Ash vs Evil Dead Bait Review

           Hail to the king baby.

  As we last left Ash, he just had killed a Grandma deadite. Episode 2 picks up from there with Kelly asking Ash to help her save her father with Ash saying no because as he says “he has to save all the mommies and he babies”. So Kelly had to choice but to steal Pablo’s bike and the book. This leaves Ash no choice but to follow with Pablo in tow to retreive the book. 
     First off let it be said that Pablo and Ash make a great team. The chemistry between Bruce Campbell and Ray Sanitago is excellent. It’s also cool that Pablo that calls Ash Hefe’.  The car ride to Kelly’s house turned out to be very interesting as Ash and Pablo had an unexpected visitor. Also when our heroes arrived to Kelly’s house but all is not what it seems. The show remains to be funny and entertaining as well as creepy and violent. The show is very uncompromising with its violence and that’s a very good thing because it seems like the show is Campbell’s and Raimi’s vision.

  The side story with Amanda Fisher is moving along slow but I suspect it to pick up soon. Amanda has a sketch of Ash to go on as her first lead.which brings me to my only problem with the show. It’s only thirty minutes long! With this short time period there may not be enough time for a side story. I do hope it does find a balance because overall the show is great.

Score 8/10

This is my first review score that I am doing. I am using a 10 point scale meaning 1 for horrible to 10 is for masterful.

Who will be the new Captain America in the MCU?

     (Warning, Spoilers for Civil comics will follow)With Captain America Civil War less than a year away, one of the burning questions that’s everyone’s mind is will Steve Rogers die? Anyone who read the comic series Marvel Civil War knows that it ends with the untimely death of Captain America. His death was a huge event in comics that sent shockwaves the the Marvel Universe. It seems that the MCU may be following suit with the Civil War movie. If this does happen who would be the likely person to take up the mantle of Captain America.

   The first option is none other than Cap’s childhood friend Buckey Barnes AKA Winter Soldier. There are so many questions about the Barnes going into the movie. How will his and Capt’s relationship be? Will he able to cope with his past?  What’s interesting about Buckey’s story is that it is a story of redemption. Maybe becoming the new Captain America will be a way that he can atone for pass will also be interesting to see how the others in the Avengers team will accept him or even if it would be the same team. In the comics after Cap’s death the Winter Solider took up the mantle of Captain America until Rogers return.


   The second option is none other than the comics current Captain America Sam Wilson aka Falcon. This could be an excellent choice to take up the mantle.  What Winter Solder and Age of Ultron did very well was establish the friendship of Rogers and Wilson. Wilson comes off as not as Capt’s sidekick but his peer who will go the ends of the world for Capt. Brothers in arms and the only person that Capt can truly trust. Capt’s death would not hit anyone more harder than Sam.  It would be easy to see a scene with Tony Starks giving Sam Capt’s shield and telling him that’s what Steve would want. Wilson donning the mask to honor his falling comrade.

 Option 3 none other than Steve Rogers himself. What if instead of Captain America dying he fakes his death and goes into hiding.  This would be interesting because it could be a big coverup were only 2 or 3 people know the truth. This maybe the best option because you could bring him back in Infinity War to everyone’s surprise. It is should also be noted that Chris Evans is incredible as Capt and it would be hard to replace the energy he brings to the movies. It is also to be noted that with the exception of Downey Jr Evans may be the most popular Marvel Universe. It would be in Marvel’s best interest to keep Evans happy and making Capt movies.

Is Seth Rollins Injury best for business?


  As you may have heard by now Seth Rollins was injured at a house show. He injured his ACL, MCL and medial meniscus. It’s a terrible injury and he may be out for 6-9 months. Now while this is disapointing this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Rollins as well as the WWE Title picture.

   Seth Rollins title reign has been  disapointing to say the least. With terrible storylines and questionable losses the popularity of Rollins has been waning and the terrible feud with Kane did not help. The best option right now maybe for him to have some time off and give fans a chance to miss him. Rollins should take the time to refresh his character. Maybe a new gimmick including a new finisher (the Pedigree is terrible for him), a new look and just some freshness to his character could do wonders. He probably will miss Mania but can come back for another big PPV like Sumerslam and generate a huge buzz. 

  Another positive would be that with Rollins gone there is room for someone else to get a big push. Now may be the best time to put the title on Reigns. Fans hatred of Reigns is no way near as nuclear as it was at Mania last year. With Cena gone as well this may be the best time to build characters like Dean Ambrose, Ziggler or Cesaro. Also if things aren’t doing good you always have Sheamus in the background with the Money in the Bank Briefcase.

  Finally, with Rollins being injured it completely changes what the plans for this years Wrestlemania were going to be. Maybe we could get a Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns match or a Cesaro vs Ambrose. This is WWE creative’s chance to fix the misses they had this year and make Raw and Smackdown more compelling. Take time to build your future stars,make more consistent characters and give guys like New Day, Kevin Owens and Bray Wyatt time to show there full potential. While it is always sucks to see a superstar get injuried the WWE must be always be prepared to to have someone step up and take there place. This is especially so for the World Champ. I hope that the next champ gets a better opportunity to shine than Rollins did.

It’s Ok To Go Back To Gotham

    Let’s face it. Season 1 of Gotham was an absolute train wreck.with muddled plot lines, unlikable characters and almost no direction it’s a surprise that the show got a second season. But that’s all changed with season 2. With some bold new changes it almost seems like a totally different show.

  One of the aspects of the show that was lacking was the villains. Gotham is known for such great Villians such as the Joker, Two Face and Penguin. While we have received a great villian in terms of the Penguin and Catwoman the rest were either bastardized versions of the comics (Black Mask) or terrible original creations (Balloonman really!).  So how does season 2 fix this problem, they ramp up the villains to a ridiculous levels. Didn’t like Barbara ok we’ll make her Harley Quinn like,  you want Joker we will give you a versionof him, Riddler storyline too slow ok let’s bring it to a head. Everything on the show now seems to be pure fan service and it’s great. It has become a more fun show to watch because of this.

     Another of Gotham was the Gotham police department. I cannot stress how awful they were. With the exception of Gordon and Bullock It seemed like the whole force was full of corrupt cowards. At no point in  time did I feel that they were competent. So how does season 2 fix this? Season 2 decides to kill off any authority figure on the show and bring in Micheal Chiklis. So far Chiklis bring good balance to the show as a no nonsense Captain who wants to help clean the streets. His attitude blends well with Gordon as they both seem to want to clean up Gotham. Also Ben McKenzie seems more comfortable in the role of Gordon as the show is more becoming more about his rise to commissioner. I would be remiss not to mention that we are getting some development with Alfred and Bruce. It’s good to see Alfred training Bruce in the ways of discipline and self defense.

    The world of Gotham is such a interesting world and while the first season did falter the second season is making up for it. While it’s by no means perfect it’s going in the right direction. With the introduction of the Court of Owls and  history of the city Gotham shows that it still has gas in the tank. This season has also had really good takes on Sliver St Cloud and Firefly as well as had some interesting story arcs.There are plenty of stories to tell and it will be very interesting to see were it goes.

The Flash The Darkness and the Light Review

Welcome back Jay Garrick!                

   One of my complaints about this season is where is Jay Garrick. He was introduced in  the second episode and quickly became forgotten. The Darkness and the Light hopes to remedy that problem. The episode starts off with a great flashback and verbal spar off between Earth 2 Harrison Wells and Jay Garrick.  Garrick wants Wells to admit that he created meta humans in which Wells verbally destroys him. There is clear dislain between the two as Wells sees Garrick as a coward and Jay sees Wells as reckless and selfish. Wells goes as far as to even say that Barry should be teaching Jay because he is a better Flash. Ouch!!  The surprise here is that Wells wants  to stop Zoom because Zoom has his daughter and Barry may be the only one that can save her. Zoom seems to want one thing and that’s to be the only speedster in all worlds and while simplistic it works.I wonder how this will play out. 

     The villian of the week is Dr Light who Cisco found out about with his vibe powers. The team also got the big reveal courtesy of Wells’ device that Cisco is a meta human. His powers seem to be very cool and it will be interesting to see how they develop. On the Caitlyn side of things her relationship with Jay is building as he admits that he is afraid of Zoom. Just when all is going well between the two (getting ready to kiss) Light shows up to spoil the mood. Also there was cool reference to a superhero that I hope we get to see on the show one day. The reveal of who is Earth 2’s Dr Light is very cool and I hope they do more of this and the way Barry defeats Light is cool because it’s straight out of the comics. 

  Let’s be clear about this Harrison Wells. He is not evil he is just “a dick” as Cisco says. As by his mood he clearly doesn’t want to be there as he is snarky with everyone as he smirks as Cisco tells him what was done to him and has and oh well attitude about it. In Wells defense, it has to suck to be hated for something that has nothing to do with him. Also much like there Wells his motivation is reasonable. He just wants to get his daughter back from Zoom.

  My only knock on the episode is the Barry blind date. The premise was a terrible idea that with any other show would be horrible but Flash get a pass because it was silly and they made it work. Also Grant Gustin and  Shantel Yvonne VanSanten have good chemistry and it’s good to see Barry showing interest in someone other than Iris. Overall a solid episode of the Flash. Cisco got his name, Jay left the team and they have a plan to capture Zoom. Next episode seems to be Zoom’s becoming out party and its going to be quite the episode to watch.


Ash Vs Evil Dead Review 

   It’s brash, gory, filthy, disgusting and I love it! When you start off the first 5 minutes with Ash going to a bar and having sex with a girl in the bathroom seeing visions of a deadite your dealing with Evil Dead. Without giving away any spoilers this is the Evil Dead you know and love. It’s not dumbed down for tv or censored in any shape.  People die, Ash does dumb things and everything that you love about Army of Darkness is here. The way Ash makes the mistake of using the Necronomicon is just the beginnings of how funny this show can be.

   Ash still works at the ValueStop and not getting any respect, well except for Pablo who seems to be his sidekick. He looks up to Ash and thinks that Ash could be there savior. Unfortunately for Pablo Ash just wants the hell out of town. Fortunately for us viewers Ash can’t hide for long as before you know it he is blasting deadite’s heads off and saying cool one liners. 

  While I do enjoy Pablo I like to see the supporting cast more fleshed out. Jill Marie Jones is adequate as a State Trooper who may have a pass history with deadite’s.  Dana Delorenzo as Kelly Maxwell is also ok, but her story needs to be more than what we saw in episode one. But there will be plenty of time to flesh out the cast. 

  Overall this is the Evil Dead series that fans want to see. It’s dark but funny and endearing to fans of the movies.  It’s also good for someone who has never seen the movies and just want something entertaining to watch. Don’t worry, there is a recap for those who haven’t seen the movies to catch you up a little bit. I still encourage those who haven’t seen any of the movies to watch them to get a better feel for the show. Either way Ash Vs Evil Dead is a must watch on Starz!


Let’s talk about why if true the Walking Dead Death was for the best


Warning! This post is filled with spoilers from the Walking Dead episode Thank You. If you haven’t watched this episode yet, please wait till you watch the episode  so we can discuss. 

  The Walking Dead possibly had its biggest character death this week. In a truly tragic scene we watch what seems to be Glenn getting torn apart by a herd of Walkers. What makes this scene heartbreaking is that there is no closure. No goodbye to Maggie, no goodbye to the group just a horrific scene of no hope.
   If Glen is truly dead then this was excellent decision. The scene was so gut wrenching, shocking and heartbreaking it made you feel for the first time in the series that no one is truly safe. It was always unspoken that certain characters were safe or was at most meet the same faith of there demise in the comics. 

  What so great about this is that his death shows you that this is a cold world. Any compassion could led to death. This season so far has been about consequences. Morgan didn’t kill the wolves and in return they almost kill Rick. Rick didn’t go back to Alexandria when he heard the gunshots and finds Judith’s formula in one of the Wolves pockets. Finally, Glen showed compassion for someone who was weak and unstable and it may have cost him his life.

   Now there is the possiblity that Glen is very much alive. As happy as I would be to see Glenn alive it cheapens last weeks moment. It makes what happened meaningless. It completely takes away the genuine feelings fans had watching what they perceive was is death and reaffirm that everyone you care about is truly safe. No need to worry because Carol,Rick,Carl,Darryl and Michonne are safe. We don’t need a Walking Dead in which everyone lives. We need to have consequences. We need to live in fear that as every episode goes by we may lose a character that we love. That’s what makes the Walking Dead the show that it is today.

  R.I.P Glen…. Maybe