Legends of Tomorrow River of Time Review

Is Carter worth it….

   They had him. Kendra coated her mace with one of the items that could kill Savage and was ready to deliver the killing blow. But before she could complete the task Savage threw a curveball at her. Not only is there a version of Carter Hall alive in this future but he is brainwashed and the only person who can undo it is Savage himself. This left her with a difficult decision as she clearly still has feelings for him. This left the team no other option but to keep him and Hall prisoner on the Waverider. It was interesting watching Kendra trying to help Carter get his memories back. It was also very interesting watching the conversation between Ray and Savage as he brought to Ray’s attention that he was in the same position that Ray was in once. It’s getting a little tired that Ray is constantly the punching bag for women. 

    Not everyone is too happy about Savage being on the ship but the team may have found a loophole. The fact that Savage’s super weapon was from far in the future and is manipulating time is a time violation. So the Time Masters can punish Savage for his crimes. What makes it worse is at it is Rip Hunter’s fault for being reckless. His recklessness also caused the ship to malfunction. The more rash decisions he made the more danger he put his teammates. Much like him sending Jax to fix the ship and get jacked with radiation. The team is literally falling apart in this episode even the mere presence of Savage on the ship is causing conflict.

    In the end it was Ray’s anger that got the best of him as he releases Savage and attacks him. Snart had the best line in the show as He balks at Savage “Leonard Snart robber of ATMs” mocking Savage’s bravado. Soon as all seemed lost, Carter regained his memories back and helped turn the tides. It seemed like the team had won when Savage was returned to the time lords then the big Revalation that the time lords are working with Savage! What a great way to end the episode!

Score 8.4 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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