Legends of Tomorrow White Knights Review

Cold War


    This week’s episode takes the team to 1986 to break in to the Pentagon to get a file on Vandal Savage. Let me start off off by saying that thus far Legends does a great job with making episodes fun and not feel like filler. It was very fun watching the team using there different talents to get the file. It was even more fun watching the team mess up and almost blow it. We also got to see Palmer and Snart team-up to do some recon on a beautiful scientist who maybe working with Savage. Who but Snart is capable of smooth talking Valentina and getting the key to the lab when Palmer’s wholesome vibe didn’t work. 


   One of the issues why the mission went Haywire was due to Kendra losing it and going all Hawkgirl and stuff. So how do we solve this; let her train with the White Canary. This seems like a good idea due to they both have issues with controlling there ablilties. We got a great fight scene between the two were they both lost control and almost killed each other.   In the end it was Kendra not Sara the one doing the teaching as she is helping Sara cope with her bloodlust as well as cope with her ablities.


    Rip Hunter got an unexpected visit from his mentor Zaman Druce. He came to pick up the pieces of Kronos but also to offer him a chance to end his mission with no repercussions against him. Heatwave knew it was a trap and fortunately Hunter listened to his advice. Unfortunately Jax was injured fighting Kronos.  Fortunately for us we got an excellent scene Between Jax and Stein. This is the first time Stein expressed his feelings about what happened to Ronnie and the fear  he has of losing Jax. This lead to Stein going in to stop Savage from trying to create a  Soviet version of Firestorm. The mission went horribly wrong as Stein, Ray and Heatwave were captured on are now being held in the gulag as the episode this week ended in a cliffhanger. What a great way to end the episode and to keep you vested in the story.

Score 8.5 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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