The Flash Welcome to Earth 2 Review

Welcome to Earth…….2


When we last left team Flash team Flash the truth about Wells came out and the team decided it was time to save his daughter on Earth 2. Let me say this his episode was not only a treat but it was a fanboys dream! This episode played out more like a thank you to fans, not only with The abundance of Easter eggs but glimpses of what’s to come. These looks are not only looks into Flash, Legends and Arrow but Supergirl!! There are so many small nods that I had to watch the episode twice just to notice most of them.


   As for Earth 2 itself an awesome take on the Flash universe we know and love. Up is down, down is up and there are so many suprises I do not want to spoil any. What I will say is that Danielle Panabaker is every bit as awesome as Killer Frost. While her Earth 1 counterpart is conservative and timid, this version is sexy and very much closer to the comic verson of the character. As for DeathStorm he is merely bad Firestorm which is fine by me. The look on Barry’s face when he first sees DeathStorm and Killer Frost say it all. As great as their battle is it does not come without losses and because it’s Earth 2 it doesn’t affect our timeline. The biggest surprise is who Frost and DeathStorm worked for. It’s a shocking but fun moment.   With all that’s happening in the episode it also manages to give us what we love about Flash; the feels. Watching how different the lives of the Earth 2 characters are great. The fact that Barry being Barry could affect Wells’ rescue mission is also a nice touch.  


 As for Earth 1 things are not going so well as the Geomancer is on the loose. The only Flash that is around is a powerless Jay Garrick! We also find out why Jay didn’t want to take Velocity 7 which is a nice touch and makes perfect sense to why he has been powerless this season. This lead to Caitlyn working to try to fix it and we get a small but pleasant glimpse of him as Flash.  While they played such a small part it works so well with this episode I can’t complain. This is by far the best episode of the season. It adds all the fun parts of season 2 and now gives us the depth missing from season 1.

Score 9.5 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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