Preacher “Viktor” Review


  This week’s Episode of Preacher picks off right where the last one left off with Tulip being taken away to meet up with the dangerous Viktor.  The fear in Tulip’s eyes was real and unlike anything we have seen from her on the show. She clearly knows what Viktor is capable of and is carefully trying to give the right answers or it may cost her life. It seemed almost perilous as she searched for any allies in the compound and only found hatred for her betrayal. 

   The reason that Jessie didn’t immediately go looking for Tulip seems valid, since Cassidy didn’t tell him what was going on. Jessie just figured that she was still mad at him and out somewhere scamming. This leads Jessie on the hunt for the actor who played God. Also a well played move by Cassidy in the casting office that was a fun surprise. 

 Eugene on the other hand is not having a good time either as he is being bullied in hell and being protected by Hitler.  It’s a very interesting take on a character who has done such awful things.  It’s also interesting how organized Hell in this universe actually is.  It seems like a well organized concentration camp. Also it was cool to see Tyrus from WWE/Impact Wrestling fame as a guard.  It seems like hell is most certainly not a place for a cream puff like Eugene or so it seemed until Eugene’s final act in the episode.


  Though most of the episode was just plot progressing the episode most certainly picked up in a big way as Jessie finally found out about Tulip and went to her rescue in a very cool scene that climax in a fight scene that was sent to the song “Uptown Girl” hat will make you not look at that song in the same way again. Overall an okay episode that was made very good at the end with a few surprises.

Score 7.5 out of 10


Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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