Netflix “Death Note” Review

  It seems like movies nowadays for better or worse are following the trend of recreating classic books or films. Even Anime’s are not  exempt from this as earlier in the year “Ghost In The Shell” was remade into a live action film with mixed reviews. Not to be excluded from the trend Netflix attempts to cash in by making a live action “Death Note” movie set in the United States.


  With most of these Anime adaptations largely being misses instead of hits ( I did like the Ghost In The Shell Movie ) will “Death Note”be the one to be that breaks the trend and be a critical success? Unfortunately that answer is a big no.  Not only did I not enjoy “Death Note” it maybe the worst film I have seen this year. First of all let’s get pass the whitewashing by moving the location to the United States that’s the least of this movie’s problem. This movie just doesn’t work! 

  Almost everything about this movie is bad to the point it’s almost unwatchable. The issue starts with the main character Light Turner, a young teen dealing with the death of his mother and bullies who literally has the “Death Note” fall in his lap. This causes him to see the ever charismatic yet terrifying Ryuk ( played exceptionally by Willem Dafoe) which leads Light on a journey for revenge and justice. But the justice comes on his terms.  The problem with Light in this version is he never seemed to be the cerebral assassin that he is in the anime.  He never even got close to being the guy who could hold the world hostage and have a legion of followers. Even more disappointing is we never got the mental battle between Light and L.


  At its core the biggest problem with the movie is that it doesn’t get the point of what “Death Note” is supposed to be. At its core”Death Note” is a battle of wits and morals. It’s  Sherlock Holmes verses Moriarty, the ultimate battle of egos as two great minds try to out do each other.  A battle of wits between Light and L in which only one would make it out alive. Unfortunately they choose to make it a really bad love story instead of a cerebral thriller. The story between Mia and Light simply did not work as it was not compelling and it was very evident by the end of the movie.

Overall the movie was disappointing from beginning to end and Death Note deserves better.

Score 1.0 out of 10

Game of Thrones “The Dragon and the Wolf” Review

So ends a great season….

   This season of Game Of Thrones has went by at a incredible pace. With each episode having moments that were essential not only to this season but to the whole series. Many of the questions we’ve been asking since season 1 were getting answered in mere moments. Alliances were born and then immediately taken away.  With all that said biggest question about tonight is will the show stick the landing on a excellent season.


   When you start off an episode with Daenery’s army at the front gate of  Kings Landing, you know the show has a lot to tell. The show continues to give us great small moments including Braun and Tyrion and the Hound and Brienne. But the biggest moments occurred when we got everyone together. The Hound and the Mountain face off left chills down my spine. Also a nice touch by Daenerys flying in with her Dragon just in case they tried something. It was most certainly a power move.  The conversations had were interesting to say the least as each side brought up there issues. One issue I did have was that Euron seemed out of place in this meeting as he jumped around doing his Jack Sparrow thing. The reveal of the night walker seems to convince her until the discovery of the fact that Jon Show will not be neutral if there is a battle between the two because he pledged allegiance to Daenerys.

    This lead to one of the most powerful moments in the series as we get the conversation between Cersei and Tyrion we always wanted. The excellent point was brought up that Tyrion inadvertently destroyed the Lannister family with the death of his father. This one event made it easier for their enemies to conspire against them as Tywin was the one to be feared. This conversation lead to the major moment when Cersei decides to assist in the “Great Battle”. Or so it seemed as she has no intention to help out as she plans to take the land while everyone is at war. Jamie was clearly not going for this and it seems as Jamie and Cersei relationship is over to say the least as she even considered having him killed.  Another great moment was the conversation between Jon and Theon as he finally has the conversation with him that was needed. Jon gave him just the talk that he needed to get him back into the saddle. Finally giving us a Theon we haven’t seen since almost the beginning of the series.

   LittleFinger is out doing his LittleFinger thing manipulating Sansa into believing that her sister is out to get her. He is also trying to put himself into position to be the King of the North. Plotting putting the wheels in motion for Sansa to kill Arya. But it seems as if LittleFinger ‘s plan backfired as all of his crimes come to light.  If seems fitting that the Stark kids would be the downfall of LittleFinger. It was great that even Bran even played a part into it. The best part about it is that in doing so she took control of the Veil. The final moments were great as it was Arya to deal the killing blow. Bran proved useful as he revealed the truth about Jon Snow. In the worst kept secret Jon Snow is the Heir to the Iron Throne and also had sex with his aunt. That’s correct! Danaerys and Jon are a thing now. It will be interesting to see how it plays out going into the final season.

   Just as it seemed we wouldn’t get any action this episode we get the big finish.  We get to see the wall come down and boy it did. What a great moment seeing the dragon take down the wall. In mere moments the Wall comes down and everyone is in imminent danger as the White Walkers are coming and there is nothing that can stop them. Overall a great ending to a great season.  Hopefully we will get the final season sooner than later.

Score 9.0 out of 10

French Montana “Jungle Rules” Review

Does French Montana belong at the big boys table?

  “Jungle Rules” is French Montana’s first official album release in over 4 years. While this maybe a problem for most artists not for French because he has consistently putting out music during this time. From “Lockjaw” with Kodak Black to “All the way up” with Fat Joe and Remy Ma French has never left people’s mindscape. After a couple of false starts “Jungle Rules”( including Joe Budden and Drake’s beef killing his rollout ) is finally out.

 “Whiskey Eyes” feat Chinx was the perfect track to start the album off with as not only does it show French at his best but it also shows what could have been as we get an awesome verse from Chinx. It’s very unfortunate that we were robbed of seeing his true potential due to his untimely death in 2015.

  Other bangers on the album “Migo Montana” feat Quavo, which seems like a solid next single, the already hot “A Lie” with Weekend and Max B and one of my favorites “Black Out” feat a solid verse from Young Thug. Speaking of blacking out TI does just that on “Stop It”. 

  Unfortunately as good as these songs are there are some noticeable problems with the album. One of them being that there are too many songs on the album. There are some songs like “Famous” that just don’t fit, and there are others that sound too much the same. If this album was a solid 10 to 14 tracks it would be a lot more cohesive.  Also it’s evident that French is at his best when he plays off of his peers. Sometimes when he is left on his own his shortcomings as an MC show.

  Overall a very solid album with some sure fire hits. While this album won’t push him to the forefront of Hip Hop ( like the Drake’s and Kendrick’s) it is one that will be banging in cars for a good portion of the summer.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Preacher Season 2 On The Road Review

Preacher returns


   After the great first season Preacher returns with all intentions to top the previous season. All of the weirdness and quirkiness is back. The big question going into this season would it be able to top the previous season.  One of the biggest criticisms of the first season is that while it was sort of a prequel to the comics it seemed that the first season with the exception of a few episodes was pointless. It seemed that it all was just exposition to get to this season. 


   Season 2 thus far does not disappoint as it starts off with a bang. The scene with the police and the scene after that is all what Preacher is about. The quirky darkness and the amped up violence is what this show is about. Speaking of violence the Saint of Killers did not disappoint. Each scene he was in was a exercise in brutality as he hunts down the Preacher with no remorse for any life. With each killing seemingly more brutal than the last.

   One of the highlights of the episode is the conversations between Preacher, Tulip and and Cassidy and their search for God. A great moment in the episode is Jessie speaking with the other Preacher about his righteous reasons for wanting to find God and the Preacher saw right though his bs. Then there is also the little problem with Cassidy having sex with Tulip. Cassidy wanting to tell Jessie the true while Tulip seems to be terrified of what he might do with his new found powers to them if he ever found out. 

Overall a great episode with a heck of a cliffhanger!  Preacher is off to a great start and I hope it continues this trend.

Score 8.5 out of 10

Everything good & bad about The Flash S3

Let me start out with saying I’m no writer, But I wanted to write an article on everything that was good & bad about this season of The Flash. There will be spoilers for season 3 so if you haven’t watched the finale yet come back when you have…….

Bad: Why was Flashpoint only 1 DAMN episode! I’m a huge Flash/Barry Allen fan so when I heard this season was gonna cover Flash point I was soooooo excited. Then they go and make it 1 episode to disappoint me/the rest of the fan base. If they we’re only gonna dedicate 1 episode outta 23! on Flash point WHAT WAS THE POINT of it?

Good: The double part episodes/Crossovers are the best! The whole arc with Gorilla Grodd was amazing Oh and Gorilla City is BAD ASS!! As I just said the crossover eps are the best but I had a problem with this year’s which is the integration of all the shows for example: Supergirl’s​ episode was a throwaway (Barry & Cisco show up in the last 30 seconds) Which they show on The Flash episode anyway.

Bad: When Barry travels to the future (accidentally) in episode 9 he sees Iris West die. Why is this bad? 1. there was no way in hell it was gonna stick. 2. We spend 14 episodes on something we know is not going to stick!

Good: H.R. …..Unlike some I actually liked his character since he was different from the other wells’s. The way Cisco & H.R’s relationship evolves through the course of almost the whole season is one of the best aspects of season 3. I liked that he brought a sense of levity & goofiness which we needed with all the mopey shit this season.

Bad: EMO douche bag Barry….. OMG as much as I love the Flash seeing Barry be sad & miserable is fucking awful! Like my god give the kid a rainbow, a lollipop & a dog for christ sakes! I need happy Barry back.

Good: Caitlin Snow’s progression to Killer Frost. This is by far the best arc in the whole season since we know it’s gonna happen but are all praying Caitlin can beat it and not become Killer Frost. The way Cisco fights to keep her from going to the dark side is touching and ultimately heart breaking. Though I do wish we had gotten more then 5 episodes with her as full blown Killer Frost

Bad: Draco Malfoy as Julian Albert/Dr. Alchemy…… The kid is a good actor but for some reason or another just didn’t fit the vibe of the show/team dynamic. As much as they wanted us to get invested in Julian & Caitlin as a couple it just never worked.

Bonus: Why in the hell was there a musical episode three quarters of the way through the damn season!!!! It broke up all the flow that had been built up from the past couple episodes. I love musical episodes but there is a time and place for it NOT 3 quarters of the way through! Have the musical ep but it should of been around episodes 8-13.

So for all my good and bad points what do I ultimately think of season 3…… Well it’s good just maybe loses it’s direction from time to time I don’t think the show has fallen off a cliff like others but that all depends on what happens with the finale outcome.

Agents of Shield ” Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire “Review

S.H.I.E.L.D VS Ghost Rider

  Let me start off by saying that this is This was a fun episode of Shield. Watching the little team-up between Simmons and Daisy was cool. It was a treat to watch Daisy’s reaction to the more take charge version of Simmons. It was a funny moment with Daisy’s convoluted plan and Simmons just walking up and ordering her subordinate to do it. Daisy’s powers were on full force in this as her and Simmon’s fought for their lives as they were double crossed. This was for the best as we got an awesome Ghost Rider scene because of it.


   The scenes between Robbie, Mack and Coulson were also very fun. Starting off with a very exciting car chase between Lola and Robbie’s car. It made sense how to caught Robbie as they wouldn’t have stood a chance against them in Ghost Rider form. We also got a very fun moment when Coulson asked Robbie was he an Inhuman and Robbie tells him about the deal. The look on Coulson’s face was priceless! Overall this show is doing a great job with the character. Overall a great episode of Shield with a very promising ending as it seems that for now Reyes is part of the team as well as Simmons finding out about Ava.

Score 8.3 out of 10

Agents of Shield ” Uprising ” Review



   We start off this episode of Shield with the whole city of Miami on Blackout due to what seems to be a cyber attack that may or may not be caused by an Inhuman. This was followed by LA and Moscow as well. Elena was in trouble so it was up to Mac, Coulson and Fitz to save her. Which seemed like it was no trouble but unfortunately for Elena her secret came out that she is an Inhuman. It also came out that she didn’t tell Mack that she was helping Daisy. Overall it all lead up to the return of Shield to the public eye. It was a cool moment and makes perfect sense to bring them back to the public.

   Is it me or is it getting cheesy to see the streets of LA go straight to rioting every time! It’s as if it’s the only thing they do in LA when the power goes out..Let me continue to say that I really like the story between Daisy and Robbie. I will also say that Lorenzo James Henry is not as annoying as he was in Fear. He still is annoying but not in the way that you want him dead.

  The biggest storyline of the night is Simmons trying to save May. It was tense as she clinged on to life as whatever the ghost did to her was killing her. So the solution to save her. Kill her!! It was a very tense moment when the power went out but it was obvious that Ava in some way would be used to save her. Overall it was a solid episode but it didn’t set the world on fire ( pun intended) 

Score 7.0 out of 10