Game of Thrones “Stormborn” Review 


  The episode starts off with a great moment and callback to season one. The conversations between Varys and Daenerys was a powerful moment as it came up that during season one they wanted her dead. Varys made a very good point for his reasoning and also proved his loyalty so far.  One thing this episode does really well is address many of the issues with these groups working against Cersei working together may have, including the fact that the Queen of Dorne had Tyrion’s niece ( who was innocent) killed.


  Queen Cersei is making it clear that she is no fan of Daenerys. She gathered her lords together to weave the tale of how awful Daenerys is. It was a fascinating moment seeing how she took Daenerys moments of triumph freeing slaves and all she accomplished and turned them into villainy. Also let’s talk about the fact that Cersei has something that can kill dragons at her disposal. That’s a big deal and maybe even a look into what’s to come with the dragons.

    Sam’s journey is interesting as he is trying to find a way to cure Jorah Mormon of his Grayscale. It completed fits Sam’s character wanting to cure the Grayscale. Watching the process of him removing the Grayscale was gross but in perfect Game of Thrones fashion they found the perfect scene to cut to.


  Speaking of the next scene, Arya finding out that Jon was King of the North while causally eating seems fitting. It seems her quest for revenge may have shifted to find her brother. We God a nice surprise as she found Nymeria. Jon may have his own problems as he is trying to convince his people that he may need to seek help from Daenerys and Tyrion. It didn’t help that his sister Sansa was not on his side either.  So him leaving her in charge while he is gone seems a little strange. Also on another note why would LittleFinger let his feelings for Sansa be known to Jon Snow.  Unless he has some underline reasoning to piss him off it didn’t seem wise. Especially for a character that’s known for being cunning. I hope they eventually reveal why this was done.

The final moments of the episode definitely were the best as we see Euron’s “Gift” happen as he hunts down his niece and nephew and destroys there army. Killing two of the daughters of the queen of Dorne while taken the Queen and the other daughter hostage. It was a fierce battle that was too much for  Theon who instead of trying to save his sister choose to flee. While this maybe a act of cowardice ( also signs that he is clearly not over the reek thing) it actually was wise because he didn’t stand a chance and someone needs to tell Daenerys what happened. Overall great episode with a lot of callbacks to the first season and some good character development.

Score: 8.6 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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