Ash Vs The Evil Dead Brujo


  This week’s episode starts off with Detective Fisher in a lot of trouble as she is handcuffed to a pipe and about to be killed by a deadite. Before she is murdered she is saved by the mysterious Ruby. This episode is our first real look into this character and her motivations. The fact that it ties into Evil Dead II is awesome!  Ruby is the sister of Annie and wants revenge on Ash. Another interesting moment is the fact that Ruby has Ash’s hand and is using it to track him.

    Meanwhile Ash and crew is off to see Brujo and getting chased by clouds. We also got to see Ash have his Fast and Furious moment which was too funny. We also get the reason why Pablo calls Ash Hefe as it is what his uncle calls those who fights demons. Ash psychedelic trip was great as they gave us some flashbacks to the previous Evil Dead as well as some pop culture references.  It’s also great that Ash’s dream vacation is Jacksonville, FL. 

  Meanwhile as Pablo and Kelly are trying to make Ash a new hand ( he lost the wood one escaping from Fisher) something goes wrong with Kelly. Apparently the creature that they released last episode has infected Kelly and is trying to stop Ash. There were some truly weird moments that occurred with Ash fighting the creature in his mind. The episode ended on a great note and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens next week. 

Overall 8.5 out of 10

Telltale Game of Thrones full series review 

War is Coming   
  Telltale Games, known for the popular video game adaptation of the Walking Dead is back at again. This time there focus is on the extremely popular HBO Game Of Thrones series. If you played a Telltale game then you know what to expect. It’s basically a choose your own adventure game where the consequences are literally life or death. 


  The game starts at “the Red Wedding ” as your character is a spectator to one of the darkest moments from the tv show. It’s a great way not only to start off the game but to get a first hand experience to how horrible this event was. Much like the tv show the game tells 4 different storylines from 4 different characters. This makes the game feel much like the show with multiple storylines that intertwine with each other. For the most part this works because it makes you feel like your building up to something big but the execution isn’t always were it needs to be.

      Another problem with the game is that it relies to often on characters from the show that aren’t necessarily important to the plot. Add to the fact that due to the fact that there on the show these characters can’t be killed or have any ramifications happen against them.This is a problem that could have been solved with minimal or no actors from the show. This is more evident when a cast member of the show commits heinous acts and it’s no way to retaliate against the person or even make an attempt.

  I hate this guy!

  When the game focus on characters not on the show is were it shines its brightest. It’s very thrilling to makes decisions that could either help your clan or hurt it. Not all of these decisions lead to anything significant but when they did they were jaw dropping moments.  The playable characters are very likable and will have you hoping that they get the happy endings they deserve (spoilers, this is Game of Thrones there are no happy endings).

   Overall the gameplay is solid with many different outcomes based on decisions you make in the game. Favor someone over someone else you may be to deal with that character down the line. Every detail was made to make it feel like a episode of Game of Thrones. The story is slower paced than previous Telltale Games but still manages to have those moments that will shock you. Unfortunately Telltale’s engine is starting to age due to the fact that it has to play on everything from IOS to Ps4. Also there are a number of glitches in the game that take a lot away from the experience. From missing audio cues to clipping and frame rate drops these are problems that this game should not have. But if you can overlook these issues what you get is an engrossing story that once it gets it hooks in you its hard to not want to finish. 

Score 7 out of 10

The Flash Gorilla Warfare Review

  When we last left the Flash, Barry was getting “Bained”by Zoom. Left broken by Zoom the team has to rebound from there defeat. While Earth 2 Wells is very different from the Wells we know they both share the same stubbornness. No sooner than Barry’s defeat Wells is ready to leave and face Zoom on his own like he would fare better. We also got to see Cisco’s date with Hawkgirl and how his powers may not always be helpful. But it’s great to see that he made up for it. 

  The first thing that was done very well in this episode is Barry’s anxiety to get back in the suit. Also focusing on the fact that not only did he fail he was embarrassed for all Central City to see. Zoom essentially took away his pride. Barry had to put his pride on the side because he has to save Caitlyn from Grodd. It also helps that Iris called in Barry’s biological father Henry ( John Wesley Shipp) to assist. For those who didn’t know Shipp played the Flash in the 90s tv show (I recommend that you watch it). Snipp is always great as Barry’s father and they have tremendous chemistry together. Also there is a touching scene with his dad looking at his sons photos of him as a kid.

  Let me say that Grodd looks spectacular!  What’s even more impressive is that unlike the first time we see Grodd we see a lot of him.  The plan to catch Grodd with using Earth 2 Wells was excellent. Seening him in the Reverse Flash outfit was great and reenacting the scene with Cisco was very funny. We also got a cool reversal of roles with Barry  in the wheelchair directing Wells in a Flash suit.  This episode is also great because it look like it maybe  forshadowing Gorilla city which could be very interesting to see for a season.

Overall another solid episode of Flash but there is some small grips. One of the grips I have is where in the Central City is Jay Garrick. It seems like a disservice not to have Teddy Sears more on the show. What is Garrick doing in all of this downtime. Also what happened with the storyline with Iris mom and her brother. It seems like the story is almost nonexistent now with little or no talk about it. I hope that they expand on this the further we go down this season. 
Overall 8.5 out of 10

Jeffery Dean Morgan is a incredible pickup for the Walking Dead.

There will be spoilers for the comic as well as the show. You have been forewarned……..

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the past week you’ve probably heard the news that The Walking Dead has cast there Negan. I and happy to report that Jeffery Dean Morgan of Watchmen fame is playing Negan in the season finale. For those who don’t know the name Morgan is probably most known for playing “the Comedian” in “Watchmen”. Say what you may about the movie but there is no denying the charm He brought to the role.

  Those who don’t read the comic Negan is the leader of a group called the Saviors. In the comics he is ruthless, cunning and downright teriflying. Imagine a sadistic  high school bully who can fight and will not back down from anyone. His weapon of choice is a barbed wire bat he calls Lucille  which known for one the the most shocking deaths in Walking Dead history. Huge spoiler for the comic ahead if you don’t want to read or see it I advise you to read this after you have read the book. In the comics as a show of power he brutality murders Glenn.  This is proigant moment in the comics because it’s brutal even by Walking Dead standards. This is also done in front of Maggie and Rick with both helpless to stop it.


  If you saw the Watchmen then you know that Jeffery Dean Morgan is no stranger to playing a dark character. The Comedian was a dark conflicted character who much like Negan seemed to enjoy inflicting pain his adversaries. Also both Negan and The Comedian are huge physical theats. Neither character are also known for there kindnesses to women as the Comedian was a rapist and Negan forces the Saviors wives/girlfriends to be in his harem.

  Negan will add an interesting wrinkle to the show due to not only how dark the character  but also his language. Almost every word out of his mouth is a curse word. Not only could it be a problem with the network for all of the language but it’s also hard to take a character that curses so much seriously. I’m sure that on tv it will be toned down but it’s such a big part of his character. 

  There are so many interesting things about Negan. From his relationship with Carl to the power struggle with Rick. These are definitely going to be some interesting times on the tv show. Fans of the show should look forward to the events that occur next season.

  Dark times ahead indeed.

Ash Vs Evil Dead Books From Beyond Review

   Picking up right from the last Episode we start off with Lucy Lawless character Ruby at the farm on the trail of Ash. Of course Ash is not there but what she does find is Kelly’s dad in deadite form. Ruby wastes no time into getting the information she needed in a way that only she could.

    Meanwhile our heroes are looking for someone who can translate the book so they could reverse the spell.  Let me be the first to say that the”Ghost Beaters” may be one of the greatest group names ever! One of the reasons this show is so good is that it doesn’t take itself serious. The show certainly has its dark moments but always takes time to let you know that it’s a show and it’s supposed to be fun. 

    This is the episode that we finally get to see Det. Fisher’s story coincide with Ash. We also get a little backstory on how and why the book was made and how someone either really evil (or really stupid) could use it. The interaction between Kelly and Det. Fisher was very interesting with Fisher making a point that Ash maybe the cause of the problems and how well does Kelly really know Ash.  But on the other hand Det Fisher inadvertently got the translator and almost everyone killed.

 While a very good episode this may have been the weakest of the three shown thus far. This is not a bad thing it is a difference as this episode fills like filler. Also it’s weird that just in the previous episode Kelly had to watch her father and mother be killed and be ok in what was possibly a couple hours later. Still overall a solid episode that will have you begging for more.

Score 7.5

Why 11-12-15 Was A Sad Day For A Super Smash Brothers Fan

I like Cloud but I feel your pain. That choice is completely out of left field.

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From a “butthurt” Super Samsh Brothers Fan

Only recently were Nintendo fans updated by a notification from our friends at Nintendo. 11-12-15: Nintendo Direct!

Now if you don’t know this already, Nintendo would occasionally release a video to the public showing them what’s new with Nintendo and all the cool new games they’re coming out with. Now usually, most of these announcements don’t come as a surprise.

Today, for the first time in what feels like forever, Nintendo spoke about their infamous “Super Smash Ballot.” The “Ballot” was Nintendo’s very creative and inclusive way of communicating with their thousands and thousands of active fans, showing them that their favorite video game characters have a chance of fighting alongside popular video game characters. These characters come on in purchasable DLC (Downloadable Content) packs, usually at values of 3-5 dollars. Excited for all the new potential characters coming in the 2014 Nintendo…

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The Flash Enter Zoom Review

  Zoom time!!
  Tonight marks our first real look at Zoom as team Flash creates a plan to capture Zoom using Dr Light as bait. The episode starts off with Dr. Light seemly killing Flash and taking his emblem off. The episode then flashbacks to to show get us up to speed. Dr Light’s reason for wanting to kill Linda Parks makes perfect sense and shows how truly scared people are afraid of Zoom. There is also a cool moment with Dr. Light escaping. This causes team Flash to have to change their plan in catching Zoom.There is some pretty funny moments in this episode that alone make it worthwhile including the line ” I have made out with the Flash”.


      The flashbacks give us a look at Wells’ relationship with his daughter and the rift they have about the Flash. The flashback also shows us Wells’ motivation as his daughter is kidnapped. With Cisco’s new power and some trickery he discovers what Wells is hiding. There are some very cool moments in these flashback including one with the Arrow of their world. I hope to see more moments like this maybe even one with a certain Dark Knight. 


    As good as the episode is I do have some grips. The reason Barry is obsessed with Zoom is flimsy at best. Also, it seems out of character that team Flash would be so willing to put someone in danger even if he was thinking of Zoom like another Reverse Flash he did almost kill them all. Also why not call team Arrow. They were essential to capturing the Reverse Flash so why not call them. Then there is the Patty Spivot storyline in which she is left in the dark by Joe which just seems as a retread of last seasons story with Eddie.  What we did get was Zoom and he is incredible! He’s terrifying and Tony Todd is the perfect voice of fear. He seems like the perfect foe for Barry and lives up to everything that you would expect from him. I look forward to seeing were this story goes due to the dark note the episode ends on.

Score 8 out of 10