Arrow Taken Review

I have a particular set of skills 


   So, the episode starts off with Darhk confronting Oliver and Felicity and telling he kidnapped William and won’t return him unless Oliver drops out of the race.  What a hell of a way for Feilcity to find out that Ollie has a son! Not only that that how awkward was it for Ollie to be in a room with his baby mother, ex girlfriend, and his fiancé. Man! Oliver Queen was a terrible person. It’s was also very interesting that Laurel was still hurt after finding out about his transgressions.  The team needed help dealing with magic and since Constantine is literally in hell, the one person that could help Ollie save his son is Vixen.


   Let me say that Vixen works very well in this universe.  The show did an excellent job with displaying her powers on the show without making them look cheesy. The small fight scene at the beginning of the episode did a good job of conveying her powers. Even with all her powers the combined might of her and Oliver was not enough to rescue William. This led Ollie with no choice but to drop out of the race.  The team found a way in the end not only to save William but to stop Darhk and take away his powers with some help from Lance and Vixen.


    One of the biggest themes of this episode is not only Ollie’s past catching up with him but the choice Oliver has to make. The choice is a complex one, be a part of William’s life in which he may be in constant danger or not be there and let him grow up without a father. In the end Oliver made the right choice by sending his son away but was it wise to make a video for him saying he is the Green Arrow. Also Felicity’s decision in the end was a little cold for her to do it literally as he is making this decision. With everything that happened in this episode I am very curious on what’s next. There is so many questions that still need answering I wonder how are we going to reach the conclusion of the season.
Score 8.6 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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