Powers Season 2 “Funeral of the Century” Review

Open into the World of Powers
  The second episode of this season of Powers is just as good as the first episode and in many ways better.What “Funeral of the Century” from start to finish does is set up what the world of Powers is. The episode starts off with Walker having nightmare about RetroGirl. It was a good to show how much he is tortured by her death. Him looking at the graves of past heroes and reflecting was very cool imagery.

    Calista was very interesting in this episode. From the beginning moment when she snuck into Walker’s apartment dressed as Retro girl. The scene came off as creepy as she showed Walker her newfound abilities with him in nothing but boxers. It seems like sense Johnny Royal is no longer in the picture she is now looking to Walker for guidance. While it seems that her reasoning for wanting to be the next Retro Girl seems sound the timing seems off as the previous one isn’t even in the ground yet and she wants to parade around in a skimpier verson of her outfit.  Speaking of her outfit it seems way too skimpy to fight crime in. I usually don’t complain about stuff like this but her outfit is just too revealing and it’s not practical. 

     One of the highlights in  the episode was Walker and Deena speaking to the Powers gang to stand down in their war against the Hacks. This lead to the murder of the whole gang which seemed like it was a planned attack from the Hack ‘s but it’s from a new gang that formed because of Retro Girl’s death. Speaking of her death it is felt throughout the episode. From the riots during her funeral even till the moment when Calista shows up as the new Retro Girl. Zora didn’t seemed too happy about that as her fame fades and she is not taking serious anymore. Overall another solid episode of the show.

Score 8.0 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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