the weakest of the three shown thus far. This is not a bad thing it is a difference as this episode fills like filler. Also it’s weird that just in the previous episode Kelly had to watch her father and mother be killed and be ok in what was possibly a couple hours later. Still overall a solid episode that will have you begging for more.

Score 7.5

Ash vs Evil Dead Bait Review

           Hail to the king baby.

  As we last left Ash, he just had killed a Grandma deadite. Episode 2 picks up from there with Kelly asking Ash to help her save her father with Ash saying no because as he says “he has to save all the mommies and he babies”. So Kelly had to choice but to steal Pablo’s bike and the book. This leaves Ash no choice but to follow with Pablo in tow to retreive the book. 
     First off let it be said that Pablo and Ash make a great team. The chemistry between Bruce Campbell and Ray Sanitago is excellent. It’s also cool that Pablo that calls Ash Hefe’.  The car ride to Kelly’s house turned out to be very interesting as Ash and Pablo had an unexpected visitor. Also when our heroes arrived to Kelly’s house but all is not what it seems. The show remains to be funny and entertaining as well as creepy and violent. The show is very uncompromising with its violence and that’s a very good thing because it seems like the show is Campbell’s and Raimi’s vision.

  The side story with Amanda Fisher is moving along slow but I suspect it to pick up soon. Amanda has a sketch of Ash to go on as her first lead.which brings me to my only problem with the show. It’s only thirty minutes long! With this short time period there may not be enough time for a side story. I do hope it does find a balance because overall the show is great.

Score 8/10

This is my first review score that I am doing. I am using a 10 point scale meaning 1 for horrible to 10 is for masterful.