Arrow Sins of the Father Review

Wait Oliver’s still married!!

   Those were the first words I uttered at the start of the episode. Man season 3 was so cluttered!! It’s bad when the writers up to this point in the season are still having to acknowledge mistakes from last season. So many plot points from this season comes from forgotten points from previous seasons. I like that there are two league of assassins right now; the followers of Nyssa and those of Merlin. It makes perfect sense that a some members would not want to follow someone who didn’t earn the ring. The scenes between the two warring factions were a mess as Malcom’s trap seemed like something out of a school play as the choreographed fight scene felt off. Fortunately the scenes with team Arrow facing off against the league faired much better.

    Th biggest focus of this episode was Oliver having to make the choice on whether to take the life of Malcom to save Thea. The main issue Oliver has is that even though Malcom is a scum he is the father of Thea. This makes Oliver more than a little uncomfortable with killing him. What was a little surprising about this episode is that everyone agreed that Ollie should kill Malcom. It was a little jarring due to of just last season it was a major plot point that he doesn’t kill and now it is encouraged. The resolution for this worked fine as it not only fit into who Ollie is but shows how strong he has become as he easily dispatched Merylin. He defeated him so easily that Malcom’s threats at the end almost seemed laughable. As for the League,it seems like all of the major villains from the show are being written off. With DeadShot, Amanda Waller,and now the League gone it seems as if the show is losing characters due to the movies.  Overall this could hurt the quality of Arrow a lot.


    As for the Calulator, I like that he immediately figured out his daughter was Overwatch and he didn’t waste time in telling her.  Her father came off as very manipulative as he tried to weasel his way into not only Felicity’s life but also into Palmer tech. The conversation between Felcity and her mom was good as it gave us a genuinely real moment between mother and daughter. Also the scenes between father and daughter were well done as it set up the next scene I which she turns him in. It seems like this is a decision that may come back to haunt her in the long run. Overall this episode was a episode that worked very hard to fix mistakes from past seasons but didn’t work.

Score 6 out of 10


Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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