Arrow Canary Cry Review

I’m out here looking for revenge!!!! 
   The opening moments of Arrow was one of the most heartbreaking moments on in the show’s history. Watching Detective Lance break down after seeing his daughter’s body felt like a real moment. What was even more heartbreaking is the hope Lance had that she may still be alive when another Black Canary appear only for it to take it away. Again and again it’s taking away as he even went as far to ask Nyssa for help but to no avail. Paul Blackthorne was on top of his game this episode in a way that will give you a better appreciation for the Detective Lance character.

   What also felt real was the reaction from each of the members of team Arrow.  The guilt that Diggle feels because of the actions of his brother was a great moment for the character. The conversations with Felicity added to very well to the story as she pointed his brooding. The moment when his takes Darhk’s wife (now the mayor) hostage was a good moment even if this was a little cheesy when Oliver screamed John then talked to him in his Arrow growl. Unfortunately his attack made the new mayor put out warrants for the arrest of the new Black Canary. Speaking of the imposter Canary her character was not necessary to the story as it just seemed like a tacked on reason to have action in an episode.
   The surprise of this week was the flashbacks! They were excellent as they focused on the relationship between Oliver and Laurel after the death of Tommy. It’s nice to flashbacks like this that tell a separate single story. Watching the two together in these scenes reminds you how great there chemistry was in the first two seasons of Arrow. Overall this episode was a tribute to not only the Black Canary but to Laurel Lance and how important her character was to the show. The big speech that Oliver gave at the end was an excellent send off to the character.

Score 8.9 out of 10


Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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