Powers Season 2 Stealing Fire review

   The last episode of Powers ended with 2 cliffhangers. One being Walker having a building dropped on him as a mysterious new Power arrives. The other one being Deana sleeping with her new partner. Oh yeah and SuperShock returned or something like that. But in all seriousness it was good to see the show pick up with the search for him under the rubble. The episode also showed that it seems Retro girl may have not only been the only girl that he was with. The episode also gets further into details about how he was dealing with not having his powers. So it seemed as it went into his capturing of Angela (Leech) and the relationship they had. Because of the arrest it lead to her getting the job with the Feds and being in the position she is in now. This led to the humorous sex scene with Walker and Angela while Deana searched her laptop. It’s  cool to see Walker having a relationship with someone other than RetroGirl.


    It was interesting to see how hard Deana seemed to be taking seeing Walker in the hospital. She is usually see as a strong character so it was good to see her vulnerable. It’s also interesting that it was also Walker’s fault . If he wouldn’t have left her alone this maybe could have be prevented. On the other side we see Harley training his successor when he is visited by cross. Cross came to find out more about what brought the building down on Walker. They find out that there is a Rare Power that controls gravity. An interesting tidbit we found out is that Harley has a secret file on Powers almost like what Batman had in the Towee of Babel story. Thanks to the secret files we found out that our big bad for this season is named Heavy.

    So… Calista now has a secret identity as a clumsy waitress in a bar with glasses. What interesting is that because of her revealing herself to her father, he went out and told the media her secret. Which lead to the media finding her at her job and revealing her identity to the world. With the incredibly bad way she handled the situation it’s clear that she needs some type of management. In the end due to Walkers actions the Powers division has now been dissolved by the FBI. A very interesting turn of events for for the Powers team.

Score 7.5 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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