Game of Thrones “The Dragon and the Wolf” Review

So ends a great season….

   This season of Game Of Thrones has went by at a incredible pace. With each episode having moments that were essential not only to this season but to the whole series. Many of the questions we’ve been asking since season 1 were getting answered in mere moments. Alliances were born and then immediately taken away.  With all that said biggest question about tonight is will the show stick the landing on a excellent season.


   When you start off an episode with Daenery’s army at the front gate of  Kings Landing, you know the show has a lot to tell. The show continues to give us great small moments including Braun and Tyrion and the Hound and Brienne. But the biggest moments occurred when we got everyone together. The Hound and the Mountain face off left chills down my spine. Also a nice touch by Daenerys flying in with her Dragon just in case they tried something. It was most certainly a power move.  The conversations had were interesting to say the least as each side brought up there issues. One issue I did have was that Euron seemed out of place in this meeting as he jumped around doing his Jack Sparrow thing. The reveal of the night walker seems to convince her until the discovery of the fact that Jon Show will not be neutral if there is a battle between the two because he pledged allegiance to Daenerys.

    This lead to one of the most powerful moments in the series as we get the conversation between Cersei and Tyrion we always wanted. The excellent point was brought up that Tyrion inadvertently destroyed the Lannister family with the death of his father. This one event made it easier for their enemies to conspire against them as Tywin was the one to be feared. This conversation lead to the major moment when Cersei decides to assist in the “Great Battle”. Or so it seemed as she has no intention to help out as she plans to take the land while everyone is at war. Jamie was clearly not going for this and it seems as Jamie and Cersei relationship is over to say the least as she even considered having him killed.  Another great moment was the conversation between Jon and Theon as he finally has the conversation with him that was needed. Jon gave him just the talk that he needed to get him back into the saddle. Finally giving us a Theon we haven’t seen since almost the beginning of the series.

   LittleFinger is out doing his LittleFinger thing manipulating Sansa into believing that her sister is out to get her. He is also trying to put himself into position to be the King of the North. Plotting putting the wheels in motion for Sansa to kill Arya. But it seems as if LittleFinger ‘s plan backfired as all of his crimes come to light.  If seems fitting that the Stark kids would be the downfall of LittleFinger. It was great that even Bran even played a part into it. The best part about it is that in doing so she took control of the Veil. The final moments were great as it was Arya to deal the killing blow. Bran proved useful as he revealed the truth about Jon Snow. In the worst kept secret Jon Snow is the Heir to the Iron Throne and also had sex with his aunt. That’s correct! Danaerys and Jon are a thing now. It will be interesting to see how it plays out going into the final season.

   Just as it seemed we wouldn’t get any action this episode we get the big finish.  We get to see the wall come down and boy it did. What a great moment seeing the dragon take down the wall. In mere moments the Wall comes down and everyone is in imminent danger as the White Walkers are coming and there is nothing that can stop them. Overall a great ending to a great season.  Hopefully we will get the final season sooner than later.

Score 9.0 out of 10

Game of Thrones “Beyond The Wall” Review

  This week’s episode of Game of Thrones gives us essentially their own version of the Suicide Squad.  Off the bat the episode did a great job with the group banter. Any grievances they may have had before were being hashed out before the big battle. The banter between Tormund and the Hound was especially amusing. Especially when they started talking about Brianne of Tarth. This relationship also proves to matter later in the episode as the Hound saves Tormund’s life.


  The episode also did a great job of showing the division between the sisters. It’s good that Arya was calling Sansa out for her treason. It’s also apparent that Sansa is very arrogant about her role in the Battle of the Bastards. While she indeed helped a great deal, one she had a vested interest and two if she would have told Jon about the Knight’s of the Veil earlier lives including her brother ‘s may have been saved. LittleFinger is doing a great job of manipulating both of them to get what he wants. But there is a good chance that this will 100% backfire on him.


  The conversation between Tyrion and Daenerys was very solid indeed. It was amusing to see her comment on her attraction of Jon Snow.  If nothing else Tyrion is very good with strategy and seeming to come up with plans for the plans of his sister.Tyrion also brought up an interesting point that since Danny can’t have kids when she is gone who will take over the Throne.

   The highlight of this episode is of course the journey to bring back a White Walker. Which had many great moments including a battle with a a White Walker Bear! That wasn’t even the worst of there problems as they ended up being surrounded by an army of White Walkers with the only this protecting them from imminent death was the thin ice they stood on. The only chance they have is the hope that Gendry can get a raven to Daenerys in time. Fortunately for them she showed up in a big way to save them with all of her dragons!!! It was an epic scene made more epic by the tragedy that happened as the Night King killed one of her dragons in a very sad moment for the show. It was on the other hand an important moment as it showed Daenerys that the not only that the White Walkers are a threat but they can in fact kill her dragons. Unfortunately the dragon wasn’t the only one lost as we lost Benjen Stark as he showed up to save Jon from certain death. The biggest moments of the episode was surprisingly a quiet one as Danaerys declares war on the Night King and Jon calls her his queen. It will be interesting to see the results of this as I’m quite sure many in the North won’t be happy with this decision. They will have bigger problems to worry about as the The White Walkers have a new weapon that could easily sway any battle in there favor.

Score: 9.0 out of 10

Game of Thrones. “Eastwatch” Review

   After the thrilling conclusion of last week’s Game of Thrones it was great that we start off the episode right we’re we left.  It was also good that the show wasted no time letting you know that Bronn and Jamie was not dead.  The show also gave us a glimpse of  how even the good’s acts in the show are questionable as the last of the Tarley’s met there fate. It seems that Danaerys while her words maybe pure she still is ruling with fear instead of respect.  How many of those Lannister soldiers will be loyal if the fear is removed.  The conversation between Varys and Tyrion was very interesting indeed as Varys tells the story’s on how vile was Daenerys father.

  The conversation between Jamie and Cersei was also an interesting one indeed. As  Jamie tells her that they have no chance of winning without the dragons no less with the dragons. She knows they are gonna lose but they are in a lose lose situation as she explained. Her brother murdered Danaerys father and even if they surrendered she would most certainly sentenced them to death.

  The news of the White Walkers heading toward Eastwatch is most certainly troubling news.  Troubling enough to to have them come up with the crazy plan of Tyrion and Jamie meeting up. Even more tense was the meeting between Jamie and Cersei after that. Not only did she already know about the meeting but she wants Bronn to be punished for it. Also she so everly hinted that she will have Jamie killed at any sign of disloyalty. But an even bigger moment was the return of Gendry!!! They even made a very funny reference to his rowing. Apparently he was there the whole time as a blacksmith. It’s a passable excuse that was made good by the fact that he is pretty good with a hammer. Also the moment with him as Jon Snow was very amusing.

   Two great moments that may have been overlooked were Ayra’s conversation with Sansa and Arya spying on LittleFinger. It was a great move to have Arya call Sansa on her Bs and flat out say that she wants Jon’s spot. It’s almost to the point that she maybe as dangerous to Jon as Cersei. But it seems like it maybe a ruse setup by LittleFinger to turn the sisters against each other. He seems to be back in the drivers seat as he is one step ahead of Arya. It will be interesting to see watch comes of this. 

  The final moments of the episode are the most interesting as we are getting the teamup we never knew we wanted. We got the Hound, Jon Snow, Jor Mormont, Tormund and Davos to find a Whitewalker to bring to Cersei. Overall a slower pace episode this week that seems like this is gonna lead to an epic next episode that should be very exciting to watch.

Score 8.0 out of 10

Game of Thrones “The Spoils Of War” Review

   Let me start off by saying this is the best episode of the season! It’s very unfortunate that it had to be mired in so much controversy ( the episode leaked a week early).  The episode had so many big moments one at least being the gathering of the Stark kids.  It’s a great moment seeing all of them together and seeing how much they changed. Bran is no longer the bright upbeat child of the first season, Arya is not some tomboy but a very capable assassin and Sansa is now Lady of the North. It’s one  of the things this show has done so well by is giving you a plot point and tying them up neatly.


  The conversation between Jon and Daenerys seemed forced as Jon so happens to be looking for Dragon Glass and finds a cave painting with all of there ancestors working together against the White Walkers. Even more so the fact that even after he showed it to her she was like well you gotta bend the knee. No realization that they may all die and this is something that could be discussed after the immediate threat. On the other side of things it seems fitting that she is pissed with Tyrion because they were outsmarted and it costed them their allies. It was great to see Jon give insight that made him seem knowledgeable as a leader rather than someone who is desperate for help.

  On a side note how badass is Arya!!! Not only taking on Brianne of Tarth and winning but having the confidence to even challenge her.  More and more the show is giving us a reason to believe the Starks are the ones Cersei should worry about. Even with the North not being concerned with her at the time why is she not worrying about the fact that Jon Snow not only has an army but just defeated your biggest ally.


   Speaking about the Lannister’s not only was it great seeing Jaime in action but seeing Bronn again is always a treat. What followed their short lived victory that wasn’t even seen was an incredible battle that was Battle of the Bastards worthy!  This especially was a treat as it was the first battle between the Lannister and Targaryen armies. Also Daenerys is riding a freaking dragon!!!! The Targaryen fighting like savages seemed to be too much for the Lannister’s even without the Dragon. Also I hope the Lannister’s didn’t pay much for that so called Dragon Killer because it was trash.

All and all an awesome episode that will make you realize how great this show is. In a battle where I should clearly be rooting for the good guys a part of you wants to cheer for Jaime and Bronn. We’ve watched these characters growth for so long and much like Tyrion we are nothing but bystanders watching this battle go on. 

Score 9.5 out of 10

Game of Thrones “The Queen’s Justice” Review

Spoilers ahead…


  The episode starts off with a nice reunion between Tyrion and Jon Snow. It was great to see the two characters interacting with each other since it hasn’t happened since the first season.  There has been so much change and growth between the two characters it’s interesting to see the two reactioning to the changes. It was also good to see the respect between the two characters. Daenerys on the other hand it would be a little more difficult. I respect the fact that Jon Snow did not bend the knee nor did Daenerys back down. While Daenerys was ready for Jon to bend the knee Jon saw the bigger picture that the White Walkers must be stopped.  It was  a cool moment for Davos telling Daenerys about Jon accomplishments and showing that Jon is no slouch. All of the great small moments of the episode lead to the big moment of Daenerys deciding that it would be wise to have Jon Snow on her side.


   After last week’s ending it was good to see the direct results of the the battle. Theon cowardice was well known as he was rescued. Euron on the other hand returned as a hero as he mocked Jaime and hit on Cersei. But as Euron said he did what Jaime could not by capturing Ellaria Sand and her daughter. While doing this he also handled his problem by taking his niece Yara as a prisoner. 


  Even though it seemed dark it also fair in a strange way that Cersei killed her daughter the same way Myrcella was killed. It’s even more chilling that she has to not only watch it but live with that decision for the rest of her life. It’s also interesting that Cersei is more blatant about her relationship with her brother. She is more confident than she has ever been and maybe more dangerous than she has ever been.

    Another good moment in the episode was watching Sansa in charge.  It was good seeing her take charge but it was better seeing her reunited with Bran. It great to see all of the Starks finally getting back together. Interestingly enough Sansa immediately wanted Bran to take his place as the King of the North. Bran on the other hand has no plans of that as he is the three eyed Raven and sees the bigger picture. All of these characters are in completely different places than they were in the start of the show. 

   Speaking of people in different places in life, Sam has finally found his calling. He cured Jorah Mormont and now Jorah is on his way to  Daenerys. She is gonna need all of the help she can get as the Lannister’s outsmarted them by giving up Casterly Rock to take over House Tyrell. One of the most powerful moments in the episode was Lady Tyrell’s conversation with Jamie. It was one of the best moments in maybe the show’s history as she not only told Jamie that Cersei will be the death of him but after he choose the noble act of giving her poison to a peaceful death, she tells him how it was her who poisoned Joffrey. Such a great moment and a perfect way to end the episode. One thing this season has done so well is stick the landing on the ending of the episodes.

Overall an excellent episode of Thrones and the pieces are starting to align.

Score 9.0 out of 10

Game of Thrones “Stormborn” Review 


  The episode starts off with a great moment and callback to season one. The conversations between Varys and Daenerys was a powerful moment as it came up that during season one they wanted her dead. Varys made a very good point for his reasoning and also proved his loyalty so far.  One thing this episode does really well is address many of the issues with these groups working against Cersei working together may have, including the fact that the Queen of Dorne had Tyrion’s niece ( who was innocent) killed.


  Queen Cersei is making it clear that she is no fan of Daenerys. She gathered her lords together to weave the tale of how awful Daenerys is. It was a fascinating moment seeing how she took Daenerys moments of triumph freeing slaves and all she accomplished and turned them into villainy. Also let’s talk about the fact that Cersei has something that can kill dragons at her disposal. That’s a big deal and maybe even a look into what’s to come with the dragons.

    Sam’s journey is interesting as he is trying to find a way to cure Jorah Mormon of his Grayscale. It completed fits Sam’s character wanting to cure the Grayscale. Watching the process of him removing the Grayscale was gross but in perfect Game of Thrones fashion they found the perfect scene to cut to.


  Speaking of the next scene, Arya finding out that Jon was King of the North while causally eating seems fitting. It seems her quest for revenge may have shifted to find her brother. We God a nice surprise as she found Nymeria. Jon may have his own problems as he is trying to convince his people that he may need to seek help from Daenerys and Tyrion. It didn’t help that his sister Sansa was not on his side either.  So him leaving her in charge while he is gone seems a little strange. Also on another note why would LittleFinger let his feelings for Sansa be known to Jon Snow.  Unless he has some underline reasoning to piss him off it didn’t seem wise. Especially for a character that’s known for being cunning. I hope they eventually reveal why this was done.

The final moments of the episode definitely were the best as we see Euron’s “Gift” happen as he hunts down his niece and nephew and destroys there army. Killing two of the daughters of the queen of Dorne while taken the Queen and the other daughter hostage. It was a fierce battle that was too much for  Theon who instead of trying to save his sister choose to flee. While this maybe a act of cowardice ( also signs that he is clearly not over the reek thing) it actually was wise because he didn’t stand a chance and someone needs to tell Daenerys what happened. Overall great episode with a lot of callbacks to the first season and some good character development.

Score: 8.6 out of 10

Game of Thrones Season 7 “Dragonstone” Review

Winter is Here

    Winter is here indeed! What an incredible start to the episode! After a long hiatus Game of Thrones is back. From the opening moments of the show we are treated to a great scene in which Arya Stark solidify how much of a badass she is. From the beginning of her journey it seemed hard to believe that she would be able to avenge her love ones and get the redemption her sought but the show is most certainly making it a reality.


   In the North Jon Snow is learning that it is not easy being the King of the North. As he has to make decisions that may not be popular but are for the best. One of those decisions is not taking away the Karstark’s home. Even with the elder Karstark’s trangessions it did not seem fair to punish the children for there mistakes. It also doesn’t help that LittleFinger is slowly attempting to put doubt in Sansa’s mind to betray Jon.  The question is will Sansa stand by her brother’s side or betray him. 

  In Kings Landing, Cersei is as ruthless and cunning as ever as she prepares for the arrival of Daenerys Targaryen. With her allies dwindling ( with the Fray’s and the Bolton’s gone) she seeks help from Euron Greyjoy. This was a great scene because it giving us what we wanted for so long. All of these characters are starting to interact with each other that has not done so thus far into the series. 

  This episode does a very good job of giving us an update on everyone without going to much into it. The episode only gives you enough to keep you invested until next week. With that being said there were a a lot of small moments that were a lot of fun,  as Remly being trained, the Hound’s personal stuggle and of course the final moments in which Daenerys returns home with her army. 

  Overall a solid episode of Thrones that moves the plot forward in baby steps.

Score 8.2 out of 10