Arrow Code of Silence Review

Demolition Team



   This week’s Arrow introduced us to the Demolition Team. A group of mercenaries Darhk hired to take care of his dirty work.  This week it happens to be detective Lance. It makes sense that this is something that Darhk couldn’t do himself because with Lance being a Captain it would bring a lot of heat down on H.I.V.E. Also  we saw that Malcom Merlyn is now a member of the group giving them info on the team . I’m quite sure the reason why he hasn’t told Darhk the identity of the Arrow is because it would put Thea in danger as well. Knowing Merlyn, I suspect that he has plans more sinister in mine and is not only a threat to Ollie but to Darhk as well.


   A subject of this episode was secrets. The fact that Lance has to keep secrets from Donna to keep her safe was interesting due to this is something that this character is not use to. This was evident with the conversation he and Oliver had about how did Ollie do it for so long and that he seemed happier not having to hide anymore. Unbeknowned to Lance that Oliver is hiding the biggest secret in the fact that he has a son. The surprise of the episode is that Thea is the one who figured it out. Not only did she figure it out but she supports  Ollie keeping it a secret because it could put William in danger. Judging by the end of episode they may have been right.


   The big plan of H.I.V.E was to demolish the debate in hopes of it killing Queen and getting Darhk’s wife the sympathetic vote. I gotta say that is an unbelievably stupid plan. Thankfully we got a great fight scene from it and the debate went on. Why didn’t we get to see the debate? It seems like a missed opportunity that could be used to show that Oliver Queen could save the city. In the end of the episode we got to see the wedding party and Curtis gives Felicity what may the ability to walk again.  While it’s a touching moment it seems too soon to give her the ability  to walk again.

Score 8.3 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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