Arrow Beacon of Hope Review

 There Bee-Havior can be appalling sometimes


   Wow did this episode lay it on thick with the bee puns! If you didn’t know Brie Larvan is out of jail and she is harassing the good folks of Star City. Killing them with bad bee puns (not really but she might as well have). Seeing the  Palmer tech building covered in bees was a cool sight but seeing Emily Kinney dressed in her bee outfit was ridiculous. The revelation of why Larvan needs the tech is a genuinely good reason and seems to be a commentary on the high cost of medical procedures. It seems a little heavy handed but overall it’s not a big deal because this seems like it’s a episode that the team are having fun with.


  There was some genuine funny moments in this episode and the Neil Adams reference was funny. It was also funny that Curtis so easily found the Arrow cave and called out who everyone was except Diggle of course. Having Curtis play the Felicity role seemed to be a good fit. It was all fun and games until the bee man stung Oliver and he had bees multiplying in his body. After that we harsh scene with Oliver talking down to Curtis that was very uncomfortable. It seemed to be out of place even with the explaination that he was frustrated because of losing Felicity. Felicity seems to be handling it in her own way as she has her mother chiming in her ear.

  On the other side, thing don’t look too good for Darhk. Merlyn came to visit him in jail to tell him that H.I.V.E ( another bee reference) basically fired him and he is on his own. But what this moment does is show that even without his powers he is still a threat. He is also seemed to be building up a new gang in prison. Hopefully something big is coming up for Darhk and we get to winding down this story.

Score 7.0 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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