Breaking news concerning GFW signing major Indie talent

It’s being reported that Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, and the Christ brothers have signed to work upcoming live events for GFW/Impact Wrestling. 

Jeremy Borash broke the news during a conference call earlier today with the media he also noted that Drago of AAA will be apart of some upcoming live events as well. 

Mundo & Valkyrie won’t be able to be on TV till Lucha Underground S3 is done. So hopefully this doesn’t turn into another Cody Rhodes situation where they only do a couple shows for GFW/Impact.

Writers take: This is a damn good signing for GFW/Impact. Even if they don’t do TV down the line this helps them out selling tickets for the live events, etc. The future is looking pretty bright for Impact as of now. 

Author: rustyrages

I'm just an amateur writer who loves to write about the Yankees, Wrestling, Cartoons, Movies & TV shows

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