The Flash Season 3 ” Paradox ” review

Flashpoint Paradox ramifications 


  This week’s episode of the Flash deals with the direct ramifications from Barry messing with the was interesting to see all of strange changes to the was good to bring Felicity in so he can have someone to explain what’s happening to ( as well as bring the audience up to speed. It is also good to see that it is indeed affecting Arrow as Diggle now has a older son instead of a daughter. This is cool because that directly ties into the future from Legends of Tomorrow.


   Another shock is that Cisco’s brother in this timeline is now dead Apparently killed by a drunk driver. Cisco is fuming that Barry won’t go back time to save his brother. Cisco does have a point being that these past to seasons Barry has altered the timeline in his favor, it seemed like he maybe only willing to do it for his family. As great as it is seeing Carlos Valdes show his acting chops I hope this doesn’t become a Felicity thing in with a fun loving character we love become a whinny annoying character.But that is not the case as Barry knows the consequences.


   Even with all of the dark moments it was fun watching Barry trying to fix his fractured team. The highlight of this was Barry trying to go back and fix the timeline only to be stop by none other than Jay Garrick. It was perfect to have Jay go in and explain to why he can’t fix it and may even make it worse. Another great moment was Barry actually explaining to the team what happened. On another small not how many times can Barry kiss Iris for it to get reversed.


   Another wrinkle is the timeline is now Rival is now in Barry’s timeline. While it was fun watching Barry fighting Rival it almost comes across too much. Yet a another speedster fighting Barry again and not only that but he is not as fun or as compelling as Zoom or The Reverse Flash. I hope that Alchemy fairs to be a more compelling villain as he seems to be the mastermind of this season. As for the Alchemy what are the chances that Julian Dorn is actually the big bad. It seems very likely at this point.  Overall a solid episode of the Flash.

Score 8.5 out of 10


Agents of Shield “Meet the New Boss” Review

A team that trust is a team that triumph

  This episode was dealt the task of introducing us to the new director of Shield. It’s cool to see that the new director is not just some yelling drill sergeant but a charismatic, shred character. We also get a idea on what Jemma is working on as the director is giving a tour of Shield. This is to get more funding as he is trying to bring back Shield to into the public eye. Overall, I like what the new director brings to the show and am very curious if he is the same as comic counterpart.


   On the other side Daisy and Robbie’s story so far is interesting. As Daisy used her skills to find out as much information as she could to use to get his attention.  It may have backfired a little when she mentioned his brother and he overpowered she and took her hostage. The conversation was interesting as she is still skeptical about his story about his deal with the devil. It was also cool to see Daisy, Fitz and Mack  back together for a very emotional moment.  In the end it is cool to see she closer to her comic counterpart.


Then there is the May situation. I think that it’s interesting how the ghost touch affects people and that Ghost Rider seems to be the only one who can stop them. It was also cool scene to see May try to take down the new director and not even fazing him. The conversation between Coulson and the director reigns true as Coulson doesn’t think logically when it comes to May and Daisy. As harsh as the treatment seems to be it maybe necessary as the alternative is not a good outlook and shown by the prisoner she spoke with earlier in the episode. Overall, while not as exciting as last week’s episode it still was a overall solid episode.

Score : 7.5 out of 10

Agents of Shield “The Ghost” Review

Ghost Rider!!!


   Agents of Shield is back and this time with a vengeance. And when I say vengeance I mean they have added the biggest marvel hero they ever had on the show with the addition of Ghost Rider. But this is not the well known Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider that fans may know from the movies and comics but this is the newest person to don the skull in the comics Robbie Reyes. Let me start off by saying that this was a great choice. Bringing Robbie Reyes instead of Johnny Blaze because it gives the audience a character they recognize but in a different way. Gone is the fiery motorcycle but in its place is 1969 Charger. It’s a cool look that definitely gives this Rider his own feel and look.  Speaking of look the CG for the character is excellent! On par if not better than it’s movie counterpart.


  But in the end of day the show is called “Agents of Shield “and not “Ghost Rider” ( one could hope though). So how did the Shield side of things hold up. For the most part quite well. The main problem with the show is since its first season it’s has been an uphill battle. Fans came in expecting a show were Capt or Iron-man would pop in every season but when that didn’t happen it left many disappointed. This left the show in a constant uphill battle to be taken seriously. With each season improving on the last this could be the show’s best. What the show has done well for the past seasons is make you care about its cast. In a show that at first seemed like it was build around Coulson now feels like a ensemble cast.


  It was very interesting to see were each of the characters are at this season.  Coulson, no longer the director of Shield is now partnered with Mack working as an agent again. The dynamic between the two is great as the they search for Daisy (without the new director’s permission) who is now a fugitive/vigilante. Jemma is now second in command for the new director (who no one has seen) while May is team leader/trainer. It was good to see that Fitz and Simmons in a better place than they were last season. Even if it maybe short lived due to the current situation (more on that in a minute) Each one with their own subplot that so far is being woven in well. Fitz story seems the most interesting with the Life Model Decoy. I am very curious what is gonna happen with this story and how Simmons will react to Fitz keeping this big secret from her even if it’s justified.


   Even with everything that went on in the episode ( I didn’t mention half of what happened) it never felt overwhelming. The episode keep a good pace even with the few small wonky moments it never lost it’s focus. Another small gripe that I had with the episode is that it felt like that just added in the Civil War reference just to add it in. It didn’t feel like it brought anything to the episode. Overall I am very pleased with how the episode turned out. Hopefully this is the start of us getting the Agents of Shield show we always wanted.

Score 8.5 out of 10

DC Animated A Killing Joke Review

The Jokes on Us

     The original Killing Joke written by Alan Moore is considered by many to be a classic. The  quintessential Joker story that both manages to show Joker at not only at his most sadistic but also at his most tragic. The story at its core was so dark it didn’t seem likely that it would be adapted into a movie. So it became a big surprise to everyone when Warner Bros announced that it was being to be adapted into a R rated animated movie. It was also a pleasant surprise that some of the cast from Batman the Animated Series returned to play the roles they made famous. 

     With a cast that includes Mark Hamil, Tara Strong and Kevin Conroy this movie could not fail right?  Unfortunately not even there acting abilities can’t save the fundamental flaws with this movie. One of the flaws in the movie is the voice acting. With the exception of the formentioned actors everyone else ranged from OK to horrible. In particular the voice of Bullock which is almost laughable.


  The biggest problem with the movie is the portrayal of Batgirl. One of the complaints about the original graphic novel is the role Barbara Gordan plays in the story. To remedy this a another story arc was added to flesh out her side of the story. Unfortunately this side story does not work and in some ways even hurts the story. In trying to tell a story of  empowerment for Batgirl it came off more like a story of a girl who does nothing but depend on the men in her life. Her interactions with her male counterparts just don’t work. It’s a sharp contrast to the more independent Batgirl we see in the comics.

  For the most most part the Killing Joke is a Joker story.  Fortunately, that part of the story works very well.  Mark Hamill is as excellent as always in the role of the Joker. At times in the movie he goes from a completely vile character to a very sympathetic character. On the opposite side of the spectrum Kevin Conroy ‘s  stoic demeanor is very fitting for the movie. While it doesn’t feel quite like BTAS it gets close at times. Overall A Killing Joke is a good effort to bring to life a classic but it may have been better to leave this one in its original format.

Score 6.0 out of 10

Marvel is doing multicultural heroes right

The world of Marvel is doing multicultural superheroes the right way.


   Growing up in the 80s there was not many black actors to watch on television.  As a kid I watched shows like A Team and Miami Vice and thought that BA Baracus ( Mr T) and Tubbs ( Philip Michael Thomas) were the coolest. I read comics at the time but as I loved the stories (Ghost Rider and Captain America were my favorite) there was no real characters at the time that I felt were like me.  In fact, I wasn’t aware that there was multicultural superheroes until my cousin introduced me to Milestone Comics created by the great Dwayne McDuffie. Characters like ICON, Static and Rocket entertained me for hours at a time as I tried to get every issue I could from the comic line.

   Unfortunately characters like these were few and far between. Where I lived in Miami there wasn’t any  comic books shops a kid could go to. The only way I was able to get comics was either from my local drug store or from a Flea Market that came to Miami Beach twice a year that had comic book vendors. Usually these vendors had your usual Spider-man, X-men, etc. but what I would never see is a Black Panther, Luke Cage or any type of books like that.

    Growing up I never thought anything of it. I never really got a grasp of how important it was to me until I saw Blade. At the time Wesley Snipes was one of the biggest actors in Hollywood at the time starring in a comic book movie. This was during the time when making a comic book movie was a huge risk to the huge failure of Batman and Robin. Nonetheless Blade for the time was an excellent comic book movie that showed me that if you make a good movie no matter the culture of the main character people will enjoy it. 

    Fast forward to today, I never thought I would see characters like the Falcon, War Machine and Black Panther on a movie screen. It amazes me how much thought and effort is given into not only bringing these characters to life but making them a part of pop culture today. This trend continues on marvel’s tv shows as well. One of the best examples of this is Marvel’s “Agents of Shield “.  While Clark Gregg is the star of the series the show’s diversity is the standout.  This is none the more evident than with Ming-Na Wen. The constant role on the show is not only as the show’s resident badass but someone who stands side by side with Coulson as an equal.

    Diversity has also bleed into the comics as well as Marvel launched there All-New, All-Different lineup. This lineup preaches diversity without shoving down your throat.Kamala Khan,a Pakistani American with shape shifting abilities is the new Ms Marvel. Miles Morales, a half Hispanic, half Black  a thirteen year old boy who took up the reigns of Spiderman after his world’s Spiderman was killed. Amadeus Cho, an Asian American who due to a freak accident became his own version of the Hulk. All of these characters were created and don’t take away from the originals. You like “Peter Parker”? There still is a comic for you. Now when I take my kids to a comic shop it’s a great feeling watching my son quickly find son a Miles Morales Spider-Man comic and my daughter ask for a Spider-Gwen and its in stock. For that I owe Marvel a thanks.

Powers Season 2 Stealing Fire review

   The last episode of Powers ended with 2 cliffhangers. One being Walker having a building dropped on him as a mysterious new Power arrives. The other one being Deana sleeping with her new partner. Oh yeah and SuperShock returned or something like that. But in all seriousness it was good to see the show pick up with the search for him under the rubble. The episode also showed that it seems Retro girl may have not only been the only girl that he was with. The episode also gets further into details about how he was dealing with not having his powers. So it seemed as it went into his capturing of Angela (Leech) and the relationship they had. Because of the arrest it lead to her getting the job with the Feds and being in the position she is in now. This led to the humorous sex scene with Walker and Angela while Deana searched her laptop. It’s  cool to see Walker having a relationship with someone other than RetroGirl.


    It was interesting to see how hard Deana seemed to be taking seeing Walker in the hospital. She is usually see as a strong character so it was good to see her vulnerable. It’s also interesting that it was also Walker’s fault . If he wouldn’t have left her alone this maybe could have be prevented. On the other side we see Harley training his successor when he is visited by cross. Cross came to find out more about what brought the building down on Walker. They find out that there is a Rare Power that controls gravity. An interesting tidbit we found out is that Harley has a secret file on Powers almost like what Batman had in the Towee of Babel story. Thanks to the secret files we found out that our big bad for this season is named Heavy.

    So… Calista now has a secret identity as a clumsy waitress in a bar with glasses. What interesting is that because of her revealing herself to her father, he went out and told the media her secret. Which lead to the media finding her at her job and revealing her identity to the world. With the incredibly bad way she handled the situation it’s clear that she needs some type of management. In the end due to Walkers actions the Powers division has now been dissolved by the FBI. A very interesting turn of events for for the Powers team.

Score 7.5 out of 10

Powers Season 2 ” Hell Night” Review

 Who is this guy?

   It’s Hell night this on this week’s episode of Powers. The city is unrest as the police and team Powers get ready for the riots. This episode had a Purge like feel as everyone was getting ready for the riots. Unfortunately because of the show’s budget I feel we didn’t get the full experience of what this episode could have been. It became evident as it seemed like the city only had 6 cops covering all the riots in the city. it would have been nice to see some more extras used as cops to give the show a more real effect.

Another problem with this week’s episode was Walker. It seemed this week he was too focused on solving the murder of Retro Girl that it almost seemed too excessive. This was all too evident when he left Deana in the middle of a riot to follow a lead. I completely understand the importance of Retro girl to him but to leave his partner in the middle of a riot like you got this right isn’t too heroic. It almost seems fitting what happens at the end of the episode to him due to his recklessness.


   Finally there was Calista, who was almost insufferable this week. First, with her treatment of Zora who is trying to help her with her image ( and maybe help her own by association). Then there was the scenes with her father. While it was interesting seeing her take her anger out on her father for abusing her mother the way the scene played out didn’t make you feel sorry for her. Finally, at the big riot when she finally came to help so she could be in the feels like she is not being played up as a hero but more so as someone who wants the fame of being that. It was cool to see Super Shock come in for the save as he made his comeback. Overall a good episode of Powers but it didn’t wow me.

Score 7.5 out of 10