Preacher “Puzzle Piece” Review

   Let me start off by saying that Herr Starr is an awesome bad guy! The way the episode starts off with him spying on Jessie and not really seeing what’s so special about him seems cold and callous. Especially how he so nonchalantly called for him to kill him as it was a waste of his time. Sending out a hit squad that played out like a scene from a a Call of Duty Zombie mode (except with vampires). Jessie easily made short work of them. Then he literally called up a clean up crew for himself much to the surprise of Tulip as she awakened. This clean up crew also consisted of a police force to guard the house.

   While this was going on Herr Starr was on a date in which he had a woman do some funny stuff with butter.  The character is fascinating because comes off as a person without compassion, but it’s almost cartoonish. As he casually asks one of his workers to get him a rape fantasy. Note this is what his said casually as he was about to kill both of his agents in question but the gun jammed. It was also amusing that his agent just kept upping the ante with his sexual fetish till it’s climax (Pun Intended) It’s very surprising the amount of stuff Preacher is able to get away with without any controversy behind it.  It is refreshing that the show is giving such free range.

   Cassidy and Dennis relationship seems to be better after his transformation.  Dennis seems to be taken to his transformation a little too well if anything. It clearly was a surprise to Jessie via the way he found out too.  While it did seem like the right thing to do for his son I wonder if it will backfire. In the other relationship on the show it seems like more and more it’s becoming apparent that Jessie is using his power on Tulip in an unhealthy manner. It’s clearly uncomfortable that at any point he can just make her do what he wants. Even with his good intentions it seems he maybe addicted to it.

  The big surprise of the episode was Brad. At first it seemed that Brad maybe some else sent in to combat Jessie. Someone that Jessie was prepared for. What Jessie wasn’t prepared for is that Brad is actually B.RA.D which stands for Battle Ready Aerial Drone. On paper this sounds like the perfect way to handle Jessie. Unfortunately that plan went awry as the missile went off course. While that moment was kind of a whimper the ending with Jessie meeting Herr Starr makes up for it.

Overall a good episode of Preacher 

Score 7.9 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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