Should the Yankees sign Greg Bird to an extension now?

Credit to @emichael888 for this article idea

So Eric and I think the Yankees should give Bird an extension of 4 years at 24 million with 2 club options at 8 & 10 mil which would bring the total to 42 mil over 6 years and he should take it. Here are our reasons…

1. It’s high risk, high reward. If Bird is what we all believe him to be, then it’s a steal for the Yankees, if he ends up being a bust or just too injury prone then it isn’t a big money commitment. We don’t lose very much. He can always still be a back up since he won’t be making a lot.

2. With how his injury history has been so far (He also had injuries in the Minors) so why not take the safe bet if you’re Bird. He’s only 25 so a 6 year deal would take him until he’s 31 or 32 and can still get one big contract. If I were Greg Bird I’d be wary of betting on myself so I’d take the guaranteed money.

3. The Yankees would be crazy not to do this because the upside for Bird is amazing! Dude could for real hit 40+ bombs and drive in 90+ RBI’S a year. If he isn’t durable, well we haven’t lost very much except a bit of money. You don’t usually extend guys like this but Bird is different.

4. Factoring in buying out his Arbitration years… He’d probably get between 1-4 million next year maybe 5 mil???. So 24 million sounds about right, It’s right at the 6 mil range but it’s less than 7-8 a year which would still be a steal.

Note: extensions do not take affect immediately so it wouldn’t mess with the Luxury Tax & we would still be under it for the 2018-19 off season.

I feel like this is a good thing to do for the Yankees? And for Greg Bird. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

Is Yu Darvish on the trade block? 

According to’s Jon Paul Morosi the Cubs have inquired about the availability of RH Starting Pitcher Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers. They aren’t the only suitors for his services though.

Also Yahoo’s Jeff Passan reported early Friday that the Rangers have “started to gauge interest” in Darvish should they end up going in that direction. 

Nothing is even remotely close cause the Rangers are said to be wanting to wait till the start of next week to talk but the recent 4 game sweep at the hands of the Orioles and a 2 point plunge in the WC standings has them thinking sooner then they wanted to. 

Also The market for Darvish won’t be known until if/when Sonny Gray gets traded by the Oakland Athletics.