Check out the new logo for Thor Ragnarok 

Via twitter Kevin Feige unveils a logo For the upcoming Thor Ragnarok in honor of Jack Kirby.

Thor Ragnarok will be released November 3, 2017.

First Look At The Wasp

Here is the first look of Evangeline Lilly as Wasp in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp Film.

The Defenders Episode 4 ” Royal Dragon” Review

  After an exciting last episode it seemed fitting to slow the show down a little bit. Not only to better pace the show but to show us how this team will gel together. While they were sitting in the restaurant they were many great moments. One thing that was very evident was that the group itself has very good chemistry playing off each other. From the whole group listening and mocking the ridiculous things Danny says to the chemistry between Luke and Jessica every moment of the scene just felt right.

  The episode gives us a better idea on why Matt finally decided to quit being Daredevil. Apparently he blames his self for the death of Electra and everything that came with it.  I also appreciate the fact that they explained why Matt didn’t immediately detect her. It also makes sense why Matt didn’t tell the team about her and for now it’s Stick’s and his secret.


  On the other side of things Danny is all is the key to this story. While it’s evident that he is far from the most popular member of the show it makes sense that they use the show to build on his character. Also while it made sense for Alexandra to try to talk Danny over to the dark side there was no chance at it was gonna happen and it left more silly than interesting. Overall a solid episode while it a light on action I’m sure the next episode will make up for that.

Score: 8.0 out of 10

The Defenders “Worst Behavior” Review


  Things are starting to ramp up in this show in a great way. Not only do we get a full return of Stick ( last episode was just a tease) but we get a well done story on how Electra is brought back to life. The escape of Stick was awesome as he realized that mentality that is not the same Electra that he once knew. Going as far as losing one of his hands in the process of escaping. And the moment when he appeared at Colleen Wing’s dojo.

    The interplay in this episode was also great between Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock. Matt talking about Kilgrave and reading her file. Jessica following him and finding out there is more to him than it seems. The show is really doing a good job of empathizing that above all Jessica is a detective, and a good one at that. She is getting  closer and closer to the truth of what’s going on.


   Another great part of this episode is the way Luke and Danny was brought together. It made perfect sense that as soon as Claire heard about Danny she immediately setup a meeting to hash everything out because there after the same goals. Claire is the glue connecting all of them together so it seems like only a matter of time until she says have I know the others. It’s pretty funny that Luke kinda sees how ridiculous the notion of Danny Rand is. Also it’s interesting how the show kind of touched on Danny’s white privilege. Because he didn’t grow up in this land he doesn’t fully understand that sometimes there is a gray area that you sometimes have to work in.  Also Danny pointed out that you have to think bigger than your neighborhood. 


   All of these moments in this episode lead to the big moment we waited for. The Defenders!!! Seeing them all together was short but sweet with the combination of Luke Cage and Iron Fist stealing the show. Say what you want about Finn Jones but he and Mike Colter work well together. I will even go as far to say instead of making a season two of Iron Fist just make Heroes for Hire. As great as the teamup was it’s a little puzzling that Matt did not realize that he was fighting Electra as soon as the fight started. But that is a small nicpick for an otherwise great episode.

Score 8.5 out of 10

The Defenders “Mean Right Hook” Review


    This episode picks right up after the aftermath of the “earthquake “. What this episode has done a much better job of setting up the main  characters better. We see the that Matt is very conflicted with the fact that he is not Daredevil anymore. Essentially choosing to salvage his life by mending fences with Foggy and Karen doesn’t seem enough. It was good to see Matt and Foggy back together again.  There friendship always felt real and genuine. It’s good that Foggy is trying to help as Matt feels compelled to go back to the life of hanging out on rooftops and busting heads.

  Jessica Jones story is progressing as well as she is getting deep into her case. Very interesting that the police force seems to know so much about her and her doings. It was also  very amusing to see the brief interactions, between her and Misty as the latter is clearly not taken any crap from Jessica. Great seeing Jeri Hogarth is back on the show to warn Jessica about getting in to deep while covering her own ass. Covering so much in fact that she has got Foggy watching out for her to see if she gets in any trouble and boy did she get in trouble!  Having a brief encounter with Electra and ending up getting arrested my Misty and of course Matt Murdock is now her lawyer.

 The Luke Cage part of the episode feels very fun. It’s cool that each area of the show  has a different feel to it. Harlem and Hell’s Kitchen feels like two different places.  Not only that but Harlem has changed as well as there seems to be a new threat on the streets manipulating kids and killing them off when finish. It didn’t take long for Luke Cage to be back on the streets busting heads. Finding out that the bad guy behind this is “Whitehead”. The highlight of the episode is the first meeting between Luke Cage and Iron Fist. While it’s not a match made in heaven it was a solid fight scene between the two which will obviously end up leading to a team up.

Overall a solid second episode that is a better step in the right direction. Giving the characters more to do while slowly bring everyone’s story together. The a villain so far does not seem compelling but hopefully this will impress the series goes on.

Score 7.5 out of 10