Legends of Tomorrow Legendary Review

   This is it. The big season finale of Legends. Can the episode live up to the title?


   The episode starts off with the surprise of Rip taking the team back to Earth and leaving them. Taking the team five months in the future which is present Arrow time. There were some great moments like watching each member getting back to life. Watching Sara get the news about Laurel was heartbreaking. It was also interesting to see Sara threatened Rip to go back so she can save her sister. The most shocking thing is that if she would have stayed in the timeline, she and her family would have been killed by Darhk instead. was  This episode did a excellent job of establishing there loyalty to each other.


   Savage endgame was finally revealed as he is trying to use Kendra and Carter ‘s blood to somehow use some three meteors to bring to world back to the 1700. The plan seems way to complicated to go over. Savage seems extra brutal in this episode as he is choking,stabbing and slaughtering his foes as he tries to reach his goal. Even with the team rescuing Carter it seemed like Savage had the upper hand.

   Defeating Savage will not be easy As since there are 3 meteors in three different times they have to essentially have to defeat him three times. Watching them fight 3 different Savages felt like something out of a videogame. As each team beat Savage it seemed almost too easy. It apparently was a one meteor could not be destroyed like the the other two were. It seemed a little convenient that the one that couldn’t be changed was the one I there time. This lead to Rip Hunter’s brave sacrifice to save the world. So it seemed until the ship decided that it didn’t want to die. You read that right! The ship didn’t want to die! So they both lived, as cheesy as it sounds!  The ending epilogues were great especially the one with Mick and Snart. It was touching and great closure to both characters. But the ending was the kicker! Hourman and the Justice Society! Man I can’t wait for season 2!

Score8.4 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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