Legends of Tomorrow Star City 2046

Let the Hawke fly!!!! (Spoilers Ahead)


  Welcome to the dark future of the Arrow universe. A future where Star city is overrun with crime. A city where Heatwave’s first 5 minutes in town he becomes a crime boss. But this town is not Heatwave’s city, it is run by none other than Deathstoke. But not the Deathstoke that you know and love but his son Grant Wilson. Team Arrow is dead, and the only one who is around to stop Deathstoke is the Green Arrow, but not the Oliver Queen but Connor Hawke.  


   Let me start off by saying that I love who Connor Hawke is. In the comics Connor Hawke is Oliver Queen’s son which while it could have worked it is too predictable. The fact that he is (spoilers) Diggle’s son out for revenge for the death of his father. Also add to the fact that Oliver Queen is presumed dead. The worse thing is that he is not dead but broken because everything that he loves is gone. No Felicity, Diggle, Canary,Lance or Thea to help him in the city’s most darkest time. Watching the Oliver come back to form as the Arrow was epic and him passing the mantle over to Connor was awesome as well. With the complaints that people have had about the last two seasons of Arrow I would love to see a tv show based off of Connor Hawke and Oliver A La Batman Beyond.


  This week also has friction between two Heatwave and Cold, and Sara and Hunter. Heatwave found himself in a world where he most felt at home. Snart on the other hand is fully on board with the whole saving the world thing. This was very interesting because it plays on the vast dynamic these two have as characters. Snart is a smart charming person who seems like he doesn’t care but it’s just the opposite while Heatwave is a hothead who loves “wants to see the world burn”. On the other side you have Sara who comes back to a home in which everyone she loves is dead because she was not there to help Ollie.This of course takes a toll on her but Hunter’s logic is also sound in which he says that this future won’t exist once they complete there mission. The only issue I have with this episode is Rip Hunters inconsistency. One week he is risking everything to team members next week he is ready to get rid of them. It didn’t make much sense to even have the thought of leaving her as she has up to this point been nothing but loyal. Beside that  everything in this episode worked even the attempts by Ray and Jax to get the affection of Hawkgirl with help from Stein. Overall this is a great episode of Arrow on Legends.

Score 8.8 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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