Arrow Genesis Review

Genesis does….

    This week Damian Darhk returns to H.I.V.E in a big way!  Now that Darhk has his powers back he seems like an unstoppable force that even H.I.V.E can’t control. It seems like Darhk had plans to take out each of his rivals this week with detailed plans as we get closer to his endgame. This episode showed us a harsher side of Darhk that was refreshing as he was very vindictive this episode. Even going as far as ripping a device out of Lyla’s arm (don’t ask)that could cause nuclear annihilation.


  On the team Arrow side of thing Ollie has to meet up with a contact of Constantine to combat Darhk’s Magic. Diggie Was sent on a more important mission: to get diapers. That was at least until he was led into a trap by Andy.which lead into an intense shootout between the Diggle brothers. Watching the scenes of Diggle being tortured by his brother was a rough watch. But it was also short lived as John overcame the odds. It did seem weird that he didn’t recapture Andy after he cuffed him to the pole. It didnt matter because of Diggle’s carelessness he lead Andy right to his family. This did lead to the big moment we’ve been waiting for all season. Diggle finally realized that Andy wasn’t going to change and killed off Andy. It was a powerful moment and made perfect sense for the arc to end this way.

  While Diggle was in pursuit of Andy, Oliver was in Hub city with Felicity looking the contact. Hardcore DC fans will recognize the name because it is the home of DC hero the Question. To beat Darhk he would have to overcome the darkness inside or it would make Darhk stronger.  This lead to a quick flashback of all the darkest moments in Oliver’s life. Because of these moments it’s seemed like Oliver would not be able to defeat him. But magically Oliver got the glow and aparently he now has the power inside him to withstand Darhk’s attacks. While it was cheesy the fact the light inside him comes from his team makes sense.

   Thea on the other hand went on vacation with her boyfriend or so she thought. As she was trapped with Alex in a strange peaceful town . Which ended up being basically Darhk’s twisted version of  Noah’s ark. It reminded me a lot of “Pleasantville” mixed with “Under The Dome”. The longshot of the out side of the dome was quite the site to see. Overall a solid episode of Arrow that does a good job with setting up the final few episodes of the season.

Score 8.7 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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