The Flash Season 3 “FlashPoint” Review

Today, I get to be the Hero


   It’s very interesting watching how much the timeline has changed since Barry changed everything for seemingly for the better. At the start everything seems to be working for the best. The Reverse Flash is trapped in a cage that Dampens his speed, there is a new Flash and Barry is going on a date with Iris. And most of all Barry’s parents are back. Everything seems to be going right in Barry’s life.


    On the other hand Thawne warns that this happiness cannot last. He also warns that his meddling will be the death of both of them. The cocky Barry was not so cocky when he found out that Thawne was right and the timeline was indeed closing on himself. Not only was he right but he would have to shallow his pride and make everything right. That includes saying goodbye to his parents again for one last time.


  It was so many many cool things about this episode. None not excluding the fact that Cisco is a tech genius millionaire. This lead to some very funny moments. It was very cool to see everyone playing alternative versions of themselves. Yes their are some very cheesy moments including the fact that Iris can apparently can feel there is something off in this world (Love conquers all). Overall it was a solid episode while not as thrilling as the comic Flashpoint ( or animated movie) it was a solid start to the season.

Score 7.5 out of 10

The Flash The Runaway Dinosaur Review

So…. Is Flash part of the View Askewniverse now

    This week is the episode is the heavy promoted episode that is directed by none other than Kevin Smith ( Clerks, Mallrats, Tusk, etc ). Those who know Kevin Smith knows that he is a huge fan of the show. While there were many who were very happy to see Smith directing, there were some who feared that Smith would insert too much of his brand of humor into the episode. The thing about Smith is that just as his detractors are almost as vocal as those who love him.


   They gave Smith a big episode to work with too as the previous seemed to be the Death of Barry Allen due to trying to recreate the particle accelerator explosion. The episode wasted no time with letting the view as well as team Flash know that Barry was indeed alive. The question is now where is he? The answer to that is he is trapped into the Speed Force. The way this was done felt very much like something out of the Matrix. With all of Barry’s love ones explaining it to him as a different personification. It very much was like a Christmas Carol as each one helped Barry cope with the problems that he was having. The most potent knew being the talk about Barry’s mother.


   This episode also brought back Barry’s bully Tony Woodwork but in zombie form. That’s not the only problem as Jessie is in a coma and Wells is unresponsive. What was interesting about this was Wells’ is needed to save Harry’s son and Harry is needed to save Wells’ daughter. Overall these parts of the episode seemed to be the weakest parts of the episode. It almost would have been to have no action and let just story. The moment when Barry gets his Speed Force back was an excellent moment and seemed fitting that it was Iris who was the one that brought him back. It was also suitable that there relationship is developing the way it is.Overall a solid episode of the Flash even with the minor misstep of having a villain of the week without needing one.

Score 8.5 out of 10