Preacher “Dallas” Review 

“Dallas” was a much needed episode of Preacher as it gave a much needed backstory to the relationship between Jessie and Tulip. The episode does a good job on giving just enough information on why Jessie may have given up his life of crime in well done flashbacks. It was very cool to see them trying to work as a couple and deal with a real problem that couples have. It was very refreshing to see Jessie’s frustration with not being able to get Tulip pregnant. 

  It was also great to see how there situation turned out back then as Jessie wanted to leave the life of crime and Tulip thought that was who they were. The dynamic between the was great and the moment when Jessie realized why Tulip was not getting pregnant was a powerful moment. The only knock I had with the flashback was Jessie’s nonchalant way of deciding on becoming a preacher. While the moments up to it seemed reasonable the moment when he made the decision didn’t seem powerful enough.


  In the present moment there was also a lot going on as Jessie was deciding on whether or not to kill Tulip’s husband. With all of the lies that Jessie has been told the past few episodes he was  in a dark place. There was the the dilemma that if Jessie decided to kill him there maybe not coming back for there relationship. But as Cassidy said it would take more than that to break them up. In the end Preacher decided to do the right thing and just get the divorce papers.  Overall a solid episode of Preacher and the kicker at the end makes for a very interesting episode next week.


Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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