Agents of Shield “Meet the New Boss” Review

A team that trust is a team that triumph

  This episode was dealt the task of introducing us to the new director of Shield. It’s cool to see that the new director is not just some yelling drill sergeant but a charismatic, shred character. We also get a idea on what Jemma is working on as the director is giving a tour of Shield. This is to get more funding as he is trying to bring back Shield to into the public eye. Overall, I like what the new director brings to the show and am very curious if he is the same as comic counterpart.


   On the other side Daisy and Robbie’s story so far is interesting. As Daisy used her skills to find out as much information as she could to use to get his attention.  It may have backfired a little when she mentioned his brother and he overpowered she and took her hostage. The conversation was interesting as she is still skeptical about his story about his deal with the devil. It was also cool to see Daisy, Fitz and Mack  back together for a very emotional moment.  In the end it is cool to see she closer to her comic counterpart.


Then there is the May situation. I think that it’s interesting how the ghost touch affects people and that Ghost Rider seems to be the only one who can stop them. It was also cool scene to see May try to take down the new director and not even fazing him. The conversation between Coulson and the director reigns true as Coulson doesn’t think logically when it comes to May and Daisy. As harsh as the treatment seems to be it maybe necessary as the alternative is not a good outlook and shown by the prisoner she spoke with earlier in the episode. Overall, while not as exciting as last week’s episode it still was a overall solid episode.

Score : 7.5 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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