Legends of Tomorrow Destiny review

The Time Masters working with Savage

    Last week’s Legends of Tomorrow was very eventful as not only did the team lose one half of Firestorm (Jax is rapidly aging and was sent home to save his life) but the team’s quest to turn in Vandal Savage to the Time Masters was in vain due to them working with him.  The reasoning for the time masters working with Savage makes perfect sense as it seems that he may be the key to saving the future from an alien invasion. Another shocking revelation is that the whole time everything Rip Hunter did was all part of the Time Masters plans, even right down to the death of his family.

    The episode starts off in great fashion with future Jax finding past Stein to get help. It was great to see that this is the Stein from the beginning of the season who was a little more of a prick. The only part of these scenes that they were far too short and it didn’t make sense. How was it so easy for Stein just to help fix a time machine from the future? It seemed like a botched storyline if given time it could have been so much better. 

    The Lords waste no time with what they want to die with the team. Either make them a version of Kronos or kill them. All with the exception of Carter and Kendra who they have given to Savage. The first one who they tried to rehabilitate was Heatwave. Or so they thought until Heatwave showed that it wasn’t going to be that simple. In the end, it made perfect sense that after all he’s been though with the team that he actually cares for the team.

   The two remaining members of the team Sara and Snart were still on the Waverider figuring out a plan to rescue the team. The small part in which Snart snapped and was considering killing Sara seemed out of character for how far the character has come. Even the scene later when he apologizes and basically wants to make out seems a little flat. The big theme of this episode was destiny as the Time Lords Told Rip that the future couldn’t be changed. In the the end the future was changed in a bad way as we seemingly lost a fan favorite.  In the end I hope that wasn’t the last we saw of that character as he is the reason many watch the show. Overall a solid episode of Legends going into the finale.
Score 8.6 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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