The Flash Back to Normal Review

Central City needs saving with a powerless Flash

   In the previous episode of the Flash the team was in big trouble as Barry made the decision to give Zoom his powers in exchange for the life of Wally West.  Making a deal with Zoom already seemed like a bad idea, but trusting him to keep his word is even more flagrant. So it should be no surprise that Zoom decided to not only try to kill Barry but to take Caitlin as well. The big question this week is how will team Flash deal with the aftermath of this. With Caitlin gone and Barry powerless things look grim for the team.

   Watching Barry cope with having to be normal again was a interesting site to see. I also liked the fact that Wells pointed out that this is all Barry’s fault. While everyone tried to convince Barry that it wasn’t his fault the bottom line is that it is. Barry the last couple of episodes has been trying to do things his way and for the most part it has been working but it’s good to see that’s it finally caught up to him. Kudos to the show for doing a good job of building up to this as some of the other CW superhero shows don’t always do this well.

    Speaking of Wells, that was another thing they build up on very well. Every episode Wells has been keeping the search for his daughter alive by mentioning it. This episode shows the results of that as he does finally finds his daughter. Unfortunately for him she doesn’t want to return with him because she sees him as dangerous as Zoom. Before Wells is able to mend there relationship he is kidnapped by Griffin Grey who thinks he is Earth 1 Wells. The version of  Griffin seems To be very similar with his comic book counterpart with the exception that this version maybe aging at a faster pace than his counterpart.  Overall this episode seemed to only serve the purpose of getting  Jessie back into Team Flash fold as Grey was overall an underwhelming villain.   

    The more interesting story of this episode was what was going on in Earth 2. As we see a kidnapped Caitlin in the clutches of Zoom. We also find out the reasoning for him kidnapping her is the fact that he is in love with her. She has terrible luck with men!! We got some great scenes and a pleasant surprise in these scenes.  While it didn’t fully succeed in making Zoom a more relatable character it does help paint him in a little different light as he is not just some emotionless monster.

Score 7.9 out of 10


Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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