Nickelodeon shows off Rocko’s Modern Life & Hey Arnold trailers at SDCC today

I feel like I’m a lil kid again! So today Nickelodeon showed off sneak peeks for Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie and Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling movie. Let’s start with Rocko’s first.

So Rocko’s Modern Life has him now in the 21st Century showing off all the technology we have in our world today but it was named different stuff.

Like the iPhone is called the O-phone 8 lol. Rocko asks this is a phone, Where are all the buttons?

Then Rock goes to his old job and notices there’s no door and asks “where’s the door what happened to all the comics? Heff and  Filburt are using a machine that can make a Comic out of some type of technology.

Then they use a food truck to get Taco’s and Rocko gets sick from one of em. They go see a movie in 3-D where Rocko gets beaten up by the 3-D movie, after the movie Filburt uses the drink that makes everyone radioactive and he turns into some type of monster which then transforms into the hand that flicks Rocko into the new Title sequence and the trailer ends with him running into his house and he remarks with “The 21st Century is a very dangerous place”

Now for Hey Arnold, So after all these years we are finally getting The Jungle Movie which should of come out 15 years ago but it just didn’t happen. It is NOW though!!!

The trailer starts out with everyone on Arnold’s rooftop and when I say everyone I mean it! They had main character’s, side character’s, one-offs it was amazing! 

Gerald (Arnold’s best friend) describes to us what makes Arnold so special by goin over some of the people he’s helped on the show…. like Stoop Kid (when I saw him I lost my shit) He says he never would of left his stoop had it not been for Arnold, he says look at me now I’m sitting on the biggest stoop of em all and that now he can harass folks from his stoop and off it  he ends by saying Arnold has a great heart. pigeon Man was shown as well (I again lost my shit and fan girled) he says Arnold helped him escape the cage of his old life, now he’s as free as a bird and we pan up to see the Bells of Notre Dame.
They show a couple other characters he’s helped and that this is why he should win the contest/trip to San Lorenzo. Since he is a humanitarian like his parents. Gerald ends by saying Arnold is a Bold hero and a true friend. That was the end of the sneak peek trailer. 

Here are links to both of the trailers as well so you can check them out for yourself. Rocko’s Modern Life Static Cling sneak peek Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie sneak peek

Writer’s take: I CAN’T WAIT for these 2 movies to premiere they look so good and like the old shows Rocko’s got the humor it used to have and Arnold looks to have the heart that made the show amazing originally. It literally can’t get here fast enough. 

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