Flash “The New Rogues” Review

Enter Mirror Master


   It’s was cool watching Barry train someone on how to use the Speed-Force. It’s also a nice callback to the first Flash/Arrow crossover. As always at great to have Harrison Wells back on the show but his response to having him stay full time was a little weird to say the least. His idea to find another Harrison Wells seems stupid. It doesn’t make sense because they have a relationship with that Wells and it’s no telling what the other Wells will be like. It was pretty funny seeing the different versions of Wells. It’s gonna be interesting to see how the new Wells work as well as the new possibility that Killer Frost maybe upon us.


   It’s really cool to see Caitlyn become closer to her Earth 2 counterpart. While I don’t think she will become a villain I do think it may lead to her leaving the team. Another interesting loop in the episode was that there was a lot of relationship building in this episode. Wally and Jessie, Barry and Iris and even Joe is getting in on it. Overall it was good as it didn’t get in the way of the episode. We also got to see the return of Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold which was awesome but is a reminder of how much he is missed on Legends.


  The big news of the night is the introduction of Mirror Master. Mirror master is a great addition so the show as it already most of the other Rogues. Also his powers work very well on the show. It’s also cool that their is a version of Mirror Master out there that is more reflective to the comic book version. Top also debuted tonight which was also cool but it has to be said that the name is terrible. It was also cool to see Barry stuck in the mirror as it’s something that’s straight out of the comics. Even the ending fight was pretty cool. Overall a solid episode of the Flash.

Score 8.0 out of 10

Arrow Schism Review

Darhk ‘s final plan in motion

From the beginning moments of episode to the final moments the “Schism” felt bigger. As Darhk attacks Felicity to get the laptop to launch the nukes he seemed more powerful than ever. So powerful that the only thing that stopped him from killing team Arrow was the fact that Thea gave him his daughter back. Not only did he seem more powerful but he seemed to have an endless amount of soldiers on his side as they attacked the Arrow cave and gave us an excellent fight sequence. Everyone was involved in taking down Darhk in this episode as each character got a chance to shine.


As much as this episode was about defeating Darhk it was also as much about Oliver Queen becoming a hero. Not in terms of wearing a costume but by inspiring the city to not give up and to fight back. The speech that Oliver gives to the city is a great moment for the show as it shows the growth of the character. As Oliver Queen he may have become a bigger symbol for the city than the Green Arrow ever could.

In the end we had Oliver against Darhk and team Arrow taking down the person launching the nukes. An interesting and  twisted turn of events Darhk was torturing Cooper with a bullet in his spine that  will kill him with if he doesn’t comply. It felt like a fitting end as Felcity talked him into helping. As for the final battle between Darhk and Oliver it was most certainly one of the best moments in the history of the show as it was only huge battle with the city vs Darhk’s goons. It was a epic battle that was fitting for what may have been the dissolution of team Arrow as everyone went there separate ways. Detective Lance lost his job and went on to live with Felicity’s mom as Diggle and Thea left to find themselves. The big question now is where can the show go from here as Oliver is now the mayor, Diggle is back in the military, and Thea is on her own. This episode played more like a series finale than a season finale as there was so much closure. I’m very exited to see were the show goes from here.

Score 9.0 out of 10

Legends of Tomorrow Legendary Review

   This is it. The big season finale of Legends. Can the episode live up to the title?


   The episode starts off with the surprise of Rip taking the team back to Earth and leaving them. Taking the team five months in the future which is present Arrow time. There were some great moments like watching each member getting back to life. Watching Sara get the news about Laurel was heartbreaking. It was also interesting to see Sara threatened Rip to go back so she can save her sister. The most shocking thing is that if she would have stayed in the timeline, she and her family would have been killed by Darhk instead. was  This episode did a excellent job of establishing there loyalty to each other.


   Savage endgame was finally revealed as he is trying to use Kendra and Carter ‘s blood to somehow use some three meteors to bring to world back to the 1700. The plan seems way to complicated to go over. Savage seems extra brutal in this episode as he is choking,stabbing and slaughtering his foes as he tries to reach his goal. Even with the team rescuing Carter it seemed like Savage had the upper hand.

   Defeating Savage will not be easy As since there are 3 meteors in three different times they have to essentially have to defeat him three times. Watching them fight 3 different Savages felt like something out of a videogame. As each team beat Savage it seemed almost too easy. It apparently was a one meteor could not be destroyed like the the other two were. It seemed a little convenient that the one that couldn’t be changed was the one I there time. This lead to Rip Hunter’s brave sacrifice to save the world. So it seemed until the ship decided that it didn’t want to die. You read that right! The ship didn’t want to die! So they both lived, as cheesy as it sounds!  The ending epilogues were great especially the one with Mick and Snart. It was touching and great closure to both characters. But the ending was the kicker! Hourman and the Justice Society! Man I can’t wait for season 2!

Score8.4 out of 10

Arrow Lost in the Flood Review

Thea is in trouble

    When last we watched Arrow things were about as bad as it gets as a nuke destroyed Havenrock, Darhk now has almost surpreme power and Thea is trapped in some weird Pleasantville. The episode started off really strong with Darhk showing his surpreme power as Arrows and bullets are not even in play anymore. At this state Darhk seems to be unstoppable. After everything that transpired tonight his end game is now just pure destruction.

  While this episode deals with the direct aftermath of the destruction of Havenrock it seems really weird that Felicity isn’t really broken up about the collateral damage that she caused. It was briefly mentioned and then just brushed away by her father. Returning tonight to help the team was Curtis Holt. It was great to see him back and I will even say at this point it’s time for him to become a regular member of the show. We also got the return of Cooper, Felicity’s exboyfriend who no one probably even remembers because he was so forgettable. The way he was defeated was also lame as they could have used anyone in that role and it wouldn’t have mattered.

       Watching Ollie and Diggle arrive in Hive’s paradise was a cool moment. It’s sterile look and sunny outlook is a vast difference than the dark and gloom streets of Star city. It was fun and exciting watching Ollie and Diggle fight there way though the city. An interesting thing about this episode is the fact that the people in this city wants to be there because they believe in Darhk’s plan. They are not drugged like Thea was it was fully there choice to by in to this fantasy world. Speaking of Thea, the drugged story was over before it started as it took one small chat from Oliver and she was back to normal. As everyone was in no time working together to stop Ronnie Raymond (Anarky) and in one stray shot the whole city was coming down. It’s a little weird that one Arrow shot could destroy a utopia but I guess you have to suspend your belief a little. Also in an interesting turn of events Darhk’s wife was killed and team Arrow has his daughter and Darhk has Felicity.It will be interesting to see how it will turn out.

Score 8.0 out of 10

The Flash Invincible review

The War for Central City begins

   In the penultimate episode of Flash, Zoom is pulling out the big guns as he is getting all of the major villains together to make one big push to to take over Central city. The opening shot of all the villains attacking the was very cool but Barry beating then all in one swoop seems a little far fetch. My major issue with this is the fact that if all these super villains are taking over the city why not get Ollie. It seems like it wouldn’t take long to bring him in to help for a little then take him back and help with Darhk. I personally would like to both shows get better with this as it would make sense for what villains do in Arrow and Flash effect both shows. Darhk is literally trying to Destroy the world and no one calls the Flash.

    The big story of this week is the return of Katie Cassidy. Instead of the Black Canary we get her Earth 2 doppelgänger the Black Siren. It’s great seeing her in a variation of the Canary character as she has gotten so much better from when she first played the character. It was a nice nod when Wells asked the team did they know Laurel Lance and there response was we loved her. We also got the see the return of Reverb and Killer Frost as Cisco and Caitlyn ( returned from her capture by Zoom) had a plan to trick Siren.  Overall, it was great seeing Cassidy back.

     Barry’s a changed man since his return from the Speed Force. He is very optimistic, maybe even to a point where it maybe even seems cocky. It was being driven in our head the whole episode that Barry is not invincible and fear could actually help him. It was said so much it was almost a point of annoyance. The dialog this week between Zoom and Barry was excellent as Zoom points out the similarities between the two. In the end it was the Final moments that crushed our hearts as we lost a member of team Flash. 

Score 8.8 out of 10

Legends of Tomorrow Destiny review

The Time Masters working with Savage

    Last week’s Legends of Tomorrow was very eventful as not only did the team lose one half of Firestorm (Jax is rapidly aging and was sent home to save his life) but the team’s quest to turn in Vandal Savage to the Time Masters was in vain due to them working with him.  The reasoning for the time masters working with Savage makes perfect sense as it seems that he may be the key to saving the future from an alien invasion. Another shocking revelation is that the whole time everything Rip Hunter did was all part of the Time Masters plans, even right down to the death of his family.

    The episode starts off in great fashion with future Jax finding past Stein to get help. It was great to see that this is the Stein from the beginning of the season who was a little more of a prick. The only part of these scenes that they were far too short and it didn’t make sense. How was it so easy for Stein just to help fix a time machine from the future? It seemed like a botched storyline if given time it could have been so much better. 

    The Lords waste no time with what they want to die with the team. Either make them a version of Kronos or kill them. All with the exception of Carter and Kendra who they have given to Savage. The first one who they tried to rehabilitate was Heatwave. Or so they thought until Heatwave showed that it wasn’t going to be that simple. In the end, it made perfect sense that after all he’s been though with the team that he actually cares for the team.

   The two remaining members of the team Sara and Snart were still on the Waverider figuring out a plan to rescue the team. The small part in which Snart snapped and was considering killing Sara seemed out of character for how far the character has come. Even the scene later when he apologizes and basically wants to make out seems a little flat. The big theme of this episode was destiny as the Time Lords Told Rip that the future couldn’t be changed. In the the end the future was changed in a bad way as we seemingly lost a fan favorite.  In the end I hope that wasn’t the last we saw of that character as he is the reason many watch the show. Overall a solid episode of Legends going into the finale.
Score 8.6 out of 10

Arrow Monument Point Review

The Calulator returns


    This week’s Arrow marks the return of Noah Kuttler aka The Calculator. The reason for his return, Darhk is trying to launch a nuclear weapon in the next 21 hours. It won’t be way to find him as he is being hunted by H.I.V.E as well. Leading the hunt is none other than Brick. What was interesting about this is that this was the first real time Oliver really faced off against Brick. Overall the interactions between Felcity and her dad was excellent especially as they broke into Palmer tech ( Felcity was fired) to get the device to stop Darhk. Also the small exchange between Oliver and Kuttler was also a great touch.

      Project Genesis is a full swing as Malcom Meryln tells Thea the reason for her kidnapping. It’s simply to protect her from what he thinks is the destruction of the world. It’s very interesting that Darhk’s plan is just Meryln’s plan from season one but on a grander scale. Unforchantly for Darhk, Anarky is in the Ark and is attempting to kill the air supply. Anarky was in full crazy mode as his plan was to kill everyone in the ark including himself to get revenge on Darhk. The fight scene between the was fierce and exciting but not without loss.

   Another big point of this week’s Arrow was being honest with significant others. Diggle was not honest with Lyla about Andy’s death and Detective Lance being forced to lie about him knowing that his daughter was the Black Canary. These scenes were very well done and was a good dynamic showing how each of them was dealing with loss. I wish there was more time taken to deal with these issues but it’s understandable as a Nuke  was launched. The most shocking part is that a Nuke hit a target and the show kind of brushed over it. Overall this was a very good episode leading into the final episodes of he season.

Score 8.5 out of 10