Game of Thrones. “Eastwatch” Review

   After the thrilling conclusion of last week’s Game of Thrones it was great that we start off the episode right we’re we left.  It was also good that the show wasted no time letting you know that Bronn and Jamie was not dead.  The show also gave us a glimpse of  how even the good’s acts in the show are questionable as the last of the Tarley’s met there fate. It seems that Danaerys while her words maybe pure she still is ruling with fear instead of respect.  How many of those Lannister soldiers will be loyal if the fear is removed.  The conversation between Varys and Tyrion was very interesting indeed as Varys tells the story’s on how vile was Daenerys father.

  The conversation between Jamie and Cersei was also an interesting one indeed. As  Jamie tells her that they have no chance of winning without the dragons no less with the dragons. She knows they are gonna lose but they are in a lose lose situation as she explained. Her brother murdered Danaerys father and even if they surrendered she would most certainly sentenced them to death.

  The news of the White Walkers heading toward Eastwatch is most certainly troubling news.  Troubling enough to to have them come up with the crazy plan of Tyrion and Jamie meeting up. Even more tense was the meeting between Jamie and Cersei after that. Not only did she already know about the meeting but she wants Bronn to be punished for it. Also she so everly hinted that she will have Jamie killed at any sign of disloyalty. But an even bigger moment was the return of Gendry!!! They even made a very funny reference to his rowing. Apparently he was there the whole time as a blacksmith. It’s a passable excuse that was made good by the fact that he is pretty good with a hammer. Also the moment with him as Jon Snow was very amusing.

   Two great moments that may have been overlooked were Ayra’s conversation with Sansa and Arya spying on LittleFinger. It was a great move to have Arya call Sansa on her Bs and flat out say that she wants Jon’s spot. It’s almost to the point that she maybe as dangerous to Jon as Cersei. But it seems like it maybe a ruse setup by LittleFinger to turn the sisters against each other. He seems to be back in the drivers seat as he is one step ahead of Arya. It will be interesting to see watch comes of this. 

  The final moments of the episode are the most interesting as we are getting the teamup we never knew we wanted. We got the Hound, Jon Snow, Jor Mormont, Tormund and Davos to find a Whitewalker to bring to Cersei. Overall a slower pace episode this week that seems like this is gonna lead to an epic next episode that should be very exciting to watch.

Score 8.0 out of 10


Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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