Preacher “Sokosha” Review

This week’s episode of Preacher starts off very peculiar way as the first 5-10 minutes are not about Jessie and Crew. It’s about a mysterious man (played by James Kyson of Heroes fame) making a deal with a couple who was in desperate need for money for a strange substance out of the husband’s body. Only to sell this mysterious substance for a ton of money. 


  On the Jessie side of things they seemed to be having a good breakfast till the Killer of Saints arrived. Literally going door to door murdering ppl. The way Jessie found out he was there while not very believable it was entertaining.  It’s good to see that finally they have decided to find out more about the Saint of Killers and maybe a way to stop him. It was amusing that all they had to do to find out about him was to go to the library.  Unfortunately they forgot to tell Dennis not to go home ( also, none of them speak French).

  This left Jessie no choice but to confront the Saint to save Dennis. We also find out in a touching moment that Dennis is actually Cassidy’s son and he is sick.It was very smart for Jessie to tell the Saint the truth about God. It was also smart for Jessie to reason with the Saint by trying to find him a soul. Bad enough he has to get find a soul within 1 hour but he has to do it without any help from his friends. 

  Which brings us back to the beginning of the episode as we find out that the substance that they were selling at the beginning of the episode were pieces of soul. So it’s a race to find the right soul and bring it back. In the end it seems like Jessie out smarted the Killer of Saints but the big question is how long will it last and did Jessie make a mistake by giving up a piece of his soul to make it happen?

Overall much slower episode of Preacher but it gets the job done with establishing characters.

Score 7.5 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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