Arrow Monument Point Review

The Calulator returns


    This week’s Arrow marks the return of Noah Kuttler aka The Calculator. The reason for his return, Darhk is trying to launch a nuclear weapon in the next 21 hours. It won’t be way to find him as he is being hunted by H.I.V.E as well. Leading the hunt is none other than Brick. What was interesting about this is that this was the first real time Oliver really faced off against Brick. Overall the interactions between Felcity and her dad was excellent especially as they broke into Palmer tech ( Felcity was fired) to get the device to stop Darhk. Also the small exchange between Oliver and Kuttler was also a great touch.

      Project Genesis is a full swing as Malcom Meryln tells Thea the reason for her kidnapping. It’s simply to protect her from what he thinks is the destruction of the world. It’s very interesting that Darhk’s plan is just Meryln’s plan from season one but on a grander scale. Unforchantly for Darhk, Anarky is in the Ark and is attempting to kill the air supply. Anarky was in full crazy mode as his plan was to kill everyone in the ark including himself to get revenge on Darhk. The fight scene between the was fierce and exciting but not without loss.

   Another big point of this week’s Arrow was being honest with significant others. Diggle was not honest with Lyla about Andy’s death and Detective Lance being forced to lie about him knowing that his daughter was the Black Canary. These scenes were very well done and was a good dynamic showing how each of them was dealing with loss. I wish there was more time taken to deal with these issues but it’s understandable as a Nuke  was launched. The most shocking part is that a Nuke hit a target and the show kind of brushed over it. Overall this was a very good episode leading into the final episodes of he season.

Score 8.5 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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