The Flash Versus Zoom Review

Flash Vs Zoom part 2

     As Flash returns from a multi week hiatus, we are treated with the intro story of Humter Zolomon aka Zoom.  His origin story is dark and very similar to the origin of Kingpin on Netflix’s Daredevil. Both had abusive father figures that influenced them down a darker path. It was also chilling listen to Wells tell the story of how Hunter Zolomon got his powers. While the battle between Barry and Zoom was not as eventful as the first battle, it was certainly more emotional. While Reverse Flash seemed like a cerebral villain Zoom is more of a psychopath. Make no mistake, this was a battle of wits with both parties trying to outwit the other. 

       On the other side of things the tachyon device that Barry received in the previous episode was the key to unlocking his speed. Now not only is Barry faster, but he now is even faster that Zoom. So now it would only make sense that he would want to return to Earth 2 to defeat Zoom once and for all. As you would except Wells is not too happy about this as this plan is dangerous. It is so dangerous that he is willing to ask Joe to talk Barry out of it. What was more interesting was that Joe actually talked Wells into helping him.  

    A cool aspect of this episode was that Cisco is the key to opening the breach to Earth 2. It’s good to see Cisco finally reaching some of the potential that the character has. Also it has to be said that kudos should be given to the writers making a character that is a joke in the comics to not only a likable character but an essential part of team Flash. The fact that Cisco was worried about succumbing to the dark side because of the mistakes that reverb made was also a nice touch to the episode.

     Two interesting aspects of this episode is the fact that Wally is now going to be a series regular as he is moving into Joe’s house. It only seemed natural that as soon as he moved in Zoom was kidnapping him.The question now is how long before we get Wally West Flash.We also have the dynamic of Iris starting to succumb to her feelings for Barry. I don’t mind this as long as they don’t draw it out so long like Arrow did with Ollie and Felicity. Overall a very good episode of Flash that got us back into the show.

Score 8.6 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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